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ugh this was actually so good i wanted to inhale it. all my favourite elements and perfectly creamy with truffle without being too sickening :-)

so good!! prefer this to lino's... 😌

Tasted their steak cuts (Denver) and it was amazing. It’s extremely flavourful and tender. Would recommend this place for anyone who enjoys a good steak!

Had a great time at Fat Belly tonight! Burrata is one of my favourite cheeses and this restaurant paired it well with their Toasted Sourdough. We loved how the Charred Broccolini was not overcooked, and had a good sharing size. We were served two different cuts of the Black Opal Wagyu, both were tender and had the right amount of fat. We then ended the meal with a Basque Burnt Cheesecake—it was the perfect finish with a passionfruit drizzle to cut through the richness of the cake.

The service was great too, would love to come back again!

Had the set for 2 which included a light but tasty burrata and sourdough appetiser, 2 sides (charred broccolini and sauteed thyme mushrooms), 2 types of steak and a burnt casque cheesecake to end the really pleasant meal. I personally really enjoyed the thyme mushrooms and steak as they were all really well-seasoned and juicy. Really great service overall as well! Would go back again and would recommend to friends and family!

very ex but i guess if ur rich $$$ . the pizza was pretty good and more worth than the pasta which was also good but tiny portion for like $30++

Beside serving their signature boat noodles here, they also offer a wide range of Thai cuisine.

Their green curry was super creamy as it added milk, with pieces of chicken meat (or add $1 for beef); mixed with other ingredients.

The rice also comes with a piece of fried egg to complete your meal.

actually pretty good. the chicken is so well marinated and roasted and juicy but slightly oily. salad base also has melscun which is pretty good

waffles are a lil inconsistent, sometimes good sometimes bad but somehow their basic vanilla ice cream which is just some generic mass bought one is pretty good! love the vanilla flavour.

they don’t sell pastas anymore unfortunately but when they did, it slapped and it slapped hard

pls the drinks were so disappointing just don’t get. matcha is just sweetened matcha powder with milk i think bc that’s what it tastes like when i do it at home. chocolate was okay just standard

bought the chicken burger & hawaiian pizza with burpple 1-for-1 for dinner. the ambience is great especially with the sunset and nature surrounding the restaurant! the chicken burger is of a generous serving and flavourful, definitely worth getting! however, the hawaiian pizza is rather mediocre and tasted like microwaved pre-made ones, so would recommend giving that a miss instead.
would definitely come back again for their burgers and the amazing location!