This version of fish and chips is perfect for me as I prefer my fish breaded rather than battered, and shoestring fries rather than thick cut fries. The fish is very chunky yet tender. Most of the dishes here are pretty good actually- comfort food (Western) at reasonable prices.
πŸ’‘ : Fairly quiet during lunchtime and on weekday nights, but be sure to reserve for weekends.
πŸš™ : free curbside parking (parallel parking skills required).

For those that like their soon kueh skin super thin, give this place a try! I prefer the bamboo shoot version ($2.50) as it has lots of hay bee (dried shrimp) and a more intense taste, but if you prefer less hay bee then go for the turnip version ($1.50). Each box comes with sufficient condiments (chilli and black sauce) - which is my main grouse with the other more purist soon kueh shop that is also trending on social media now.
BTW I'm very spoilt when it comes to soon kueh cos I'm used to eating the ones that my dad brings home from Jakarta when he travels there for work. I find the soon kueh shops in sg all have such THICK and awful skin. Amazing that this noodle-converted-to-kueh shop can outdo all the traditional kueh shops (in my view anyway).
πŸ“ : Link to order form on their Instagram account.
πŸ’‘ : $7 flat fee islandwide delivery or self collect from Jurong.

A luxe appetiser from a home kitchen setup. Looks exactly like the photos, unlike some ig-trending sea urchin bowls. Most importantly the sea urchin is fresh and sweet. They also sell sea urchin trays for $168.
Island wide delivery available (free with $90 spend). WhatsApp +65 8893 0902 and paynow to order.
πŸ’‘ : they also have warabi mochi ($10) but I didn't quite like the texture (too hard).

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For those of us too old / jaded to sit through interminably long multi-course tastings, the 3course menu ($108++) represents the best value at Garibaldi. For July'20 we were lucky enough to have the option of their feature dish angel hair pasta with caviar and oysters as an appetiser, but honestly it's too subtle in taste for me (I prefer da luca's version). I actually liked their super intense (but not as photogenic) lobster bisque much more. Mains and desserts were predictably good- in particular the seafood risotto in lobster consommΓ© was done extremely well.
πŸ’‘ : Even better with the 3glass ($48++) wine pairing add-on!

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Basically a plain croissant in mushroom cream sauce /soup, with truffle oil. The croissant obviously gets all soggy as it soaks up the sauce, so it's not my top pick from their creative croissant menu, but it does have its charm, usually on rainy days.

Lunch is now a flat $148++ (vs $88/108/128++ last year). Even though they now include pricier ingredients such as truffles and caviar, I'm not sure I am fully on board as I preferred having a range of price options. It's still one of my favorite starred restaurants in sg due to the bold but balanced flavours, with thoughtful textures. The crab pilau I practically inhaled, and the scallop umai was such a gorgeous amalgamation of colours, tastes and textures. But perhaps Nouri can no longer an everyday lunch at the new prices 🀭

Food court prices with better quality meats. The garlic dip is my favorite as I find the spicy miso too salty. Sets come with soup and kimchi and 200g of meat.
Not exactly curbside but I'm giving this one a Special Mention cos you get a grace period of 15min (?) at the PLQ mall basement carpark which is just enough time to self collect. Sadly, after Phase 2 started, they stopped offering Islandwide delivery via Grab so I have no choice but to self collect since as a solo diner I cannot meet the $35 minimum order on their oddle page.

If I had paid full price $88++/2pax for this afternoon tea, I would be really mad! As it was, the burpple beyond price of $44++ (feeds 2pax) was a small consolation for the cold and lacklustre assortment of random bites. The ambience and service are good, at least. And no more annoying loud live music cos covid.
πŸš™ : you have to use lobby A of bugis junction carpark, as access from the hotel carpark lift is shut for the time being due to covid measures.
πŸ’‘: You get two rounds of drinks BTW (you can switch between coffee and tea as well).

Never been a fan of mall restaurants but this cosy fusion bistro caught my eye when I was wandering around Jewel the other day. The green curry linguine was an instant hit for me - pasta done perfectly al dente, in a comforting green curry sauce balanced with tangy mango salad. The green chillies had a nice little kick to them too! #burpplebeyond is a bonus but I'd gladly pay full price for this.
Drinks wise I preferred the espresso martini ($15++) to their in house G&T ($12++), made from a blend of beefeater and roku. Will be back for more.

Post lockdown, they've actually increased the price of their cream puffs from $4.50 to $5.50! But I guess it's still the best in sg....


I always add the wagyu beef to my lunch course- Melt in your mouth Japanese wagyu rolls, served with hokkaido garlic and snow salt. I usually split the 100g with my dining companion cos even a small portion is rich and satisfying enough (pictured is 50g).

First sushiya out since phase 2 started!
Jul 2020:
*Appetiser : uni rolled in sea bream
*7 pc seasonal Nigiri sushi : 1) snapper 2) Pacific rudderfish 3) Aji hand roll 4) Akami zuke 5) Botan ebi 6) chutoro 7) hotate
*ikura mini rice bowl
*Dessert : warabi mochi