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The third item of my order, the Beef Short Rib.
Again, they’ve done such a good job with this! The meat was Super tender, it falls off the bone! It’s covered with a thick layer of pepper, nice for some fiery melt in your mouth beef initially. However, midway through, I had to scrap off some of it as it over-powered the flavour of the beef. I’d say, keep to their beef dishes as they do do fantastically well with them!


I’m don’t usually have beef brisket, or rather it’s not my first choice for beef due to the texture. However, MeatSmith has done a fabulous job with it! It’s so tender it tears (cuts) as you cut it, and melts in your mouth. Plus, the taste is just right - flavourful and peppery (yet not overtly over-powered by either). 👍👍

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Interesting texture for pork belly, plus peppered with chilli powder on the top. Wanted to try this just to taste how is it vs all other typical roasted pork belly (Chinese and Spanish style); but I wouldn’t order this side dish again in my next visit, as this was not the star of the three dishes that I ordered.

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Returned to my favourite BKT stall since I had the first half of the day off. Ordered the Premium Loin Ribs, the regular Pork Ribs (large bowl), and Kidney (regular bowl). The meat is so tender, it just peels off the bones! The kidney was just right - soft and yet with a bit to it.

Definitely good quality meats used and excellent cooking method!
Although, I noted that there was just one additional pork rib in today’s ’Large’ vs the ‘Regular’ that I ordered previously.

Ordered this 500g roasted pork belly to try as I’ve heard friends rave about Kay Lee’s Roasted Meat.
Crackling was still crisp and meat was savoury, and not overly salty. Although I think their price was little steep (especially since I’ve tried Fatty Cheong’s which is equally good, and they charged a more competitive price).

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Was craving for their succulent Pork Knuckle. So stopped by to have this before heading home.
The main dish was 1/2 of a pork knuckle; and I decided to order 2 of it. I love how they do their pork knuckle - very crisp crackling, and tender meat, and full of flavour! 😋😋

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Decided to give their Pork Belly a try since I’ve always had their Pork Knuckle (which is one of the best in SG!). I ordered this via delivery; which was rather prompt. The pork belly was still warm when I had it, and the meat texture of different from that of done by our local roasted method. Meat was nicely roasted and crackling was still slightly crisp. The only disappointment is the portion - perhaps that explains it’s their Appetiser dish.

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Since I’ve the rest of the day off (New Year’s Eve). Thought I’d come by Marche 313 to check out if they have their roasted Pork Belly, but alas they only had Pork Knuckle.

So one whole Knuckle it is! It’s still very good - crisp crackling with moist meat inside.

Took the chance that it’s 1/2 day today (New Year’s Eve) to try both the pork ribs and premium loin ribs.

Wow! Didn’t know it was significantly different in terms of proportion of the ribs! Both were tender, except that the premium loin ribs meat was drier while the pork ribs was juicer and softer. I understand from a friend it’s because the bigger ribs are too big and hence are not soaked in the soup, while the pork ribs are merged inside the pot of soup and boiled together.

Now that I’ve tried Rong Hua’s BKT, I’d say this is my favourite (beating my previously favourite Ya Hua BKT). 👍😋

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Came here to try their BKT in person. I had the basic typical pork ribs and then I wouldn’t give the Pig Tail a miss! So one bowl each, regular portion (they have an option to order large).

Meat was tender and fell off the bones. Soup was just right, not overly peppery. I’d definitely revisit them again!

After the dismal first try at their Jln Sultan outlet, thought I should try the one done by Toa Payoh outlet as recommended by my friends who have had patronised this outlet as very value-for-money - to get a whole knuckle at such price, at a neighbourhood Coffeeshop, and they do a good job in making the knuckle. I was initially hesitant thinking it might be a small knuckle.

It was a pleasant surprise when I saw the portion/size! And love the Hot crisp crackling! 👍

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Duck Master has introduced new items on their menu for quite a while now. Gave this a try as the price is unbeatable! This is pack is 500g for just $13!!
Nice evenly roasted and meat was tender with a good balance of fat and meat.