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Small - $9.50
Large - $16.50

Like what other reviews mentioned, these fries were indeed a little soggy and oily. The smell of the truffle however was really strong as the dish arrived :o Taste wise was alright.

At first it tasted like a sugary coating on top but after the first bite melts in your mouth the savory taste of the foiegras leaves an impression

Tried this spicy pepperoni pizza but was a tad disappointed by the dough which was stretched too thin in the middle and soaked in oil (new chefs with the new menu?). Crust was still fabulous and the chilli added a nice kick to make it less jelak. The peperonicino/ salami was a little too salty for our liking though - not likely to order this again.

Gargeneli with Spanish black pork ragu. This is part of the new menu at Lino (released only this week). Wanted to have the beef ragu fettuccine from the old menu but was sad to find out that it is now a whopping $33 from $22 just last week. Decided to try the pork version and was not disappointed. There is a bit of cream in it, which makes it a nice hearty dish.

Kindred Folk is one of the rare places with both Burpple Beyond and Entertainer 1-for-1 where you can choose to use the deal for Pasta or Dessert. We used the pasta deal, where a single bowl of pasta would usually cost $13.90. This is pretty pricey for a single pasta dish at such a casual cafe, but actually very affordable and worth it after using the deal.

Both the pastas were fantastic as the noodles were done al dense and I loved how firm they were. If you’re a fan of bold flavours, go for the Spice It Up which is a tom yum aglio olio linguine with sautéed prawns. For a slightly muted but aromatic dish, go for the Green Eyed Monster which is penne and chicken breast tossed in a Thai green curry cream sauce. We enjoyed both pastas and will be back to use the other deals too!

Pleasantly surprised by how good this cup of matcha latte at Kindred Folk turned out. No extra points for elaborate latte art but props for trying at least. Anyway they don’t need any of those points for what a delightful cup of green tea goodness they delivered. The rich bright green colour of the matcha latte was a good sign, but my first sip of the beverage sent an explosion of thick matcha flavour and a lingering earthy bitterness right to the tastebuds. Definitely one of the best versions of matcha latte I’ve had recently and I really didn’t expect to find good matcha latte here! Such a nice surprise!

Lovely dining experience at Fat Belly the other night. Had the Onglet and Mayura steak and both were divine - tender, juicy and bursting with so much flavour. The seasoning and char on the meat was perfect, bringing out the incredible taste of the beef. The sides were also just as good. The sautéed mushrooms were delightfully seasoned while the truffle fries came in a generous serving heaped with parmesan shavings, simply addictive! Service was impeccable and staff were very helpful and accommodating. Will definitely be back again for their superb steaks.

2nd time here. My 1st time order was nicer. Will come again try more!

Got the rose pistachio ice cream which surprised me initially at how pleasant it was, light, floral and nutty without feeling like I was eating a flower. The brownie was a good complement to it, rich and chocolately.

My friend got the charcoal waffle which was the chewy type, and the charcoal flavour was present. Not sure how to feel about that but the milo ice cream made up for it.

The onglet and mayura steak was seared to medium-rare perfection, tasting flavourful and tender in the mouth. Sides of truffle fries and sautéed mushrooms were extremely good as well, and the tiramisu dessert was a sweet ending to the dining experience. The service was amazing and impeccable, as the staff were all very concern and polite.
Conveniently located near Botanic Gardens MRT, I would definitely visit them again.

Was surprised that the aburi salmon mentaiko don (grain bowl) was a cold dish because the salmon was already in a salmon mayo form. That made it slightly underwhelming. There was a strong mayo taste which I didn’t mind, but may get gelak after a while for some. An average dish, probably wouldn’t recommend everyone try it.

The pork belly miso, however, was delicious. Two fat pieces of melty pork belly, mamee noodles for crunch (it worked really well!), a softboiled egg, and two types of seasoned vegetables atop a bed of Japanese rice. The combination of flavours and textures were very pleasant and I would definitely eat this again.

It was $16++ per bowl, but used entertainer so after GST it came out to $17.12 for the two bowls. A steal!

Had some lava cake craving and dropped by a nearby joint only to find our new favourite place for chocolate lava! The amount of lava was perfect, the crust was crispy. Can’t find anything to complain about at all. They were nice to allow us to sell the vanilla for pistachio and it was soooo good! Hopefully they’ll keep up this standard, and we found a new place to always come back to for a gd old Choco lava cake 👌🏻