From the Burpple community

The sauce tasted too sweet for my liking.

Stingray was relatively fresh.

Fried Prawn Omelette cooked the same style as fried oyster. With starch.

Overall tasted normal.

$3 for a huge plate of char kway teow was definitely a steal.
The kambing soup was flavourful and thick, the meat was so tender that on first bite it just fall apart.
Also had the omelette chicken rice. $5 for a plate of decent fragrant chicken rice and crispy chicken.. the chicken could be done better if it was hotter.

Bananas are finally still in stock! As they are usually sold out by the afternoon. Delish avo-banana smoothie. Very smooth, thick and flavorful. However, I taste more banana than avocado. Overall, still a great treat, will reorder!

Delicious avocado choc milk shake! Yummy, consistency is not too thick or watery, creamy and smooth. Weekly fav! <3
Must try! Will drink this over bubble tea any day!

Authentic rojak (youtiao, radish, bean sprout, cucumber, mango) sprinkled with nuts on top; while most fruit juices are priced affordably at $2. Wanted to order soursop juice but the store owner was kind enough to tell us that it wasn’t fully ripe so it wouldn’t taste as good, so we ordered watermelon juice instead.