Good stuff!
New menu, new items and wider selection
Hard to find sweet potato latte in Singapore
Taste was creamy and sweet potato flavour was strong. Good relieve from missing Korea and its adventure in winter by drinking this winter themed drink. Real purée of the sweet potato added texture to the drink. However, I wished that the staff would provide a stirrer or remind customer to stir before drinking for full enjoyment.

Do consider the other drinks from Korea!!

Much needed improvements:
1. Staff attitude and service
The staff were really fierce and used their firm voice to tell me what to do. If only they remember that I m just a customer who is confused because they do not label clearly not where to place the tray and the buzzer.

2. Cleanliness
The staff did not clear the tray from the previous customer and they were pretty bent to make the customers for the previous user.

3. Workflow
Buzzer return and food collection were different places that's illogical. The shop just changed their workflow and need a lot of refinements


No 태양의후에 or Big Boss but at least we can cuddle with Neukkun & Hayang! Though DOTS craze is over, you'll still see many taking photos together with them.

Coffee is of course one of the highlight here. Using specialty Arabica bean brews, you can customise your cappuccino or latte by selecting one of their three blends (K1 to K3). I only tried K3 in Cappuccino ($6 for hot, $6.50 for cold), which is a full-bodied blend with lingering aftertaste. Shall have to head back to try the other blends soon.

Greeted by a friendly cashier, YO felt like a mini, homely fast food that serves great dons and Japanese fusion dishes. The Yakiniku Beef Bowl ($15.90) came w perfectly done beef that's evenly pink on the inside (I suspect sous vide) rested on a bed of pearl rice sprinkled w tasty furikake. Stirring the runny onsen yolk into the rice was both pleasing to eyes and tastebuds. YO 1, tanuki raw 0 🐮

Fried chicken wing (3/5)
- finger licking good, mild lemongrass taste. So mild I had to imagine it Gen I saw the lemongrass

Mango crepe cake (4/5)
There is always space for dessert!
Cake was strong in tangy mango taste that helped to get rid of the ger-Lat-ness and made creamy cake more enjoyable with the contrasting taste.

Pork skewer with sticky rice (3/5)
- strong coconut oil taste that reminds me of Nasi lemak. Would taste much better if it is cooked more so that there is some golden brown appearance and the meat was drier.

- price was expensive compared to the KL and actual BKK branch. I went to the kL branch last week and in comparison, this place was disappointing compared to what I experienced and expected
- seating was crammed and the decoration on the board was too much in this small space.
- would return only to eat coconut crepe cake and wish they had coconut shake instead of coconut juice


Mentako fries- must try. Rich and Creamy taste. Perfect partners. Orange mentako made golden Fries look even more appetising than it is

Lavender latte- first I find in Singapore. Less aromatic than rose but Super floral and nice too.


Ordered the grilled and fried rice chicken
Preferred the grilled chicken for its Crispy skin and smoky flavour to it.
Fried rice chicken was flavourful with its well seasoned batter.
Remains my Favourite Korean fried chicken restaurant.


Sea salt caramel cake
Fake fireplace with Scandinavian feel
Love to watch the fire and and sit in the colonial house for a break
Friendly staff


Second time at this restaurant but first time at Kallang Wave branch. Was excited to eat it with my friends when I recognised the sign board from my first visit.

I love the salmon skin. It was crispy and so popular I saw the family next to me order just this dish and devouring it.

The signature yentafo was appetising with its sweetness and saltiness in the same bowl. I noticed that there was a change in the menu from its launch and the 9 piece became the norm and there were a lot of new rice dishes.

As a small eater, I still prefer that I can choose smaller portions from the previous menu so that I can eat more variety, such as the appetiser and especially the desserts, such as the steamed cake and coconut ice cream, which I missed the chance to eat.

Overall, I still prefer the old menu and dried yentafo. Would I miss it? Maybe once in a while when I miss Thai street food if only I pass by the shop.

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Elaborated dessert made by grinding purple rice to bake into a cake and topped with creamy ice cream! Imagine how mesmerising to have your usual bubor Hitam as a cake!

Partnered with Pandan version.

Surrounded by civic district and museums nearby, it is definitely the most suitable place for you to catch a breath and rest your legs before continuing with the next part of your adventure.

Crew was kind and forth coming. Explained their Mission of their volunteering Organisation and how they participate in overseas missions to help others.

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Tasty pasta that is one for one.
Truffle mushroom fettuccine was strong in its truffle flavour.

Went after drizzle and enjoyed the cooling alfresco dining on a quiet weekday, watching the people walk by.
Convenient location right by the Mrt, yet not noisy.


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