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Sounded interesting because egg tarts without the egg?🤔
Well this mostly tasted like a soy tart infused with coconut more than anything. I loved the tart shell though. Perfectly crumbly and fragrant.

Overall i enjoyed this as a tart, but in terms of matcha rating i'd give it a 0 because there was barely anything matcha about this😅 heard from my friend that the hojicha fared better though?

Had this delivered so of course the texture wasn't optimal, with the patty being not as crisp as it should have been

Overall an interesting burger though, definitely haven't had many (or any) with a patty made out of jackfruit. Loved the spices used in these though. Goes together really well with the bbq sauce also. Maybe its a personal preference but felt that the pineapple doesn't really weld well together with the rest of the burger, which was sad since it was such a huge chunk too😅

Made using matcha powder from matchaya, as with the case for their other matcha/hojicha items.

Not exactly a fan of the texture here, which was a little too hard and i felt that the overall flavour profile leaned more towards plain butter cookies infused with choc chips, rather than matcha

Super moist and fluffy, and you can definitely taste the notes of matcha in this albeit quite faint.
Was a little too soft and moist for me though, and thought that the muffin carried this weird sourish tang which i didn't quite fancy

A collaboration between Lucid and Hvala, this fell short of my expectations with the notes of matcha being practically nonexistent, save the slight earthy bitterness detectable when the matcha cream was eaten in silo

Have to admit that the coffee was really fragrant though, so overall its like a light and pleasant coffee flavoured cake to have


Holding the choux in my hand, I felt the copious amount of cream within weighing down on the delicate shell. Each bite fills you with rich, creamy goodness but tasted mostly of kaya and barely any Orh Nee.. only can taste the slightest bit of orh nee when you eat the taro cream in silo.

The choux shell leans more towards the thin and softer side, but not soggy. It had this slightly salty-sweet flavour which I rather liked! .

Wanted to go for something more novel than your usual durian mousse cake so went for this. You could really taste the alcohol in this, but on the whole felt that the flavours didn't reallt shine. Durian flavour was too weak and muted

Rather pricey for such a small size too

Portion is actually quite generous and you can tell they don't skimp on ingredients. The ice cream is rich and fragrant and you can taste the bits of durian pulps still existent

Bursting with D24 durian, this was really good, with the outer layer being perfectly thin and crisp. Super small though, can finish in 1 bite😅

I liked this sweet-sour pork which came affordably as a set with rice and miso soup for just $19.80 which is seriously reasonable.

Dining here, i can really feel the effort and dedication towards customers

Bite-sized pieces thats crisp and caramelized, with tender meat. The presentation is so on-point too. Only thing is that while i liked the sauce, i personally felt that the combination of the savoury sauce and the fresh fruit kind of weird and unappealing😅

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Finally got to try what has been touted as the BEST warabimochi in town (yes i'm slow hahaha)

You know how some warabimochi require you to chew a little too much and has this super sticky and starchy mouthfeel? Well that wasn't the case for these, The warabimochi slides smoothly down your throat with minimal effort, leaving behind clean and refreshing mouthfeel especially since it was served chilled .

I loved how i got to enjoy the best of all 3 worlds in this aesthetically-pleasing crescent shaped bowl. Its a medley of sweet, bitter, and nutty fragrance from the kinako, matcha and goma respectively. We were advised to consume it in the order of light to dark, though I think i broke the rule hahaha😅 .

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Super good spam fries! I legitly always don't order spam fries cos most of the times they are just disappointingly nua and oily. But this one tasted so good! It wasn't oily at all, and was perfectly crisp and light to eat. Totally changed my opinion of spam fries!!