Nostalgia is one powerful emotion to appeal to, but works only when used wisely.
Brotherbird were known to have closed for one entire year in light of the pandemic last year. Some people, including myself, were worried about the future of their store.
It seems like they’ve taken a step back to reflect on the operations before they put a cap on it in April 2020, evaluated what worked and what didn’t, and came back stronger.
Before they closed, they did away with the Mochi Donuts with Softserve, a mainstay that was a crowd magnet, whether you were a regular or an acquaintance. They traded it with some honey toasts and gelati, which felt like a step forward too fast.
This time, they brought it back to what worked for them and even paired it with 2 other variations (ie waffles with softserve & fried croissants with softserve). Let’s get one thing straight though - there was nothing inherently wrong with what they did last year.
Yet, many can admit that that, in contrast to this, pointed to a pace of the brand’s evolution that was easier for the crowd to follow and appreciate.
They still kept some of the new, which can be found among their savoury mains. They had found the perfect balance of bringing in the new and retaining the classic, which teems with nostalgia.
I’ve been back twice now, and it’s full house on both occasions. A lot of items are sold out with 2 hours to go to closing time. It’s as though they never left or closed shop.
They’re one of the few examples of F&B establishments that have tapped on the concept of nostalgia perfectly. All I can say at this point is: I’m happy they’re back.


[Halal] So...I pass by this humble store everytime I go for my haircut appointment, and I’d always been curious about trying it.
And yesterday, I had massive cravings for hummus and pita bread. I haven’t had proper hummus, let alone any Middle Eastern food, in a hot minute. So without hesitation, I searched Pita Bakery up Google and checked out the menu.
There were so many choices that had my mouth watering, but the Full Meal Set is what had me sold. I was recommended this as it was apt for 2 people and I was with a friend.
𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙨 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝:
1) Freshly-made hummus
2) Babaganoush
3) 9x Falafel
4) Pickled Vegetables with Turmeric
5) Tossed Salad
6) 3 Dips: Tahini (white), Harissa (red), Amba (yellow)
7) Choice of 2x pita bread
Everything was absolutely flavourful. I couldn’t get enough of each item, even when I was already so full!
And all these for $25?! Honestly, say no more! 🤤 They were nice enough to take me through everything, which made me more open to what I was having and I could appreciate them better. Their hospitality beyond that, actually, was pretty amazing.
Left with a full heart and stomach for sure! 🥰


Nasty Cookies new store is decked out with their brand’s tiffany blue that engulfs from the walls and furnishings down to the receipt! It was beautiful and an experience in and of itself.

Their cookies were pretty delicious I’ll say - thicc, chunky. They also make it obvious as to which flavour is which, from the facade alone. If I were to never reveal the flavours I got here, it’d still be easy to guess them.

That said, these were the flavours I got:
• S’Mores
• Chocolate
• Matcha

I think the one feedback I could make, and have heard among other friends actually – is that the cookies were missing an oomph factor. 😲 I do think it boils down to how robust the flavours are, as I don’t recall getting that. Still, they’re not bad or anything!

Also took the chance to ask about it; they do use halal-certified ingredients in their cookies, which means you and your Muslim friends can enjoy this together. And food enjoyed in a group always feels nicer, right? ☺️


[Vegetarian] So when you're eating vegetarian, does that count as eating grass? 😬⁠⠀
Back with a new post, and it's about Atmos Burger-BCC Tea Studio! They do some hearty vegetarian burgers, carving itself out a space in the local sphere of vegetarian fast food. ⁠⠀
The buns, boasting a smooth buttered, golden-brown exterior, were pillowy. Remarkable to sink your teeth into together with the layers of meatless patty and veggies. ⁠⠀
The curly fries were something to note as well - each piece was endowed with a detectable zing of spiciness, accentuated by smatterings of salt and other seasonings.⁠⠀
It held its own and proved its worth by being more than just an insipid sidekick. It was the first time in a while that I was truly intrigued by something as simple as fries. 🤤⁠⠀
Worth highlighting also that the portions were generous - it's what fast food restaurants' Large Fries wish to look like, if you ask me! (7.6/10)⁠

If there's one thing that's been stuck on my mind for a good part of this CB period, it's the Houjicha Burnt Cheesecake ($8.50) from The Kins’. 🤤⁠

Honestly, it's been months since I had this - I just never got around to posting it at that time. All I know is that this has etched itself in my mind. I've never been a fan of cheesecake really, but The Kins' burnt cheesecakes (both the original and this) converted me just like THAT. ⁠

Houjicha has a more roasted, earthy, faint coffee-like flavour to it, so imagine combining it with the tartness, the creaminess? On paper, it sounds amazing. In practice, it's mind-blowingly good. 🤯 They are located really far away from where I live, but it is definitely worth the travel. ⁠

Once CB is over, I'm going back for more, and no one’s gonna stop me! ✊🏽(8.3/10)

[Available on Burpple Beyond] I've tried many Impossible burgers since its arrival last year, and truth be told, none of them has ever quite hit it for me.⁠

Except for the Happy Days Burger (S$20) from The Goodburger. 😍⁠

There's a lot to love about this - it has a chunky Impossible patty, a sliced cheese, a couple of onion rings and BBQ sauce sandwiched in between two brioche buns. Amazingly enough, it doesn't get messy as you're eating it. I had it and I was surprised at how the burger stayed intact from the first bite to the last - which makes it a great, uninterrupted burger experience. 🍔🤤⁠

With all the shiok-ness of a regular burger that it possesses, it is meatless at its core and mimics the taste of a beef patty pretty decently. I think it's sick to know that food can still be good even without the one thing most of us are used to eating. ⁠

To summarise it, I'd say - think of this as indulgence with a quality of elegance. 🙏🏽 ⁠

They are admittedly pricey, and that means it's a good thing they're on Burpple Beyond! You can get 1-for-1 on a Happy Days Set (S$26 total)- the burger, some truffle fries and a canned drink. Got someone to share with? Great. Don't have anyone? Even better - more for yourself, right?! 🤩 [8.1/10]

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I don't know how else to describe having the Honey Toast with Poached Oranges & Madagascan Vanilla Bean Gelato besides saying that it felt…nice? This dish felt like a nod all the things that brought us warmth vis-a-vis our childhood days. 💭⁠⠀
The poached oranges pieces that I got were subdued in tartness. Yet, they were plump enough to unleash a refreshing burst of it which would cut the overall sweetness of the dish. 🤤⁠⠀
The honey-drizzled toast itself - this one felt like the big brother or big sister of the festive treat that is honey-coated cornflakes. Like the elder sibling that would pave the way for its younger, and equally promising ones. In short, it was a comforting dessert.⁠⠀
It may seem like I'm talking out of my a** lah, but take it or leave it - I experience my food on a more visceral level. (7.4/10) 🤷🏽‍♂️⁠

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I’d always seen this place when walking around at Suntec City, but I’d never gone the extra step of trying it. 🙇🏽‍♂️ But yesterday, I decided to get something to quench my thirst cause I had spent the entire afternoon at Superpark.

And I gotta say, this was pretty good! Refreshing undoubtedly, it was imbued with familiar sweetness from some drinks that their demographics grew up drinking, I’m sure. 😍 Though it did get cloying towards the end thanks to the peach bits - it may very well have been because I didn’t throughly mix it up. 😅

I believe this is a seasonal item, so just bear that in mind in case you’re thinking of going down sometime to give it a shot! 😗

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⁣[Halal] Posting about hidden gems always makes me semi-nervous because I’m oddly territorial about them…like I want them all to myself for as long as possible. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way though - otherwise, I’ll edit this caption at once, and we’ll never have to talk about it again! 💀😂⠀

Okay, but jokes aside, I was fated to find love in this stall’s Maggi Goreng. The first time that me and my friend paid it a visit, it honestly left us feeling far from impressed. It was average fare at best. But by an arrow of chance, we both decided on a whim to come back here and hoooooooo boy. The subsequent visits have just been back-to-back greatness. 🤤⠀

What I loved about this? Let’s see…first of all, they’re generous with the fried chicken - they don’t overdo it with the bones. Then their noodles – springy, not soggy, and got a good bite (literally bite) to them. Thirdly, I have my Maggi Goreng less spicy; they really nail it everytime…God bless them. Above all though, this HITS with the dish’s signature salty flavour. 👏🏽⠀

I just have one gripe - they tend to be inconsistent with the eggs…2 out of 5 times, it won’t come looking picture-perfect like this. 😂 But I can live with that!⠀

Takeaway of this story: It sometimes pays to give things another shot. ❤ (8.7/10)


This was taken on the first time I paid Matchaya a visit after what feels like ages. They rose to the occasion by having Rose as part of their seasonal specialty. 🌹

I’ll be fully transparent. The yuzu jam embedded in the layers - I personally found its bright, citrusy flavour to be too different and thereby conflicting with the overall endearing sweetness of the rose-matcha combo. I did personally let them know my feedback as well!

Still, given what it’s worth, it’s definitely a nice, sweet creation to enjoy in time for Valentine’s Day, the season of love! 😍❤️


This comes with their signature mochi donut and this time, instead of underpinning a chunky, helix tower of softserve, you get a scoop of gelato which comes in a choice of 3 flavours — Madagascan Vanilla, Valrhona Chocolate and Earl Grey, interspersed with some fresh mint leaves. 😯

And surrounding the perimeter are some toasted almonds, peanut butter granola and caramel-apple sauce.

Perhaps it’s just my nostalgia speaking, but something about this combo just doesn’t hit like it used to? I can’t quite put a finger on why either. Their new brand just seems more serious and mature and that influences the way I should approach their dishes.

I could very well be overthinking it too. It’s not bad at all, really - perhaps I just need to give them a couple more shots! 🥴


If high-quality milk means a milky flavour so pronounced that it overwhelms and masks the matcha flavour, I don’t want it. 😭 This was exactly the case with this Iced Matcha Latte - there was no significant difference in quality as compared to other matcha lattes I’ve had in the past.

Which made me question - what was I paying close to $10 a cup for? There was really no marked smoothness in the texture of the milk or in the whisked matcha mixture. Plus, there was not even a modicum of an element of complexity in the flavour. And with little to no sweetener, this was truthfully and regrettably - an unpleasant and unreasonably-priced drink.

It was merely its minimalist visuals and branding that give it the ‘pull’ appeal. Otherwise, subsequent visits are out of the question. 😐