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Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Bukit Timah, Singapore.

Meat n’ Chill really lives up to it’s name with the generous meat portions and cozy atmosphere. The buffalo wings were so crispy despite being coated in a generous amount of sweet, tangy goodness. It even comes with an additional bowl of chili for chili-lovers to dip the wings in! I also ordered the Hickory Pork Ribs and was pleasantly surprised by the glistening, neatly stacked ribs. Each bite filled my mouth with a sweet, smoky barbequed flavor that reminded me of freshly-made bakkwa – except that this ‘bakkwa’ is so tender (and in a sense, thicker). Despite being quite full afterwards, I couldn’t stop myself from taking more bites from the Apple Crumble that I highly recommend to people with a sweet tooth (like me). I will definitely return to try their Pork Ribs in other flavors!

I love the unconventional shape and unique texture of the noodles used for this dish. It looks seemingly thin and yet the texture was very chewy. The pork broth is rich and thick with meatballs, pork slices and lard. You can order the regular ($6.90) or the small ($3.90)

Ordered a medium rare Angus ribeye steak and it was absolutely tender! Meat was very well cooked, with a brown exterior and pinkish interior. Milkshakes had a very interesting design and look to it, very unique. Will be nice for milkshake lovers to try out a shake or 2 at the joint.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is cosy and the food is great ! Tried the exotic pineapple pork ribs, the meat is succulent and the portion is big. The sauce is a tad on the sour side so order this if you like sour food. Although the food is on the pricer side, the delicious food makes up for it. Would visit it again !

Another good thing is that there is a variety of sauces to go with your ribs as they wanted to appeal to different kinds of taste buds. On the downside, the place is a bit small so those who wanted to go should call and reserve a place. Will definitely come back here again for the ribs.


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Not one that gives reviews but thought that fatbelly deserves a shoutout for the great food they're serving! Humble steakhouse that i chanced upon with my bf. They serve very special cuts that i've never really heard of before. I had the flat iron and it was really really tender, flavorful and just the right doneness. 10/10 would come back again!

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Have always heard about the tangy and succulent Ribs of Meat n chill from my friends. Finally tried and they are literally the bombz! Ordered their Signature Ribs, original. A very generous portion, comes with 2 sides, at only a pocket friendly price. The garden salad is really nice. Love the sauce and the fresh vegetables. Friendly staff and cosy environment. Definitely a must try.

Located at 51 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286965. Homemade Rosti & Breakfast Sausage, $19. Missing our weekend brunch!! A huge sumptuous plate of 2 poached eggs, bacon, sausage, & rosti! Everything was good, and it’s perfect for sharing! Would be even more shiok if the Rosti was deep-Fried for a little longer with more crispy edges! @riderscafe #hungryunicornsg #riderscafe #riderscafesg #rosti #brunch

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Homemade Italian cream pudding topped with strawberry sauce

Homemade flaming chocolate cake with orange liquor

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