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Can’t go wrong ordering this - Tender beef slices with enoki mushrooms, complete with garlic chips!

Good combi of ingredients, all cooked to a good texture, and not too oily!
Great value with Burpple Beyond πŸ‘πŸΌ

Love the black pig tonkatsu set here, but their ramen is good as well! Healthy tasting broth that goes well with its crispy cutlets. A little on the pricier side though!

Decided to give the impossible burger a try even though the other burgers sound so good! Not bad for a no meat burger, but I’ll probably still stick to the usual meat burgers πŸ˜‹

Rich and well flavored, good portion size too! A great alternative for those who might not be keen on having the more famous fried rice

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Was sold by the description of this in the menu! Was nice, but just a little salty. Might be better to order it as part of the duck rice set

Tasty, but not much β€œtoppings” in the noodle - just some mincemeat, peanuts and quail eggs. Texture of the noodles was good, and portion of noodles was also big. But a little too oily imo! Decent meal for the price, no GST too

Good herbal tasting soup base, texture of noodles were just right too.

Found this shop by accident and it’s a pleasant surprise! The rice has a slight sweet taste, goes well with the chili! Overall a great meal, for $4

Loved the chicken stew here, chicken is tender and soup was wholesome too - will be back again to try the other dishes!

Crispy skin and tender meat! Ordered half of the duck to be cooked with noodles too but that was too salty.