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Been awhile since I’ve had this! Revelry is a quaint neighbourhood cafe that has thrived over the years. They specialise in Belgian waffles, which are quite distinct from the run-of-the-mill buttermilk waffles you find at other places! Their Good Ol’ Spiced Apple waffles ($14+) are my favourite for dessert. The waffles are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, with a savoury tinge that complements the toppings. Apples are stewed in cinnamon & sugar, yielding a satisfying syrupy crunch. I always ask to change the usual vanilla ice cream to coconut - adds a whole other dimension!

We stuck to a safe linguine vongole ($29++), but it fell flat. The portion was small, with only a handful of clams (and bearing in mind that the shells take up most of the plate space). The sauce was thin and starkly lacking the aroma of white wine and garlic. I don’t see myself coming back anytime soon, although their selection of pastas is quite wide. Might try some of their fusion flavours which sounded quite enticing!

Dining at Madrinaa was a rather underwhelming experience - I had high expectations for it. The Ischia pizza ($28++) was generous with its toppings: one piece of Parma ham per slice and a generous heap of rucola, but the base was too thin and a tad dry - none of the satisfying crunch you’d expect from a thin-crust, and none of the cheesy goodness you’d expect from pizza. The price is a bit more palatable with BB’s 1 for 1 but there are better options out there!

The macadamia pear pie ($15, 4”) is one of home baker Liz’s most popular creations, and I can see why! The base is rich and buttery, made of chopped macadamia nuts and crumbled biscuit. The taste of macadamia is usually quite subtle, so it was a pleasant surprise to find that it’s flavour came through strongly and cleanly. The cream is sweet but not saccharine, best served chilled. The pie is topped with poached pear slices dusted with cinnamon - a perfect ending to a very decadent bake.

Home baker Liz does a fudge rendition for her brownies ($13, 4”) - the base is moist and richly flavoured, further enhanced with rich chunks of chocolate within. The brownie is delicate balance of sweetness with a tinge of saltiness. Would have liked the top crust to be a little thicker and crispier!

Homebaker Liz has cookie jars available for order during her bake sales - her sea salt chocolate chip cookies ($12.90, 12 pieces) are one of the popular options! The cookies are chewy with a crisp exterior, with huge chunks of melted chocolate within. I found the salt flakes sprinkled on top a tad to heavy as the cookie itself already has a salty tinge! The cookies were certainly yummy, but I’m not sure they’re worth the premium of paying > $1 each.

Came by earlier this year! Each bowl ($11+, regular) comprises a base, 1 protein, 2 sides, 1 topping and 1 sauce. The bases are nothing to shout about as the choices are limited and rather basic - we opted for penne pasta, with brown rice/ lettuce/ potato cucumber salad as the other options. I much preferred the baked dory over the Cajun chicken - the fish was moist with a crisp flavourful exterior! The chicken was tender but it’s marinade didn’t quite hit the mark. Amongst the sides, the curried cauliflower was my favourite as it packed lots of flavour! The crispy chickpeas were a surprise hit. Both dressings we picked were a tad strange but sufficed. The place is good for a quiet afternoon once the lunch crowd clears!

One precious square of Pei Lin’s very magical brownies ($30 for a box of 12 squares)!! Watching her baking process at night always makes me salivate, and she definitely invests a lot into perfecting her recipes. Her brownies are made with premium dark chocolate, moist and fudgey with bittersweet chocolate chips and a crusty top. They melt in your mouth with none of that greasy aftertaste. Would have this every day if I could 🤤

Doesn’t look like it packs any spice at all, but the dry cintan noodles ($4) is one of my favourite dishes here precisely for its special chilli! Hand-made noodles are tossed in a mixture of dark sauce and belachan. It’s served with meat, mushroom, some vegetables and topped with shallots & ikan bilis. They’d pack their rich soup into a separate container for you!

They store owners had adjusted their opening hours, so catching them is always a treat! The wait can get quite long but surely that’s testament to their popularity. Ordered my favourite Penang char kway teow ($4) - the takeaway box retains heat surprisingly well, though the portion felt a tad smaller than usual.

Buddy Hoagies is offering discounts of 10-40% off selected items! The grilled pepper chicken ($9.50+) is my usual order. The meat is tender, not at all fatty and has a great charred flavour. I usually opt for fries and vegetables for my sides, but thought they might get soggy so I switched it up to baked rice and onion rings instead. A bummer that the rice doesn’t come with cheese as you would expect it to!

Ordered the signature afternoon tea set ($55)! It’s better value for money than ordering alacarte, although I wouldn’t typically have chosen some of the items included. It comprises savoury items like mee suah kueh, siew mai, chee cheong fan and beancurd roll; as well as sweet items like liu shao bao, egg tart, sweet potato ball and red bean pancake - among many others! The set is quite extensive and good for 4 small eaters. However, I’ll be upfront and say that this is better left til restrictions are lifted and dining-in resumes - some items were greasy and soggy in a way that not even reheating could salvage, which is a real pity.