The most umami pasta I ever tasted. Its sort of a soy and shallot oil dry style pasta with stir fried mushrooms, and a half boiled egg to bring it all together. I wish the portion was larger though. It costs $14+10% service at lunchtime and $16+10% service at dinner. It used to be $11 for lunch๐Ÿ˜ข

This 4 month old franchise of Kim's hokkien mee is an air-conditioned bistro along circular road. Serves other tzechar dishes too. Soft Launch lunch set promo was still ongoing in Dec2022 ($9.90 nett for a small hokkien mee or fried rice, with a choice of drink). The hokkien mee is (unfortunately) exactly like the original Eunos Kim's - wet style, no prawn taste, no wok hei, bad chilli. The prawns are fairly large, but tasteless (frozen).

Toughest ribeye I ever had. Asked for medium rare and it was overcooked (medium). Comes with one choice of sauce on the side.
๐Ÿ’ก : 15% off with Kris+

This is my go to mala noodle stall even though I live quite far away. They do small medium and large portions of noodle and the small is sufficient for small eaters or children. It's not the most authentic Chong Qing taste as the spice level has been dumbed down ALOT to suit wimpy Singaporeans, so you must request for ๅŠ ้บปๅŠ ่พฃ to get the correct experience (it took me a few tries to realise this).

๐Ÿš™ : open air ERP + multi storey

Shrinkflation has definitely happened over the years- I've been eating here since they first opened in cbd (at the old raffles exchange location).

The foie gras is half the size that it used to be and the beef slices are so thin (almost like yoshinoya thinness!!) but the TASTE is still great compared to other beef bowl offerings. Idk what's in their marinade /dressing but it's always amazingly tasty.
๐Ÿ’ก: Add foie gras for $6++

Squid ink fried rice here is always tasty, and looks pretty too! The lunch set is a steal at 18++ for two courses, compared to evening a la carte prices.
๐Ÿš™ : unsheltered parking at springvale (parallel parking skills required), alternatively there is reverse parking at the block next door (where kfc is)

Never gonna be a Ronin sandwich (the god of sandwiches) but this will do when I'm too lazy to head out from the East. Generous with the cheese and the bread is crusty. Add pastrami for $3.

Every fnb outlet needs a star dish and to me this is definitely what I keep coming back for. The butter sauce is very rich but the acidity from the lemon keeps it from being too jelak (cloying). Quite a sizeable portion of pasta, and generous with the crabmeat too. They've recently opened an annex so it's not as difficult to get a table now, but I still find the main building more charming.
๐Ÿš™: Plentiful but expensive gantry parking available in the school compound (unsheltered)

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I like the variety of seafood options here as well as the chef's work with fermentation. It just adds an extra layer of subtlety and sophistication to every dish. The venue is so so cosy, in a little renovated "barn" looking cottage. Certain items change by season but the octopus risotto (pictured) is one of the staple mains. The tasting menus are reasonably priced with a wide range of options for each course.
๐Ÿš™ : free parking anywhere at dempsey, there are a few lots just behind long house which are closest to the restaurant.
๐Ÿ’ก: everyone at the table needs to have the same courses. For best results, take the time to choose each course, instead of having the omakase (kitchen decides) . I find that with the omakase I always end up with the items that I wouldn't have chosen, but maybe that's just me.

ๆ‹…ๆ‹…้ข in pasta form. With kale. #mindblown #shuttupandtakemymoney #malamadness
I'm a huge fan of fusion pastas so it's no surprise that i loved this. I really liked the doneness of the spaghetti too - super al dente. The dressing is a little numbing but not spicy, just a bit peppery. The half boiled egg really brings it all together and the kale soaks up the sauce while still maintaining that fresh crisp texture. What a winner.
The menu has mosly regular brunch /cafe food items but I took a chance with this unusual option. Would totally come back for it even though I despise being in orchard. Their $12++ ice cube concept drinks are also really luxe and pretty (yes overpriced but you gotta live a little).
๐Ÿš™ : note $2 lunchtime parking surcharge at paragon carpark (i.e. On top of the already killer parking fees)