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There were a handful of these chocolate pastries left when I visited Crown Bakery, so I couldn’t resist getting one to enjoy right there.

The staff heated up the pastry before serving, which was a nice touch. I’ve tried Pain Au Chocolate at a few artisan bakeries, but none of them quite match up to this one. I was sold from my first bite of this pastry. The golden skin was perfectly flaky and crispy, and what set it apart from any others I’ve tried was that the interior was gloriously soft and fluffy. I usually find butter-heavy pastries really dense, but Crown’s felt as though I was biting into a pillow! So good! The chocolate had also melted into a lovely molten filling, and contrasted nicely against the buttery pastry. As a chocolate lover, I wish there was more chocolate filling, but it was actually quite a fair amount of filling :) You wouldn’t feel overly full or jelak after eating the whole pastry by yourself because it’s balanced so well. At this price point, it’s comparable to other artisan bakeries, but the taste and texture of Crown’s rendition is worth the cost. Would buy this again when I visit Crown Bakery again!

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Dish: Charcoal Waffle with Milo/Cookies and Cream IC
Price: $7.20
Thoughts: Waffle texture was moist inside and crispy outside. Not too sweet just nice!! Ice cream was sweet enough such that the combination between the waffle and ice cream was perfect! Finished it within 5mins lol
Verdict:4.5/5 (a little pricey)

As an avid steak lover, this place really does their steak well. Personally preferred the Onglet steak over the flat iron due to its texture and taste. For dessert, the sticky date pudding with the ice cream by the side was definitely a winner to me! Would definitely come back to try the Wagyu options and the tiramisu dessert :)

Went for the 7 course menu ($78++) with mostly hits and some misses. Overall quite a good experience, watching the chef cook and prepare the meal infront of you if you have the counter seats. took approx 2hours for the meal. place is packed on Sunday night.

One of my favourite Peranakan restaurants! Super delicious dishes at Low prices! We had the curry fish head (~$23), tahu goreng (~$5) and rice ($0.80 each), as well as desserts ($1.40 each)! The whole meal was just $33 for 3 of us! Great value and definitely worth a trip down to try for yourself!

Been hearing a lot about the ice cream waffles so came here to check it out! Waffles (~$6) and double scoop ice cream ($6.80). Had the earl grey and Belgian chocolate which was so amazing! Earl grey taste was strong, the way I liked it, and Belgian chocolate was thick, creamy and very chocolately!! yummmmm

Charcoal waffles were very buttery and crispy on the outside yet chewy on the inside. Would be back for more !!!

Ice cream 8/10

Tom yum prawn pasta (~$13.90) and green curry pasta ($13.90) were interesting but nothing that special. Really like the ambience here though, very cosy and chill! Chicken in the green curry pasta was a little dry and the Tom yum tasted slightly too sweet.

Ice cream were much better

Pastas 6/10

First time dining at an open kitchen concept and seeing how the chef prepared my meal right in of my eyes was an interesting experience! My mouth was watering as I see him cooked my steak over the charcoal grill and it was definitely worth the wait! I had the flat iron steak - medium rare paired together with their recommend red wine :) truly amazing food at great prices! Their cream kale was my personal favourite side, together with their truffle fries all priced at $5 each! Would definitely visit Fat Belly again to satisfy my steak cravings!

🌈 EagleWings Loft @ King Albert Park

we ordered their mixed batter waffle (consist of brown butter waffle and charcoal waffle) which cost $10.50 with a scoop of ice cream! we added another scoop of ice cream! we got the cookies and cream and salted caramel flavor. lets begin by talking about their waffle. i feel that the taste of the waffle is pretty plain and does not really have a taste to it. it just taste really bland. the texture of the waffle is not amazing as well. it's neither crispy nor fluffy. have to say that i was pretty much very disappointed. moving on to their ice cream. the salted caramel flavor was too heavy to my liking. it tasted really weird. on the other hand, the cookies and cream tasted way too bland. i'm not sure if this place is just famous for it's food (which we did not try since we were very full, so we only got dessert) and not it's dessert, but i have to say i am very disappointed and unsatisfied with the food. would rate it a 1/5.

Photographed here is their signature Camaca SG Limited, a Singapore creation recommended by them to first-timers. With an espresso blend and with more nutty and sweet aftertastes. I enjoyed this coffee, black, as it was just one that gives me a strong but not bitter aftertaste.

The strawberry cheesecake was not to sweet, but indulgent enough and had a slight spicy-like sting to it.

With fancy decór, cutlery and crockery, you’d expect this to be in the price range of places within the CBD, but I find the prices reasonable for an area near the famous District 21, known for expensive landed properties and apartments. I’ve tried their gelato as well, and the next post will be up soon! .
Bukit Timah, Singapore
2019 .
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If you’re dining in at Crown Bakery, you can order some coffee to go with the pastries, bread, or main menu items. I found the hot mocha quite good. The roast was full-bodied and ok the acidic side. Chocolate flavour was quite slight, but I found that was pretty good for bringing out the taste of the baked pastries, especially the Pain Au Chocolat. Although their coffee menu is quite slim, and they don’t offer that many non-coffee beverages other than hot tea or cold brewed tea, their drinks are good accompaniments for their baked goods and I could see myself ordering a pastry, a cuppa and settling in with a good book for a leisurely afternoon in a relaxed cafe. :)