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From the Burpple community

I really enjoyed their Chicken Tikka, Naan, dal and chutney! They have so many to from and all look really fresh and well made! The above meal amounted up to $7, but I didn't mind it because the portions were good! Sharing with love and calling the community to support them!


Had wild wild west which served good old classic western. We ordered the fish & chips ($8) & pork chop ($7). The portion is huge as what most people say.

I tried lots of hawker centre pork chop and it can be dry. However, the pork chop here is juicy enough which is good.

The fish & chip is still the star which most people go for with its quality fish (not dory) and delicious batter.

This is that unnamed zichar stall I've come to love on the same row as Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng Hokkien mee. This is a very simple dish done simply. It's too bitter for my liking, but hey it's only $5.

I didn't catch this zichar stall's name. It's on the same row as Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng Hokkien mee. The prawns were really enjoyable. Unfortunately, this was a very incomplete meal and the rice too dry, so you may need other food.

Was going to have regular fish soup until I noticed that they had pao fan ($5) available! This comes with a sizeable portion of sliced & fried fish. Soup gets a little heavy towards the end but is otherwise very enjoyable with the mix of savoury and sweet flavours you’d expect from prawn soup. Also liked the tangy chilli!

Cant rmb the store sorry

Somewhat crispy, but somewhat dry and slightly hard as well. Expectedly it loses its crisp quickly, and the gravy was thin