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I usually come for their sweet bagels, but today I was craving for hash browns so this Gypsy Ham bagel it is! I chose the seeded bagels (must order, best bagels ever!!) to go with the savory insides and it came together so well.

The meal was saucy, dirty and so full of yums, I wonder why it took me so long to have this. This bagel comes with hashbrowns (!!!), ham, egg, sandwiched in a chewy bagel.


Coming down to this famous duck rice & Kwan chap store to see what their all about. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, though the price tag threw me off slightly. At $8/head, the portion comes with the Kway & a mountain full of duck meat, pig intestines, taupok and fish cake. The sauce was flavorful and the meats were generous. I will definitely come back again but just not super often.


Finally, after it disappeared from Toa Payoh & Clementi, I get to have this saucy goodness again. The beauty of this Claypot Mee Tai Mak ($8 for medium) is the aromatic wok hei. I also enjoyed the crunchy vegetable they included inside. A must order every time I am here.


Maybe it’s just me. I understand this is a Michelin Star standard Ba Chor Mee, but it did not seem great. Maybe it’s my own taste preferences, I know of other BCMs which I feel taste pretty good too, Sans the crazy long queue and big price tag.


As it’s name suggests, this Whoa-ffles is just WHOAAAAAAAAA! Unlike the usual waffle you find outside, the one here is extremely crispy but break easily with a gentle bite. I had mine with dark chocolate ice cream, which was wickedly dark. So yummy!!!

Or at least it’s supposed to be. Had to order the croissant here as they said it’s made with French butter. And it’s truly a wicked pastry to have with coffee. Buttery, chocolaty and flaky - all the qualities of a great croissant.

Absolutely beautiful French toast that tastes as good as it looks. This brioche here was soaked overnight in milk, resulting in a pillowy soft interior. I loved the balance of flavours, just the right amounts of sour, sweet, creamy and eggy.

Here to settle a croissant craving. TBB almost never fails. This Chocolate Au Lait is so damn flaky and chocolaty, it makes me feel so sinful. But aren’t all cravings just sinful?

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This Grilled Pork with Spring Roll bun ($11) is just so good. Unlike some other viet places who may serve the grilled meat without its accompanying juice, the one here is so generous, you get meaty flavours all over the noodles. The fresh vegetables were aplenty too, which gave a refreshing touch to the dish. LOVEDDDD it!

What’s better than a great rooftop view, chill vibes, great service and an awesome company? DELICIOUS DRINKS!!! This Watermelon cocktail ($20) is a signature drink here at Mr Stork and it’s so yummy. Slightly savory, equally balanced with sweetness and with the right alcoholic kick, I finished it a little faster than I would have liked. Those who enjoy salty drinks, a similar taste profile to umeshu, would loveeee this.

And to top up the awesomeness of the place, they serve their drinks with paper straws!!! Three thumbs up!!!

I’ve been having a love hate relationship with Poke Bowls. I love how fresh they are and how well they are paired with veggies/ fruits, but the price tag can be such a turn off sometimes.

An occasional treat will often lead me to Aloha Poke. I often go for spicy tuna with brown rice, a no brainer for someone who likes a little kick in her food. I don’t really like pineapples but I think this small pineapple scoop goes really well with the fish.

This is not my no. 1 go-to place. But I enjoy Pablo for it’s open concept, free WiFi and abundance of power points, on top of its cheesy treats. Highly recommended to get a nice cheese tart paired with their coffee as a mid-day treat. I personally think the Mini tarts taste better because it’s just so crusty (plus I’m a crusty person). Coffee is average but it’s just nice to have it with the tart.