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From the Burpple community

With such a bold name, I decided to give this stall a go. Apart from the evident lack of any wok hei flavour, the meal was of decent standard, price and quantity.

Nothing like a bowl of cold Ching Teng to combat Singapore’s sweltering heat! This all-time favourite dessert hit the spot - the herbal soup was flavourful and generous with lots of ingredients. But price-point wise, $2.20 may be pretty steep.

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Dish comes in $3.50/$4/$5/$6/$8.

This plate is $4. Nice for 1 pax.
Fresh prawns, thin fatty pork slices, with noodles in wokhei flavourful broth. Chilli packs a punch and good very well with the dish.

A must order!!

Soya bean grass jelly drink ($1.20 for big cup)

Just the right amount of sweetness and super worth it for the price.

I love these from Yunus N Family. First, spot the char on each of these meat skewers, which are the results of intense grilling using charcoal under huge fire. You will also find that the gravy is thick, not too oily, and containing plenty of nuts.
What's very special here is the uber tender beef tripe that's perfectly grilled, besides the usual offerings of beef, mutton and chicken.


Master Fried Rice not selling only the fried rice, but also noodle. Since the name suggest, I would give it a try. Their sambal definitely must try. $3.50