Intensely lemony broth with enough zest to cut through its slick meatiness. Decently firm noodles topped with slightly tough but still delicious pork slices and a soft-centred egg done right. They’ve expanded and reopened to Jaya One residents’ delight so yay.

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Pleasantly surprised to find a very legit prawn noodles hawker in Subang Jaya! The toppings run a little thin (don’t expect many bb prawns), but the spot-on spicy, prawny broth makes up for it. Cute that the uncle had a Penang flag flying atop his signboard.

Much like a fancier (better?) Nandos, Ben’s cluckin’ new chicken diner doles out grilled chicken with a selection of sides (you can also go with 1 side, or none at all). We went with the classic chicken, which is fairly delicious on its own but could do with a dash of that toum garlic sauce for boosted flavours.

Meat is cooked well, with those sexy grill marks on the outside and juicy insides to boot. Fries with chicken salt? So smart! But skip the yuzu sesame slaw that was... mediocre at best.

Josper-grilled chicken that’s nicely charred, on a Mediterranean-style bed of rice. One of Ben’s concepts done well, and priced decently too!

No brainer-order. Tomato, basil, mozzarella on a beautifully crisp crust. The size and thickness of these pies feel like a cross between NY and Neapolitan style, so big and thin but comes with a nice chew. In other words: less work on the jaw, but lots of ground to cover. I thought the balance of sweet, savoury and tangy flavours to be great too.

Past reviews seem to point out the overbaked crust and long waiting time, but it feels like they’ve worked out their teething issue. The crust on my pizzas were fine and I waited a mere 15 mins for service during a weekday lunch.


Living up to its good rep, the humble garlic bread at Pizza Mansion is a must-have app. The globular loaf comes out of the oven tall and fluffy, before it gets a generous brushing of garlic butter and then pressed down into these flavour-packed slices. Would come by and have just this for a snack any day.

Made with Artisan Roastery beans, the white at newly opened Sunday is an enjoyable one; creamy and chocolatey. Fancy cups and tables too!

New neighbourhood nook in Happy Garden. Cosy space, good coffee and simple eats. Will be back for these baked goods!


Platter of jamon serrano, bresaola and spicy salami, served with focaccia bread. Nice and salty (yep, salttttt in a good way) start to the meal, or to munch on with a sip of wine.

This was surprisingly delicious! Beef is tender and flavourful and rest of the toppings were quality stuff (oh those sweeeeet, juicy cherry tomatoes).

We opted to switch to a salad base for an additional $2, but can imagine the nice and rich beef juices would’ve done better if there were a bed of rice to soak it up. Also got this with Burpple Beyond; killer deal!

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This unassuming eatery within Macpherson CC serves up really simple, hearty food. Great for something after a ballgame or when visiting in the neighbourhood.

The pasta is done decently well, with ample slivers of savoury bacon and mushrooms. Seasoning is commendable, though it gets a tad oily towards the end. Used Burpple Beyond for 1-for-1 mains, which means we scored this for less than $8!


Favourite dish at this new joint has to be their mainstay roast chicken, which comes to your table hot off the spit. Nicely browned skin, tender flesh and lots of flavour going on. I really enjoyed this with the sweet, smoky barbecue sauce (the habanero has a touch of heat, goes better with the lamb!)

Also meeting the mark is the ChicoSlaw! A fresh, spicy and loaded slaw consisting of cabbage, mango, green papaya and macadamia.