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One of my repeat orders at Benjamin Barker!! The spicy crab pasta ($23++) features spaghetti in a tangy tomato sauce, topped with generous chunks of crab meat. Would prefer the sauce to be thicker (the pasta slid through and barely picked up any sauce), but I loved the use of chilli padi to amp up the spice and the sweet crab meat :-)

Chose this ($24++) after reading the many reviews online, and our server’s recommendation! A chewy base is topped by interesting ingredients like squid, prawns, clams, quail egg and fish cake. The laksa sauce tasted like it, but lacked the depth of flavour or the spicy kick.

The soup here is lighter than most, but the briny taste of shrimp is still evident and I like that it isn’t too oily. The pork rib prawn noodle soup ($5) is really substantial, with 2 prawns and 3 ribs. The pork is fatty but tender!

Here’s the mixed hor fun ($4.50)! The wok hei flavour is distinct, and the noodles chewy. The gravy is thick and flavourful yum. The store is generous with ingredients - this had pork, fish, squid and prawns. One of my favourites!!

Muuuch prefer this to the outlet at Thomson!! The acai here is super rich and not at all icy. The triple A ($13.90) features acai layered with granola, seasonal fruit and plenty of superfoods. You get a choice of sauce, and my favourite is the cookie butter! Plus points for the friendly staff ✌🏼

The long queues here move slowly, but the staff are also really particular about the quality of their pancakes! We tried the black sugar red bean pancake ($2.60) and water chestnut drink (+$1). Loved that the pancake was thin but crispy, with the filling pipping hot. Would have liked more red bean - surprisingly, it wasn’t sweet despite the black sugar.

This is a relatively new stall compared to the other heavy weights at this food centre, but this far surpasses Xie Kee Hokkien Mee! With noodles perfectly cooked, a flavourful broth, plenty of ingredients and chilli that packs a punch, this is definitely the Hokkien mee ($3) I’ll queue for every time 🥳🌟

Didn’t realise that there are differences in the burpple set between outlets! This one ($25.90) is slightly cheaper, but comes with mentaiko tamago (instead of ebi) and without green tea. The sweetness of the tamago balances the savoury mentaiko! The bara chirashi here has great variety - our bowls had scallop and prawn in addition to the usual salmon, yellowtail, whitefin and octopus (no tuna though). Whilst not usually included in a typical bara chirashi, those are really premium items!! I’d probably come back to this outlet for that reason alone.

Popped by for a quick refuel! Candour Coffee / Rakki Bowl has great ambience in the early mornings or mid afternoons, before the meal-time crowd descends. Milk was really smooth, and the coffee was mild with little acidity!

My group of 4 shared two large plates ($7.50 each)! The Hokkien mee itself is cooked well with lots of gravy, but leans towards the starchy side and lacked the wok hei taste. I liked that they still provide a substantial portion of regular ingredients e.g sotong and prawn! The salted egg yolk calamari is a crowd favourite - the batter is light and crisp!! It was a very good contrast to the dense noodles. However it lacked a distinct SEY flavour, and tasted like regular calamari. I loved the belachan from the pork belly - super spicy kick and really stands out from the regular sambal they provide! The meat itself was too fatty and thinly sliced.

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Four Points acclaims to be an extensive seafood buffet, so I was really excited to try it using Chope’s 1 for 1 voucher ($61.20 / 2 pax for Saturday lunch)! The seafood selection turned out to be quite measly - they served prawns, mussels and clams on ice (quite briny, only slightly sweet) and cereal crab (scarcely any meat and it was dry & hard). Our favourite item turned out to be the fresh salmon, tuna and octopus sashimi which they prepared upon ordering! They had a much larger selection of cold dishes and local fare, but nothing stood out. Of the desserts, I’d recommend the durian mousse. I believe the items served vary by day and timing, so perhaps you’ll have better luck!

Jumped at the chance to try Tsujiri’s limited edition item when they launched a flash 1-for-1 promotion!! This is the warabimochi parfait ($9.80). With a choice between matcha or vanilla, we got one of each. The matcha was dense and creamy, striking a good balance between sweet and bitter. The vanilla was a little icy but richly flavoured! The soft serve is layered with sweet whipped cream, rice crispies and (what tasted like hojicha) pudding. I was a little surprised because I expected more substantial / quality toppings for the steep price point, but these added dimension in both taste and texture. My faaavourite part of this parfait is the warabi mochi!! Tsujiri nailed the jelly consistency perfectly, and I enjoyed both the matcha and kinako.