Cafes & Coffee, Popular, Others Truffle Fries 🍟 Join me on my journey of having truffle fries at any cafe possible - nomz! 😌
Local Delights, Hawker Food, Hidden Gem Stingray 🖖🏻 My hunt for the best barbecue stingrays in Singapore! Say yes to the sambal chili and the totally-worth-it waiting time 😁
Chinese, Zi Char Chia-nese 💁🏻 The list of the (typical) Chinese food that may actually delight your tastebuds 😂
Steak, Fine Dining For The Steak Lovers 😍 That juicy, tender beef, cut them into bite-sized pieces and as you slowly chew it, let the flavor flow through every inch of your body. MEAT, IS LOVE. ❤️
Waffles Waffles 😌 I have waffles for tea breaks and waffles for lunch! 😁
Japanese, Popular Land Of The Rising Sun 🎌 All food Jap related! OISHI! 🇯🇵