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the kouign amann and plain croissant are my favorites.

It’s Sourdough September AND Baker & Cook’s 10th Birthday!
Join in the fun with their gorgeous Celebration Loaf (Pain au Levain) that you can customise with the name of your choice - how cute omg, it’s perfect for gifting too. You got to pre-order a week in advance for this, and it’s sooo good paired with both their own and Fix and Foggs’ spreads which they both carry in-store. Loved the soft and nicely chewy texture.

4.5⭐️/5 BBQ Baby Pork Ribs
($26 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

Baby Pork Ribs has 6 ribs in total and side of fries and coleslaw. Firstly, Baby pork ribs is juicy and tender with the well coated bbq sauce. Sedap! Next, the fries is well seasoned and even when it turns cold, the fries is still very crispy. Lastly, the coleslaw complements the dish well to balance out the heaty meal. A very good proportion of sides and meat. Very enjoyable meal.

4⭐️/5 Fried Chicken Wings
($12 before GST) NOT Eligible for Burpple voucher

Ordered this side as $12 for 6 wings/drums. The batter is stated to be lightly seasoned in the menu but it turns out to be heavily flavoured. Delicious and crispy wings which could be shared around.

($28 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

Tomato base risotto served with seafood like prawns, clams, baby scallops and mussels. The risotto has a thick consistency with a rich tomato based. Around half of the plate is seafood and the portion of this dish is big. Quite the value for money.

($24 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

Pasta is served with tomato sauce and home made chicken sausage. For the chicken sausage it is the mince kind like a patty. Pasta has a choice of linguine, penne or spaghetti. Sauce was okay and not too sour.

($25 before GST) Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1

The pesto sauce blends in the linguine and prawn very well. Sauce has a strong pesto taste but not like overpowering of basil. Pasta choice can be chosen as Spaghetti, Linguine or Penne. The portion is quite huge and the only minus point for the dish is that it gets a little oily when finishing the last few mouthful.

I asked for medium and it came out correct! Was also well seasoned and came with yummy sauce. The sides could have been more substantial but will try the other alternatives next time :)

Springy Egg Noodles with Lean Char Siew and Handmade Wanton, one of the popular stalls around Sixth Avenue.

Location: 6th Avenue Wanton Mee, Good Good Eating House 好好餐室, 24 Sixth Ave, Good Good Eating House, Singapore 276481

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The pork ribs was really delicious and tasty! Don’t feel like the meat around the bone was very thin but rather meaty. The staff was very friendly too. Highly recommended.

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Setting was cosy and nice. Ordered beef and was tender but a little salty. Presentation was very well decorated. Portion of beef and salad were just right. Ordered the wine recommended and blended well with the beed. Price is reasonable range.

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lewu does not disappoint! the sour mango complemented the slightly salty coconut milky rice, and this was a yummy end to the lunch (which was also rice but it’s okay)