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Another beautiful cake by this artisanal dessert place. Look at the gorgeous butterfly topper. This is a chocolate cake with a mix of different textures. Not too chocolatey, which is good for non-chocolate lovers, and not too sweet either. Perfectly balanced.

This is RM22.

This is a very basic pizza with no cheese. Just tomato paste as base and topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves, oregano and fresh basil leave. For people who can’t take cheese, this is a good alternative.

This is RM20.

Every cheese lovers dream. Pizza with 4 types of cheese. Since the cheese is very stringy and soft when its hot, highly recommend to use hands. Not too cheesy in comparison to some cheese pizza.

This is RM32.

The dal makhani comes with garlic naan. The dal was really fragrant and flavourful. Nothing outstanding though.

This is RM30.

The kebabs were really tender. That with the onions drizzled with lime juice, perfect. Wish they gave more onions though.

This is RM34.

My pick is always the 'Special' with everything; beef slices, tendon & beef ball. What's unique here are the beef balls are pure meat ball and the beef slices are fresh. The pho "fur" is great but the pho broth isn't the 'clear' version. There was herbs after taste but am not convince it is an intense and concentrated broth made out of meats' bones boiling for hours.

This is RM27.

My first time coming across vegetable pho. Vegans and vegetarians, rejoice!

The broth is vegetable-based. There is a slight herb smell to it. There is so much vegetables it looked like a little hotpot! There are Bunashimeji mushrooms, lightly browned tofu, carrot, broccoli, pak choy, and cauliflower. Adding a little fish oil goes a long way too.

This is RM20.

Not your usual Vietnamese rice paper rolls. The shrimp was wrapped in lettuce with some egg and shredded carrots. As a person who dislike coriander, I welcome it. The Vietnamese peanut dipping sauce is sweet, a bit like the chee cheong fun sweet sauce to me.

This is RM15.

This is their signature appetiser. So had to try it. Pretty similar to the Thai mango salad I’d say.

It was pretty sour on its own but if you have it with the dried shrimp, it’s good. They were quite generous with the shrimp and nuts.

This is RM14.

A change from the usual squid ink pasta. It comes with soft shell crab too.

So you get squid ink rice fried with chopped long beans. The rice was a bit mushy for me. It also doesn’t have much taste, probably needs to be eaten together with the soft shell crab. There was also a fried egg, which wasn’t the usual type that you get. This one is kinda tiny. Not sure I would have this a 2nd time.

This is RM28.

Not often you’d find a bibimbap at a authentic Korean restaurant without pork. This is one of it. The gochujang is thick. Came with 8 side dishes, 1 bowl of delicious soup and steam egg.

One thing I’ve always loved about this place is their kimchi. Sooo delicious! Can’t find one that tastes as good from the Korean marts.

This is RM23.

Very rare to find chocolate crème brûlée. Not used to not seeing the caramelised sugar layer on top. It wasn’t too sweet. Interesting twist to the usual one.

This is RM32.