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Bakery Brera is an artisanal neighborhood bakery which specialises in European bakes.

I love their crispy, soft and fluffy croissants whereas @jooeunchung is a big fan of their umami-packed garlic bread.

Their signature lemon curd cruffin is a croissant which resembles a muffin. Croissant dough is moulded so that it rises upwards to resemble a muffin. Tangy and citrousy lemon curd filling is turn piped into the middle of the fresh pastry.

It is definitely pricer compared to our regular neighborhood bakery but this is definitely well worth a trip down!

$19++ Highly recommend this dish, definitely a must order if you are here. The char and smokey taste was so good!! Definitely worth the price tag!! [5.0/5.0]

🍝 We had the Carbonara Chitarra ($24++). The thick and flavourful sauce consisted of: truffle cream (YUM), sous vide egg, parmesan and prosciutto crumble. It was simple yet delectable and it wasn’t as jelak as we thought it would be.

🤬 HOWEVER, there were only 3 miserably tiny (and I mean REEEALLY tiny— like barely the size of a pea kinda tiny LOL) pieces of “prosciutto crumble”. I’m sorry, prosciutto, who? 🧐🔍

For $24, that’s really pathetic. It was basically pasta + 3 pea-sized pieces of prosciutto crumble. (Okay, we used the Burpple Beyond deal, but we still paid an average of $17 per plate of pasta) So... 🥵 not cool man. I suspect that if you use Burpple Beyond, it’s actually reflected on the chef’s order chit, hence the portioning.

Came here for a weekday lunch. Great ambience for those who’re intending to relax, chat and enjoy a long meal.

I ordered the angus ribeye steak and the ribs. Meat was of high quality. The portions are also generous and worth the price. You’ll surely be filled from the meal :) There was free truffle for the ribeye steak too.

I really enjoyed the mushroom and red wine sauce, highly recommend getting those! Additionally, the fries and butter corn were really tasty too. Overall a really good meal. Feels like an underrated place!

Would go back to have the desserts and milkshake as they looked really good.

Ordered 2x The Breakfast Works ($24). Food tasted great. Bread was a hit for me but a miss for my dining partner. 2x of the breakfast works could feed 3 people. Only con is the mostly outdoor seating. Highly recommended.

🍝 We had the Beef Short Rib Fettuccine ($29++). The al dente pasta had a nice bite to it and was well-coated with the flavourful sauce. I also liked how generous they were with their ingredients, although it did get a tad too cloying & salty towards the end (might have been the cheese 🧀).

Overall, this was a pretty damn good plate of pasta. HOWEVER, for $29++ (~$34), the portion is really small... 🥵 But with Burpple Beyond it was still okay I guess (~$17 for each plate after GST & service charge).

Found a lovely spot to chill on a Saturday afternoon. 🌱

Coffee was decent, I had the Hot Mocha ($5+). ☕️ The Macarons ($3.5+ each) were nice too. We had the Rose Petal & Pistachio Macarons and they were delightful.

The Burpple set was pretty worth it: 1-for-1 Specialty Coffee + Macaron. 🤗 But without it, the macarons are REALLY PRICEY ($3.5+ per piece 😱)

Used the burpple pizza/pasta deal and ordered the meatball tagliatelle and burrata pizza. As expected, the burrata pizza was awesome, one of the best pesto I've had. The meatball tagliatelle was pretty good, I liked the texture and taste of the fresh pasta. Overall great dinner place. Would definitely visit again.

The portions were really big and the food was delicious! Highly recommend their signature ribs, because they come with additional sides. The truffle fries were really good, and complemented the ribs well. The cheesecake and ice cream tasted good together too. Overall, I really enjoyed my meal here and I’ll definitely make the trip down again!

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Lemon Cruffin, Salted Caramel Cruffin and Peanut Butter Jelly Cruffin! All these are lovely bakes! How should I describe it... Crunchy on the outside and soft inside? Overall, a good combination of texture and taste.

A small bakery with nice selection of bakes... Recommend to pre-order and have your preferred bake reserved, as those lovely bakes gets sold out quickly.

Look forward to try more bakes!

Salad was surprisingly tasty, ribs were tender and delicious (although a little cold) but portions were super huuuge! Couldn’t finish my food. Overall really enjoyed my meal here. ☺️

Yummy scrambled eggs with a tiny hint of truffle on a brioche - a very satisfying brunch dish. Don’t expect a strong truffle taste, the truffle smell was more like a subtle finishing touch. It was surprisingly a very filling dish!

The ambience of the cafe is great, there’s an outdoor sitting area with a lot of buzz from the other customers and cute dogs lazing by their tables. Location is very accessible, just a short walk from Botanic Gardens MRT.

Would recommend coming early to avoid long queue times, this cafe is really popular! We went at 10.30am and queued for about 20+ minutes.

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