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The famous Adam's road prawn noodle store also sells really soft pork ribs that fall off the bone. What I really love about this bowl of noodles is that they aren't conservative with their lard -- it makes the noodles soooo rich and satisfying 🤤

®️: 9/10

The 3 lamb shanks were quite tender but the meat was still a bit difficult to get off the bone. The sauce, however, was really good! It was piquant in a good way. The steak was also quite good because it was not overcooked but still a bit chewy.

The duck leg that came was served confit-style but the meat was really stringy and dry! It was so tough that it was hard to get through.

®️: 5/10

The food here was mediocre, to say the least. The moment we walked in, no one greeted us and we sat at a table in the middle of the ghostly empty restaurant for a while before we were noticed. The sole waiter then finally gave us a menu without a word. While we were ordering, the waiter kept pushing us to order more, to the point that it almost got uncomfortable...?

As for the food, the feta cheese spring rolls were quite tasty but it's quite hard to get deep fried cheese wrong.

Worth it with the one for one! Cosy cafe to chill in during the weekends

I’ve been posting lots of Plain Vanilla salads lately, because I like them a lot. This was pasta, aubergine and anchovies, and roasted cauliflower and pomegranate. The highlight of the first were the juicy, well-cooked aubergines. In the second, I liked the cauliflower a lot – it was cut into small pieces, with some parts resembling cauliflower rice, but mostly still in small florets with a nice tender bite. There were sautéed onions and chopped nuts too.

If you’re like me and don’t like lemon curds that are more sweet, this would be your thing! Really enjoyed the tangy and citrusy homemade lemon curd filling here that’s much sharper than the usuals. Cruffin’s fluffy and flaky. A delightful treat to have, best warmed up for a better crunch.

The cinnamon roll is more on the thick and dense side and the cinnamon were sprinkled just enough to give hints of cinnamon but not until it overpowers everything. I will have it for a slightly heavier pastries breakfast. Flat white [$5] is quite strong, not acidic and the nutty notes, which I am a fan of, came through strongly and nicely. The two complement each other really well. With the current safe-distancing measures and the rain when I visited they operate about three tables on the walkway, which can be crowded from the neighboring cafés, restaurants, fast food joint and services, therefore I recommend takeaways unless you love people walking around you most of the time.

i wanted to try the French toast but the menu was not updated on burpple and its apparently now on sweets so I wasn’t able to redeem. Abit disappointing the portion size is not justified by the portion but with 1-1 I would say it is decent meal as the bread was very fluffy and nice and the shakshuka eggs were poached to perfection and were very peppery

I tried the pork ribs with bourbon sauce yesterday, and it was simply amazing. The meat was so tender and juicy, and the portions were so large that i almost ascended to the heavens in joy. The sides were good too; Chilli cheese fries was tasty and not cloying, while the garden salad was well-dressed and delicious. If you are a big eater and willing to experience inexplicable bliss, then this place is for you!

Yesterday I went to Meat N’ Chill for the first time. I tried their signature hickory pork ribs and they were absolutely heavenly! The meat was really tender and well coated with their hickory sauce! I had 2 sides to go along with the dish - Mash potato and Truffle fries and they were served in huge portions as well, even as a guy with a big appetite I had trouble finishing my meal! The service staff were also really polite and nice. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family. Just writing this review, and looking at the photos I took I feel hungry for their ribs again!

Bakery Brera isn't exactly the easiest place to get to without a car, but we recommend going down early in the morning for the best hot bakes. We're talking perfect-looking croissants, pain au chocolat, and Ferrero Rocher cruffins oozing with flavour. Burppler Ethel Tan likes their savoury items too. "Tried the ham cheese and onion scone for the first time this time and loved it too!" And don't get us started on their Basque Burnt Cheesecake.

Photo by Burppler Ethel Tan

This is like the MUST HAVE dish on every table!!!!! Bread was also served warm with a side pesto/olive oil dip. Combo was insanely appetising! I'm quite picky about my bread and cheese but these 2 simple dishes were done to perfection.