Served with tofu, impossible meatball, long beans and mani vege. The meatballs tasted like real meat. The rice was soft which was to my liking. I think they drizzle abit of sauce or soup in it.

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Comes with vege, braised egg, pork, mushroom and duck. I don't remember there was chicken. I smell corriander from the sauce but don't see any. It wasn't very herbal. The duck was tender and nice. The soft bone of the pork wasn't boiled long enough so still hard. Overall, so so only.

There was a long queue so decided to try. The fish slices were very big. Very generous with the portion. However, i find the meat not smooth and soft. However, still a good bowl for this price point.

The takoyaki was crispy on the outside. The inside wasnt doughy so it doesnt feel jelat. The tako pieces are big. I feel it is the best takoyaki in SG already.

I ordered the non spicy version so it tasted like rosé pasta. It is value for money with Entertainer app. The lobster quite fresh.

The set comes with garlic rice, miso soup and 2pcs of orange. The scallop taste like the frozen scallop we get from supermarket. Nothing outstanding.

Do note that it is actually spicy mentai. I thought it will be mentaiko sauce but it is actual mentai in the omelette. So so only.

The yakisoba was a bit watery. The cabbage was quite hard too. I think the yakisoba at Clarke Quay DDDK was better and at a cheaper price.

Very generous with the serving. The truffle was strong and in a good way. Fries were not soggy even after awhile. You can see the parmesan cheese was topped evenly. After you finish the fries on too, there is still parmesan cheese covering the bottom fries.

The servings was big. There were about 4 chicken wings. The wings were crispy and dont taste too oily. They didn serve with any sauce. But we didn feel that any sauce was required so i guess it is well marinted. The meat was also not tough nor dry.

The pizza was very nice! The crust was thin and crispy. Very generous with the bacon and cheese. The egg was still runny.

The soup taste abit creamy. Would be better if they can give more soup. The crab was put on a small plate and was very oily. The egg was abit bland. But for the price point, I would say it is a good bowl of ramen.