Tsujiri is no stranger to all the matcha fans out there. This was not my first time having matcha or hojicha softsrve and I always enjoy their hojicha ice cream parfait. But it's a first trying their shaved ice and it would also be my last time.

Chocolate cheesecake (RM18+) on the left and Carrot cheesecake (RM18+) on the right. The creamcheese at the middle part of the chocolate cake gives a decent sourish taste that enhance the chocolaty taste. Whilst I'm a big fans of carrot cake gotta be frank that I'm quite disappointed with their carrot cake. I like my carrot cake packed with big chunks of nut and moist. Nutmeg's carrot cake is moist but I find something is lacking, flavour and the texture.

When your love for boba is so real. I was skeptical when I heard of this boba+pizza combination. It turned out to be amazingly delicious. The mild sweetness from brown sugar and savoury from cheese coupled with the chewy pizza dough are just perfect comfort food.

Hidden gem in Taman Paramount. Never did we expect to discover this cosy restaurant that serves good quality pork. The pork patty is so juicy and not overly oily, just nice.

It's best for someone who dislike bun / bread. Definitely very filling. I like the "bun" 's crispy edge, the griller chicken patty is very well-seasoned. Bu the downside is the overwhelming amount of sauces like waterfall (lol). Chicken is pretty standard. But fries are soggy and very "hollow" 😅

One sophisticated dessert. Matcha mousse with Lychee ganache, and more interesting ingredients being put together to present this Kyoto sensation.

This Pandan Cheesecake and Tokyo Restaurant's 6th avenue are neck to neck! Never expect it turned out to be so nice. The Cheesecake is so smooth and moist and you can really savour the fragrance of pandan. Yummy!

Fans of Cheese put your hands up 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Travelled all the way to get my hands on their Grilled Cheese sandwich (RM15) Opted for sourdough between the choice of sourdough and brioche, and also feeling "extra" to have chicken sausage as add-on (RM6). Sandwich did not cut through, it's cheesy but very bland for a trio cheese combo. I however like the side salad seasoned with salt and pepper.

Hotate Cheese spaghetti! Comes with 6 pieces of hotate and melted cheese on pasta. But the Spaghetti's sauce is tad salty to my liking...

Soft shell crab ontama curry rice (RM21). Curry is thickand fragrant, the type of curry that I like. Soft shell crab is alright not the best but ain't bad either.

Honestly, what a big letdown. Was so looking forward to try their char siew. Their char siew is too fatty to my liking, and for these 4 slices... it costs me about RM20 which is not justifiable.

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, pretty good set lunch deal priced at RM16.90 with free flow of soft drinks. Despite the menu description mentioned parmesan cheese, nor I see nor taste any bit of cheese. Having said that, it's still a plate of delightful pasta.