The homemade brownie ($3.50) is the cakey sort but I enjoyed the crisp top and rich flavour! Paired well with their black coffee ($4) - the mix of Brazilian and Colombian beans packed a punch with its dark roast and nutty profile. Surprisingly creamy consistency and very thick!

Have tried Tiong Hoe multiple times in a bid to see what others adore but I find them lacking every time. The piccolo ($4.50 + $1 for ice) is a touch stronger but still too milky and surprisingly thin in consistency.

In contrast to its weekend crowds, Glyph is pretty quiet on a weekday morning and makes for an enjoyable slow breakfast! Got a cinnamon roll ($5) with long black ($4.50). The pastry was flakey but a little hard at its base. The sweetness of its molasses was balanced by the coffee - hands down one of the best I’ve had!! Their long black packed a punch with its strong roasted flavour and notes of stone fruits with a touch of citrus. It leans towards the acidic side but it was so good! Can’t wait to try their filter options.

Deviated from my usual orders and took a chance with the Chingon ($15+) on an all sorts bagel! The lamb shoulder was tender and incredibly flavourful, its smokey flavour enhanced by the sour twang of labneh and topped with a really refreshing salsa.

Bought chee cheong fan and glutinous rice ($2 each) while looking for something to eat but these were average at best. Found the CCF a tad thick and the rice was quite bland!

It’s a small space nestled within shophouses, and features a queue on weekends. Came for the coffee (which was good!) but this lemon lavender teacake ($4.50) really impressed me! It was moist and fragrant with an unexpectedly sharp tang from the glaze, mellowed by the petals atop. Would most definitely repurchase this!

Their brownie affogato ($8.50) is a yummy conglomeration of all my favourite things! Found the brownie a tad hard at the edges (probably from microwave heating) but it was rich and moist. Vanilla ice cream wasn’t too sweet and there were specks of vanilla bean within! Was rounded off very nicely by the strong espresso with a more acidic profile and citrus notes.

Regret only buying one because this donut ($1) was incredible?! Skip the curry puff and stock up these instead - these are light and fluffy with a great chew, lightly dusted with powder sugar. Easily the best traditional donut I’ve had. Make sure to get them when they’re fresh!

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Rather pricey for a typical traditional set ($4.30) but I must say that the toast was phenomenal - the bread was fluffy with a crisp exterior, the kaya rich and decadent. Would have loved a little more butter because it wasn’t enough to go around but it added great depth of texture and flavour! Consistency of the eggs were perfect but the drinks were average at best. Will get just the toast next time!

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I’m not the biggest fan of rye but the toppings on the avocado toast ($18) stole the show!! The poached eggs were packed separately but I could have done without them - the avocado was so so! creamy and its flavour elevated by sweet tomatoes and savoury feta. Dukkah added some texture and a nice burst of flavour. Have been dreaming about having this again!

Thought the brekkie burg ($19) might be a touch surfeiting but it really impressed me! The party was juicy with a great bite, the scrambled eggs creamy and well seasoned. A very good medley of flavours once you add the garlic butter and onion jam!

Was inexplicably drawn to the HCP ($16.50) but it was a little underwhelming. The baguette had a soft fluffy bite but got stale when cooled, and the medley of cheeses sounded more vibrant than it actually tasted. Enjoyed the contrast of acidic giardiniera against the salted meats!

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