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This dessert was so appealing, it made me so excited when it was being prepared and served to us (also because it was dessert) 😍 I dived right in after snapping this photo 😌 Added with the right amount of alcohol in this moouth-watering dessert, my boyf and I savoured it within 10mins 🍮😋

This charcoal grilled beef cut is so good, I was stealing it from my partner hahaha; generous portion of tender meat 😍 It was a perfect match with the juicy tomatos 🍅

Charcoal Grill Beef Cut with a generous portion; it was tender and juicy, super yummy especially when paired with the juicy round tomatos that burst in my mouth.

Generous portion of golden crispy fries topped with grated cheese to munch on through our conversation 🍟😋

(New outlet at The Red House @ Katong)

I’m aware the focus makes it seem like the nut butter toast was much more memorable than the grilled cheese, when in fact, they were both very palatable! As usual, the sourdough was amazing - warm, fluffy and still substantial on the inside with a crisp crust that isn’t too hard like others may produce - i haven’t been disappointed by the bread here before!

The nut butter is a combination of hazelnut (which tastes like an upgraded nutella with a pleasant coarser mouthfeel), honey and what appears to be peanut/hazelnut ? It went well with the toast, and i imagine it would make a nice light breakfast if paired with coffee. Apparent sea salt seemed to be slightly lacking though. I was glad that the grilled cheese came with refreshing sauerkraut and a side of tomato puree sauce - you won’t enjoy the latter if you don’t like coriander though.

My go to bakery for fresh bread whenever I feel like I have a lil more moolAh 🤪🤙🏻💰

Am a big fan of sourdough bread & their olive bread is my personal fav apart from their cranberry flaxseed bread. Pretty pricey as it is $5 for a small portion but i dare say it’s a cut above other bakeries I’ve tried.

! Ordered a plate each of Onglet and Deckler, accompanied with Cream Kale and Truffle fries. Managed to snag a counter seat that gave us a view of the cooking process too! Onglet was smoky and juicy, surprisingly tender. Go for the Deckler if you prefer extra fatty cuts. Ended off our meal with the Basque Burnt Cheesecake which was absolutely delicious - definitely would recommend for cheesecake lovers. Chill vibes overall, makes for a cosy yet classy dining experience :)

Bacon Curried Rice, Raisins, Tomato Basil Paste, Organic Jammy Egg, Caramelised Onion, Sour Cream. One of the new items available at Atlas Coffeehouse which had since reopened after an extensive renovation which carries a different look from before.

Essentially almost akin to Pineapple Fried Rice spiked with chunks of bacon all over, the rice comes slightly sweet yet with a hint of curry spice, made savoury from the bits of bacon that speckled throughout the entire bowl. The Organic Jammy Egg is done to a texture where the egg yolk is a little hardened but still creamy, though not oozy and flowy like a typical sous-vide egg; I would have probably preferred having it sous-vide or molten to allow the yolk to better mix into the rice for better flavour. That being said, the caramelised onions were extremely on-point with its sweetness — a very distinct note that works extremely well with the rice while the sour cream, though a little unnecessary for me, does help in providing a slightly neutral flavour yet adding some creaminess into the dish. Everything is still done as per standards familiar to Atlas Coffeehouse, Colombus Coffee Co., and Lunar Coffee Brewers; pretty excited to give the other new items a go another time.


The place is cosy and intimate, great choice for a dinner date. I’ve been curious about trying out lesser known beef cuts and this has certainly exceed my expectations.

Ordered a Deckle and Onglet, and I was blown away by how tender and flavourful the Deckle steak is, I highly recommend it! Also really loved the creamed kale and burnt cheesecake. Will definitely be coming back to work my way through the menu!

Have been patronising this stall since idk when, and this sees queues in the morning! The soup is good, noodles al dente and the ytf items are tasty. The ytf items are given at random, so it depends on ur luck. Today I was lucky and got stuff I like for all 5 items! I like the eggplant & taukee most, followed by the taukwa, fishball and taupok. Sometimes I get bittergourd & okra, both of which I don’t eat.

The wok hei flavour is strong with a generous portion of beef slices and we get to choose from the wet or dry version too.