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Freshly-cut sashimi chunks topped a big bowl of light soy sauce don. For $21.50, this is pretty worth it. I could barely finish this huge bowl! 3.8/5

I ordered cos anything hotplate should be nice, right?

It came hot, but not bubbling sizzling hot. Gravy was minimal. Apart from the thin layer of egg beneath the food, the hor fun tasted the same as normal hor fun (which was delicious, don't get me wrong, but still).

The kicker was that a glass of cold water and this cost me $17.90 after all the ++. Not worth it. 2.9/5


The BEST ramen I've ever had in Japan (aside from Ichiran) was this nondescript place which I didn't even get its name. Sister and I were hungry in between lunch and dinner and we popped by a ramen place along the street, down at a basement where they sold kazan ramen. My my, the ramen got tastier and the soup got thicker and yummier as it continued to bubble and boil. I will never forget that shared stonebowl of ramen.

Back to Singapore, I've always wanted to try due to my experience in Japan. I admit I wasn't expecting the flat and straight type of noodles and thought it would be the thick, wavy type. The ramen served looked like ee mian, so I thought I would be disappointed. BUT, lo and behold, the dish was great! Very tasty, full of vegetables and the soup was awesome. The theatrics of the sizzle of the soup when poured into the bowl was a sight to watch.

To top it off, when you're done with your ramen, they would give you a bowl of rice to dump into the soup. I can't emphasize just how satisfying this felt and how fulfilling the meal was.

$15.00 for the small bowl and 4.2/5

#ramen #tonkotsu #claypot


Previously at Centrepoint, this restaurant has been around for yooonnnkkks, for good reason. The food is good and it is among the first in Singapore to offer authentic Hong Kong cuisine.

I've had my favorite congee which didn't disappoint. Smooth tasty congee in a big bowl, sufficient to keep you full till the next meal. Mix it around as the lean pork and century egg slices are at the bottom of the bowl. Good, simple comfort food.

4.0/5. It's $8 before GST.

#porridge #congee #hk


It used to be good. It used to be way way better.

Granted the dish has changed slightly. It used to be angel hair pasta cooked with something very similar to mentaiko (but I can't recall the name). I guess EN revised the dish.

Came in a cream sauce, EN was not stingy on the mentaiko and it was worth the amount I paid for. The issue I had was that (ironically) it was too...fishy. I know I know, why eat mentaiko when I don't want the fishy taste? But like I said, it used to be good. It used to be way way better.

Don't be mistaken. This new taste disappointed me simply because I remembered and loved the original. Who knows, you might like this new version?

3.6/5 and $16.20 inclusive of GST

#mentaiko #ENbar #EN #pasta

Ranks in the top 5 noodles for me. I LOVE this!

Noodles comes with a wee bit of clear gravy (water, is it?). Char siew is crunchy and vegetables are fresh. What's awesome about this is the overall taste! What sorcery is this taste?! So so delicious and leaves you wanting for more More MORE.

Nobody I've introduced this to had any bad word to say about it. It's awesome. Go try it.

(Apologies for the blurred lousy photo, I was in that much a hurry to eat it.)

$7.90 and 4.6/5

#noodles #sarawak #kolomee


Woah woah woah! When sister first ordered this at Northpoint during CNY, I was less than impressed. She was given cabbage, a few pieces of minced meat and noodles. Everything looked colourless and meh.

But this! I never thought I would react this way about u-mian (I changed it) in a food court. This is so SO good! I could tell that the u-mian was made in the traditional way. They gave so much ingredients, especially the vegetables. Soup was also better than I expected.

I foresee myself eating this often... $6 and 4.1/5

#local #qiulian #banmian

Do not be deceived. This isn't the regular curry chicken noodles you can find at Toast Box or Ya Kun.

It was like a mix between Singapore Chinese curry and Kuching laksa. One spoonful sent my stomach into turmoil. I mean, it was good yet it was bad (for my weak stomach) because it was so hot and spicy.

It has a unique taste I didn't expect. Kudos to them. $5.20 and 3.2/5. You can find this at Food Junction, level 4 of Bugis Junction, along the stretch facing Watsons and the connecting bridge.

#laksa #curry #local #bugis

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$6.90 gives you melt-in-the-mouth teriyaki salmon and rice sufficient to keep you full for half a day. Vegetables were too few, but I don't eat these anyway, so...

Good for filling up your stomach but don't expect ultra high standards like those you'll find Japanese restaurants.


#japanese #don

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This is a special platter of mac n cheese from Four Seasons Hotel (1/3 seen in picture) and it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

The top is caramelized and insides were gooey oozy macaroni with a great amount of cheese that didn't feel too heavy. The platter was for about 20 people yet 12 of us polished it off.

Just thinking about it makes me salivate. Not sure about the pricing as it was bought by a staff. 4.4/5

#fourseasons #macncheese #pasta

Many would think you'll get subpar sushi at a place with cheap sushi. I must admit that Sushi Express has its hits and misses and sometimes has more non-sushi plates than sushi.

A notable delicious "hit" plate would be the special limited Aburi Salmon plate. Warm and melt-in-the-mouth, I was pleasantly surprised by it and often look out for it. It's better than aburi in other more atas restaurants. Aburi dishes need no soy sauce, so you can just take and have it.

For this plate alone, 4.1/5. $1.50 per plate.

#japanese #sushi #salmon

Barcook is one of my favourite bakeries around as most of their buns are delicious and have a mid-to-strong taste.

Apart from their famous cheese buns (one of the first few bakeries to create that), the mixberry cheese buns are a winner as well. Barcook does not scrimp on ingredients and the berries are plentiful. The mix of the berries, oozy cheese and soft bread make for a wonderful bun that will leave you happy and wanting more.

$1.60 and 4.1/5

#bread #bun #barcook

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