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Their braised beef noodles ($6) are hands down my favourite version! The soup is clear and light. Kway teow pairs perfectly with the savoury soup with hints of sweetness and tang. The highlight of the meal, though, is the braised beef - perfectly tender with a nice rounded flavour!

Portion ($4) is really substantial! The carrot cake was nice and chewy, with a just the right amount of spice. Didn’t appreciate the pieces of hei bi inside though!

A hastily snapped photo so that the kuehs could be gulped down while they were still piping hot! These are by far the most expensive tu tu kueh I’ve had ($3.50 for 5) but such stalls are few and far between that I’d close two eyes and pay for them. The dough is a little too dense and thick, but the fillings are incredible - the peanut has a slight salty tinge whilst the desiccated coconut was coated with gula melaka!

My default order at the market! The queue can get quite long but it moves quickly. Love the flavours of their minced meat noodles ($3) - generous splash of vinegar and a chilli so spicy that it leaves your lips burning.

I’m a big fan of Denzy, but I find their service terribly lacklustre - especially now that they disallow dine-in if you’re using deals like Burpple Beyond or Chope. They’ve also increased the number of flavours that cannot be redeemed using these deals! Opted for our favourite hojicha and cereal milk. Tried two new flavours - wasn’t fond of the raspberry ruby chocolate, but the mango yuzu had a brilliant medley of saccharine sweetness and tart citrus!

One of the only stalls I buy mala from! The prices vary a fair bit, but they’re consistent with their flavours. You can comfortably go up a level of spiciness from your usual, but I really appreciate how theirs is not too oily or salty!

Stopped to buy some korean buns when I realised that this was the store which had recently opened! I’d suggest to visit early if you want the full selection - they had sold out of most options by 7 pm. Had it chilled as recommended, and I think it’s more suited for dessert than breakfast!

The matcha cookie bun ($2) sure packs a punch with its generous cream filling. It’s not too sweet but I’d enjoy a stronger tea flavour. The injeolmi red bean ($2) featured a greater variety of textures as there was the injeolmi cream, mochi layer and some red bean. Found the cream rather clumpy and it overwhelmed the other flavours - a larger portion of red bean filling would help!

This food centre always leaves me frazzled with its persistent pushy crowds. There’s nothing particularly fantastic here, so I grabbed the easiest thing. The noodles ($3) are alkaline with bland chewy meat. The wanton was pretty tasty but it’s skin disintegrated in the soup!

Would not patronise this stall if not for the fact that it is the only mixed rice stall in the market - standards have fallen terribly over the decade! The rice is hard and lumpy with dismal servings ($3.60).

Balked a little at the tiny cone and high price point, but the mini ($8) turned out to be surprisingly substantial. The price is made a little more palatable with 1 for 1 deals! The gelato melts a tad too quickly, but it’s thick with a great sticky texture. Loved how rich the 75% dark chocolate and pistachio were!

The Ayam Panggang ($5.80) is one of my go-to options at the food hall! The portion is exceedingly generous and good for two. Love the tender meat with its charred smokiness and the lemak curry. Added vegetables (+ $1) for a more balanced meal!

The latte gula ($5) is thick and creamy with a great mouthfeel! Perhaps a tad too sweet to be a regular purchase, but it makes for a great occasional indulgence. Wished the coffee came through more strongly!