Also known as broken rice, this iconic Vietnamese dish from @cochungvietnam certainly satisfies! Broken rice which can’t be sold was considered inferior and often used for street food, now a favourite among many. You’ll usually find pork chop as an accompanying protein and this was smoky and full of flavour.

Decided to try @cochungvietnam on a whim and was very pleasantly surprised by the standard of food! The only thing I felt that was missing was a chilli dip that I’ve become used to when having Vietnamese *cough*mrspho*cough*.

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There’s no shortage of great cafes in the east, luckily having options is a good thing and @thebrewingground’s seems to have what it takes to contend with the competition! Tasty food combined with great ambiance seems to be the pull here, definitely worth a visit at least.

The Breakfast Burger hits all the right spots if you’re a Sausage McMuffin fan. Perfectly cooked scrambled eggs with the sausage patty, caramelised onions and ketchup mayo had a great texture and flavour, though my friend found it a little too salty.

@_thebravery_ seems to have gone through a pretty significant transformation since moving to their new space at Amoy! The food is now much more ‘bistro’ and seems to have been refined quite a bit. Was craving a simple aglio olio and this ticked all the right boxes, tasty al dente pasta with a good hit of heat as well. Nothing special, but @grimlay’s Chicken Ragu seemed a lot more substantial (and at the same price), so I’d order that the next time I’m back!


@ryanskitchen_sg currently has this tomahawk steak set that’s certainly worth some festive cheer! Besides a sizable tender steak, it also comes with two red wines, a medley of vegetables and two truffled angel hair pastas (though we weren’t in love with the pastas). Added on some fries and this was easily good for 3-4 pax and made for a pretty good family lunch.


Excuse me @burpple, was I living under a rock or did you guys stealth launch @putien_sg deals on #BurppleBeyond recently! Imagine my glee when I was scrolling and saw my favourite restaurant now offering 1-for-1 on their mains, vegs and tofu dishes! Don’t think there’s a need to introduce the food, just that I’m going to be using my deals as much as I can wahahaha!


@asapnco, the love child between and @thesmokhous. Just opened in November, they were pretty much still full house on a Tuesday night! Their specialty is definitely their smoked meats and the matron of the shop highly recommended this hanger steak which is said to be a prized cut of butchers. Man, was it goooood... Great flavour and perfectly tender and juicy. Delectable smokey as well, this is a cut we’ll be back for.

If you’re ordering their smoked meats, you can (and should) reserve ahead of time with your order to avoid a long wait. Still some teething issues (understaffed, music is scratchy) but our food was yummy!

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Congrats to @bengwhocooks on their new minimalist space! From dishing out grain bowls at Hong Lim to their very own restaurant, they’ve come a long way.

My favourite course of the night was this Happy Ending dessert that changes depending on what the chefs feel like serving. What I got was a creamy camomile mousse, crisp granola and pillowy cake that really gave you different layers of flavours and textures on upon each bite.


This popular lunch spot is constantly packed on work days, so was pretty happy to get in within 5 mins the other day. Ordered the classic dry pan mee, which of course was a great choice. Toss the chewy noodles with the dark sauce, oozy egg, minced meat and copious amounts of their deep red chilli oil for an addictive heat. What surprised me was the lovely pork lard! Slightly crackly and super fragrant, made all those calories worth it.

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The other must-order when you visit @house_of_chirashi_sg, this bowl comes loaded with THICCC slices of salmon, hamachi (and normally swordfish, but they ran out so we got more hamachi here) for the raw fish. Besides the main stars, the supporting cast deserve a round of applause as well; unagi, aburi salmon, tamago, dried ebi flakes and ikura (spritzed with a little bit of gold for class) also stood out. Even their pickled ginger slices got us asking for more, having just the right amount of sweet and vinegary flavour to reset my taste buds with each bite.

If there’s an award for Most Value-For-Money Chirashi Bowls, my vote would definitely go to @house_of_chirashi_sg. For $18.80, this blanket of cubed salmon, tuna, unagi, shrimp and ikura tossed in an addictive spicy sauce has got to be the most fish volume / dollar I’ve spent on a bara chirashi to date. And dam, does it taste good too, luckily with no mush rice issues which I heard about previously.

This small 8 seater in East Village is going to be tough to get seats, so do make a reservation (I made mine two weeks ago) to avoid disappointment!


Saw this irresistibly intense looking dark chocolate tart on the counter at and next thing I knew, I had it on my table. Incredibly fudgey, with a crumbly tart base, I loved the rich flavours which paired wonderfully with their nutty lattes (though hopefully they dial back on the sweetness for this and I’d personally love a bit more flakey sea salt).


@bellyluckynoodle at Hong Lim sells just one thing, and it’s this slightly mod take on kolo mee. Featuring springy, curly noodles that takes on the addictive salty, spicy minced meat sauce, two huge shrimp wantons, fatty char siew and a lava egg. It was surprisingly addictive, and those wantons were crazy huge and tasty. They’ve got tough competition in Hong Lim, but definitely something I wouldn’t mind getting again.