Service was great! Though there was some waiting time. Affordable and satisfactory western food, what you would expect and want!

The National Kitchen is a beautiful venue inside National Gallery Singapore. Catch up over a high tea session or go for crowd favourites like the umami-packed Pong Tauhu, tender Beef Rendang, and fusion dishes such as Buah Keluak Spaghetti - marked by a strong and subtly sweet nutty flavour. Don't forget desserts too. Burppler Felicia Sim loves the Kueh Beng Kah ($9) with its puddling-like texture. The softness of the tapioca cake was very alluring, what's more accompanied by that rich gula melaka syrup and coconut milk."

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The tenderness and juiciness of the pan-seared sea bass was skillfully locked in. Drizzled on the edamame sauce to give it an even more fluid vibe. Love the presentation with the bold stroke of squid ink across the plate. Interesting tomato paella laid on the base with a coconut peanut sauce and acar (pickled cucumber) which brings it all together with a really Asian touch.


Now, there’s finally one and that you can place your faith in Brothers in Fine Food for their value-for-money seared beef, aptly named Butcher’s Daughter as not only do you get your proteins from the sous-vide beef, you get eggs done based on your preference and thick cut fries for the carbs. Definitely a worth it winner for me and absolutely warrants multiple returns for its .
Brothers in Fine Food
Address: 5, Tampines Avenue 3, Tampines West Community Centre, Unit 02-07, Singapore 529705

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This amazing don is topped with 7 ingredients and is bigger than my face! You can have it all for under $30. Value for money if you have somebody to share it with. My picture does not do justice to the sheer monstrosity of it all.

The stall is housed in a coffeeshop beside Royal J Seafood. Also run by young entrepreneurs, is occupying the old space from The Western & Co.

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The pasta, wearing a prostitutionally-seductive oceanic perfume and being meesua/somen-thin, slurps its way into your affections, whilst elsewhere the succulent crab meat positively surrenders its sweet crabby juices as your teeth shreds it asunder. 4.1/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Fynn's.

The spring season heralds the arrival of some excellent produce, one of which is the white asparagus.
It was a life-changing moment when I ate it at Spago today. Before this, all the times I have had this vegetable had left me unimpressed. What's interesting is my dining companions @angelineongsuming and @happygreedyfoodie shared the same opinion.
Chef Greg presented his version of this delicate pearly vegetable with crayfish, a 63-degree quail egg, shavings of bonito-cured egg yolk and a rich sauce made from morel mushrooms and get this, crayfish liver.
Hand on my heart, it was insanely delicious.
If you are keen to try, you'll need to hustle because the season for white asparagus will end around mid April, if not sooner. Do note this is only available for dinner though.


Mains ranges between $8 to $12 & you can complete it with a side & drink for $5!
My favorite was Bird's Nest ($10)! A simple main of Korean glass noodles (tanghoon), paired with marinated spicy chicken, onsen egg & tobiko! The glass noodles had such the right amount of sauce that made it extremely savory & easy to finish up. Pair it with the spicy chicken and adding the yolk for extra creaminess complemented it!
If you're looking for something more substantial, you can DIY-Don! You can choose from a variety of carbs, too it with a side & main for just $8! Pretty worth it I'd say!


tucked in between two famous bak kut teh shop, this is one after meal dessert shop you cannot miss that will set to excite your taste buds !
Have some fine dining style desserts made more wallet-friendly and aceessible nearby farrer park mrt!


($14.90) - Wasn't blown away but overall pretty decent for its price. I can't recall but I MIGHT prefer Tanuki's version (just an excuse to go and try again to confirm 😛) This set comes with a small salad. The short rib slices were so thin but at least they were tender with a good ratio of fats. Perfectly done onsen egg, and I loved the fragrant truffle which was not overpowering! I usually avoid garlic but actually liked the crisp garlic bits that gave a little texture to the rice bowl. Thought the rice was nothing spectacular so ratio of sauce to rice could be improved.