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To be honest, I was semi-skeptical about Grids & Circles as the menu looks super healthy (yes I have a somewhat unhealthy palate)😛 But since I have been overeating this week and there is a one-for-one deal on Burpple Beyond, why not? The Oyako Pan ($15) exceeded my expectations! Tender and juicy chicken thigh cooked in teriyaki sauce, silky scrambled eggs and Asian salad dressed in kombu mayo are served atop English muffins - the mayo and teriyaki sauce complemented each other and it was surprisingly tasty. For records, Oyako Pan is served with mixed greens as well but I replaced mine with a 2nd serving of chips:P My friend had Salmon Ochasuke ($16) which comprises of a pan-fried salmon fillet on top of rice, white bait, puff rice and cherry tomatoes. You have to pour the bacon genmaicha dashi broth over the rice to complete the porridge. The flavours are clean and subtle, but not bland. The cafe, from its decor to utensils to vibes, is comfortable and relaxing. Not a bad choice if you wish to get away from the crowd for a mental and gastronomical detox.

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The soups from 香浓老火汤 at Maxwell Food Centre (#01-86) are consistently good. The Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup ($4.50 + $1 for yam rice) is very sweet and comforting. The apple and pear melt in your mouth instantly and the pork ribs are so soft that the soft bones have a jelly-like consistency. Love the pairing with the yam rice too. Soup fix of the week checked!

I pass by Tong Heng on my way to work everyday but this is my first time popping in for a post-dinner snack. The signature diamond-shaped egg tart ($1.90) is clearly what most people come to Tong Heng for. The tart is buttery, crisp and thinner than a typical egg tart shell - the delicate balance between firm and crumbly is commendable. The egg custard is soft like tofu, creamy in the middle, fragrant and not too sweet. I could easily pop a few of these! The baked Pork Bun ($1.90), however, is underwhelming. The flaky crust is nice, but the pork filling is too hard and sweet for my liking. Perhaps it will fare better if it is warmed up. Nonetheless, wouldn’t mind returning just for the egg tart, or the coconut egg tart that I did not manage to try as it was sold out when I went.

I love the the Truffle Beef Cube Bowl ($25) from Maru Japanese Restaurant - the stir-fry beef cube with red wine garlic shoyu is fragrant, soft and juicy, and goes well with the accompanying shimeiji mushroom, egg and steamed rice. The Salmon Sashimi Bowl ($18) comes with a generous and fresh serving of salmon sashimi, though I find the sushi rice a little too vinegary for me. Although the rice bowls are quite pricey on their own, there is an one-for-one deal on Burpple Beyond, as well as a complimentary salad/dessert buffet bar for non-Burpple Beyond users.

Unlike conventional chicken rice, Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball is known for their chicken rice that is shaped into a ball, steamed chicken that is lightly drizzled in dark sauce, braised pork belly instead of roasted pork and herbal soup instead of chicken soup. The portion is not a lot but the food is not bad. The steamed chicken and braised pork are very tender and go very well with the dark sauce and chilli, which is quite spicy. The herbal soup is sweet and earthy, and the soft taupok soaked up the flavours thoroughly. The chicken rice grains are shorter than usual and quite fragrant, though the rice was a little undercooked when I went, which is not their norm. Our meal was $18 for 3 pax. Good to have this again after a long time!

The dry prawn noodles with pig’s tail ($7) from Hock Prawn Mee is unlike other prawn noodles - a garlicky and fragrant chili sauce is drizzled all over the prawn noodles to give it a potent kick. The pig’s tail is large, meaty and not too fat, and the prawns are small but crunchy. The flavourful soup is thoroughly infused with the sweetness of the prawns. Simple and shiok - this is one prawn noodle that is bursting with 古早味!

Popped by Morettino a few times as there is a one-for-one promo on Burpple Beyond😎 I wasn’t expecting much but the pastas and pizzas were good! The Fettuccine Beef Bolognese ($24) is delicious - the pasta has a nice texture and goes very well with the slow cooked minced beef in tomato sauce, very comforting! I’m not a fan of cream-based pasta, so I’m pleasantly surprised that the Carbonara ($18) is one of the lightest and least jelak ones I have ever tasted:) The lightness allowed the strong flavours of the pecorino cheese and smoked bacon to come through the dish. I also tried the Truffle Carbonara ($24), which has the same lightness of the carbonara but infused with the fragrance of truffle. Lastly, the Pizza Parma Ham ($28) features an unstoppable combination of thin crust, thinly sliced Prosciutto ham, mozzarella cheese and tomato - it’s very savoury and tasty. Pleased to find a decent and affordable Italian restaurant near my workplace:)!

Really excited to try Dim Sum Haus as I have heard many good reviews of it:) The dim sum did not disappoint! The har gau and charcoal siew mai are stuffed with big morsels of shrimp, the skin is thin and there is a good crunch to the dumplings. The pan-fried carrot cake, fried fresh beancurd skin and steamed crispy rice roll (chee cheong fun) with shrimp faired very well too - the taste and texture are on point. My favourite is steamed pork ribs with yam - the pork ribs and yam are very soft and savoury. The baked salted egg custard bun is highly raved - the exterior is crusty and a lava of sweet salted egg custard bursts out when you bite into it. It’s a little too rich for me at the end of a full meal, but this is probably a hit for fans of 流沙包. Our meal amounted to $52 for 3 pax, which is pretty reasonable even though the Burpple Beyond one-for-one discount for one dish is not much:) Do make a reservation if you are going because they are usually packed!

The Mentaiyaki Tamago Kaisendon ($25.90) from Kei Kaisendon comes with kaisendon (sashimi rice bowl), soup of the day, salad and a whopping total of 6 mentaiyaki tamago (Japanese omelette with roe). The torched mentaiko goes very well with the sweet tamago. The sashimi is fresh and delicious - wouldn’t mind giving up 2 tamago for more sashimi! There is a one-for-one promo on Burpple Beyond, which makes it a really good deal given how filling this is. Perfect for hungry days👌🏻

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Had some cakes and coffee at Lola Cafe recently:) Hummingbird Cake ($5.60) is a banana cake with banana and pineapple bits, topped with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon powder. The cake is moist and fragrant, and the cream cheese frosting balances the sweetness of the banana cake. So good! Lychee Rosewater Cake ($6.50) is a rosewater vanilla sponge cake with lychee bits and butter cream. The sponge cake is soft and the butter cream is light, smooth and packed with lychee bits. The Latte ($5) is slightly acidic, but it goes well with the sweet treats. I love that there is a wide variety of desserts and beverages to choose from, and the fact that the food is good, the portion is generous and the price is reasonable. To top it off, the cafe is relatively quiet and chill as there are 2 units side by side to accommodate the weekend crowd:) What a gem!

The Signature Pan-Fried Crispy Pork Soup Buns (生煎包) from Dingtele are mini paus that are pan-fried till crispy at the bottom. There is a burst of pork broth when you bite into them, and the flavourful broth fills up one soup spoon. The pork filling is generous, delicious and pretty value-for-money at $5.40 for 4 pieces. The other items that I tried are generally underwhelming though (e.g. sesame noodles, xiao long bao), but I wouldn’t mind returning just for the 生煎包.

It’s been a while since I last visited Rakki Bowl and I decided to try their Signature Truffle Wagyu-Don ($27.90 for large) this time. I’m so glad I ordered the large bowl as the sheer amount of thinly sliced Wagyu beef is super worth it, especially with Burpple Beyond’s one-for-one deal😍 The Wagyu beef is very tender and moist. The sauce is sweet and savoury, with a hint of smokiness from the drizzle of black truffle oil. The beef is served on top of flavoured rice and a runny egg binds everything together. Super satisfied with my dinner - no wonder this is one of their bestsellers!