What a big bowl of hor fun! Smooth hor fun coated in thick gravy, there was a faint hint of wok hei, and the ingredients like the fried fish, prawns and sotong were decent. Used Entertainer 1-for-1 for this and tbh I won't dine here without the promo...

Avocado, grilled asparagus spears, poached eggs wrapped with Norwegian smoked salmon, Hollandaise sauce and salmon pearls on wholewheat brioche. This is like the perfect plate of Eggs Benedict! The yolks were runny and tasted rich together with the sauce and creamy avocado. Love the addition of the salmon pearls too which is similar to Japanese tobiko.

Savoury French toast with double baked cheese and spinach soufflé, parmesan crumbed poached egg, slowroasted tomatoes, grilled back bacon and spicy tomato chutney. Wow gotta love this savoury French toast! It was fluffy and tasty without being too oily, and the cheese and spinach soufflé is unique! Kinda like a spread but slightly firmer. The slowroasted tomatoes were very sweet too! Quite a big portion so do come hungry!

Fresh rice noodles with mixed vegetables and wok fried beef. Thought this dish was a little too oily for my liking, but the beef was nice and tender without tasting too artificial. There was also a heap of fried onions, spring onions and crushed nuts.

Pork and beef slow cooked with red wine, topped with pangratatto and parmesan. What a flavourful dish! The meat was tender from the slow cooking process, and the sauce was good! The pasta was at a nice al dente as well.


Slow-braised chicken in a creamy sauce with bacon, leeks, roasted mushrooms and plenty of herbs. The ingredients were nicely salted and the cream sauce not too overpowering. Yummy!

Their specialty is their egg noodles - so springy and chewy!! It's got a good bite which is what I like, unlike the thin ones. The wanton itself was pretty small, but the char siew was quite nice :)

As the name suggests, this cookie is made up of half dark chocolate and the usual milk chocolate. It's quite a thick cookie, the chocolate flavours are rich, and the texture is what I like - slightly gooey and chewy on the inside but still a bit crisp on the outside. But would have preferred it to be less sweet, and gosh the price... 🤔

Love the unagi here! There was a nice chargrilled exterior and relatively soft eel fillet underneath. Although I did wish it could be a bit thicker? This dish is to be eaten in 3 ways - first with the unagi and rice, second with the condiments like the wasabi and green onions, and third is with the lightly flavoured dashi broth! This set also comes with unagi chawanmushi which was delicious too!

Had this more than a month ago when they were still relatively new. Ordered the quinoa base, Teriyaki Chicken as protein, mushrooms, broccoli and broccoli paste, which sounds unusual but it's really good! The chicken was nicely marinated too. Plus made even better on Burpple Beyond 1-for-1! Portion may not be substantial for the hungry ones.

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Kinda expected a bit more from this pizza - perhaps the addition of mushrooms would elevate this dish? Nevertheless the truffle pesto was delectable, and the pizza crust is the thin kind which makes it less heavy on the stomach.

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It's got the wok hei!! The hor fun was wet and tasty and so flavourful! They were quite generous with the small shrimps and meat as well. Would buy again!