Came here to try the lamb meat and tendon soup. The meat was really tender and loved the tendon too! There were shreds of ginger in the soup, and didn’t not have a
strong lamb/mutton smell.

They acceded to my custom request for the homemade lemonade drink and the Lamb carving dish (it’s a set lunch) very promptly, without any fuss 👍

The lamb was done just right - served warm, with the right amount of seasoning where the meat still retains its juiciness and without being too dry and burnt.

Came across New Ubin on Grab and noted they have Lamb on their menu. Decided to give it a try as it’s rare to be able to find Lamb on the menu of Grab’s list of merchants.

They did a fabulous job in having it done just right - medium, where it’s browned on the outside and pink inside. The sea salt flakes were packed separately in a container, so you can sprinkle the amount that you’d prefer. 👍👍👍

This is the Striploin on the buffet menu. Two of my friends wanted to try and also for comparison vs Ribeye and Hanger. It was equally good according to them.

We ordered this other Pork item on the buffet menu because Lamb Loin Chops were only available today. The Ribs were a lot more tender and not as dry as the one we had last week. It’s nice if it’s done according today’s standard.

Also included in the Beef Buffet is the Minute Pork Chops. In my opinion, it’s ok, typical pork nothing wow about it. We ordered this today because the Lamb Loin Chops were not available for today. It was really unfortunate as they do a good job with the lamb.

This is the Grilled Angus Meatballs; also on the Beef Buffet menu. According to my friends who ate them, it’s good.

Back here a 3rd time for their fabulous beef! This platter is for 4 pax - each person 1 piece of Ribeye and Hanger each. They do such a good job on ensuring they cook the beef only on order snd according to requested done-ness! 👍

Not coffee, but I was surprised that served sparkling water in this silverware! 😄

The most impressionable, aromatic and unique blend I’ve ever come across! A must have - where the fragrance and taste lingers even after you’ve finished the coffee! 👍

Had to try their signature BBQ Pork Ribs since it was in the buffet menu. I’d say this was disappointing - I found it too dry for my liking.

Their meats were done so wonderfully that I had to return! This time with a fellow beef-lover friend, who agreed their quality of beef is good, despite it being served buffet style.

This was our first order platter of two Ribeye, two Hanger Skirt and Lamb Loin Chops so each of us would have one serving of each.

They’re even able to do the done-ness according to request! 👏👍