Fish tacos originated from Baja California, Mexico so this fish taco is prepared Baja-style. The fish is deep-fried so the outer layer is a little tough. But once you get through that, its very flavourful. The whole taco came together very well. I love this! Price is a bit on the high side.

This is RM12.

The gordita was a little too hard for my liking. The prawns were fresh, succulent and flavourful.

This is RM14.

When I ordered this, I expected to be normal potato fries that’s cut like churros. Turned out to be actually churros.

This is RM10.

Perfect for a light meal. Quite a lot of vegetables in it.

This is RM13.

Quite fluffy. Pretty generous with the chocolate topping. Not too sweet which is good.

This is RM5.50.

Not many cafes in Langkawi. This was one of the non-commercial coffee places. The latte is just average.

This is RM10.

Nice thick chocolate drink.

This is RM11.

Nicely cheesy. If you like grilled cheese sandwich, try this.

This is RM15.

This sandwich is quite filling as its pretty big. Nothing stands out and its a sandwich that can’t go wrong.

This is RM22.

Love the sauce! It has potatoes, carrots, zucchini, green peas. Goes well with their sesame bread too.

This is RM30.

Good balance of taste. Love the vegetables in the dish. They give additional sauce. Quite filling for two people.

This is RM30.