Was in the area to run an errand during our lunch break with my colleagues. Then I spotted this very long queue at the muffin stall. We googled up the stall and after reading the reviews, we had to join the queue to try it ourselves since we’re already in the area.

Very aromatic freshly baked muffins! And did not taste too sweet as well!

Came to try their roasted pork based on Google reviews. The crackling was crispy and meat was warm. I asked for $10 worth and when I saw this portion - I’d still go back to my favourite stall (Tiong Bahru Roasted Meat stall at Telok Ayer, Market Street Interim Hawker).

This is by far the next Vinegar Pork Trotter I’ve had in Sg (compared to other stalls). It’s so good, I ordered a 2nd bowl! 😄 And the claypot pork liver is pretty good too. I’d say this is a value-for-money to dine 👍

Came here especially for their Pork Liver soup after hearing my friends rave about it. And oh yes, it’s the beet pork liver I’ve ever had! Thick juicy slices that’s cooked just about right (not over-cooked). This bowl is $5. I’ll order their “big” bowl, which is $6 the next time 👍👍😋😋

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Returned to try both their braised and vinegar pork Trotter. Generous serving of meat, plus an egg each.

It’s very value-for-money!

This is their signature dish - beef tenderloin infused with their house-specialty marinade for 24 hours, served on a hot plate.

This is served medium-rare to medium (after further sizzling on the hot plate). The tenderloin is real tender as expected of the cut.

Ordered the Lamb burger, added one more lamb patty and one Wagyu patty. I wanted to try the Wagyu to compare it against the Beef patty. Personally, I prefer the Beef patty as I found the Wagyu patty a tad too rich (more oily) for my liking.

Love the the pickles that comes with the meats, and the buttermilk dill sauce is awesome!

Here is the main meat platter (from bottom left, top left, bottom right): Beef brisket, Wagyu striploin, pork ribs, and the chef’s special was the chicken (top right).

I liked all of the meats! It was super tender and taste wise was fabulous!

A friend suggested to dine here and I was pleasantly surprised the dinner experience was different from my lunch experience. It was close to fine dining where they gave a set of cutlery meant for starters and another for the main platter, plus describing the items on the platter when it was served to us.

The staff was professional and described what the items on the starter plate were: Pork Belly burnt ends, brisket springrolls, scotch quail eggs & caviar, and hamachi tacos (not shown in this pic) which was served in a separate plate next to this.

Thereafter, the staff came to clear the entire setting to give us a brand new set that was meant for the main meat platter.

This salad comes with 1 lamb patty. I’d requested for an additional lamb patty and one beef patty to be added.

It’s the best burger patties I’ve come across thus far in SG, although I’m typically not a burger person (hence I ordered the salad version).

The minced lamb crumbles easily, which shows its purely minced lamb meat with no binding agents added. The beef patty is equally good, and is more held together vs lamb patty. Would return for sure 👍👍

After the first 600g La Chateaubriand steak, we decided to try another steak on the menu - this Rosedale Ruby Ribeye, also medium doneness.

This was seasoned with a lot more salt, and although it was just as tender, my friend and I preferred the La Chateaubriand.

Finally got the chance to try the steaks at Ginett, as part of my birthday dinner celebration.

This is medium doneness, done on point. Meat was tender and taste was superb. I could have finished this entire steak on my own! 👍