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From the Burpple community

Duck In Egg ($5)
Roasted duck sabayon in eggshell, port perfume
Available at @AtipicoHomeChef stall in @Dreamintsg 's The Market Hop event.
Savoury foam with unique flavours.
The Market Hop
Date : 4 - 5 June 2016
Time : 11am - 7pm
Address : APS Gallery
ATIPICO personal chef
By Matteo Pertoldi
Tel ☎️ : 8616 1968
Email 📝 :
Website :
Facebook :

From the yummy salad bowls from @alohapokesg to the cookie butter mousse and chocolate layer cake from @poppynco, it was a day well worth the calories #burpple #burppletastemaker #themarkethop


Duck in egg from ATIPICO! Came here and ordered the Peranakan Ravioli (potato ravioli, duck confit, Nonya style curry) but was hesitating on the additional $2 for a combo with the duck-in-egg. $2 for the espuma (aka, foam HAHA)?! - BUT NO REGRETS. Roasted Duck Sabayon in Eggshell and Port Perfume - so darn tasty! I was surprised by how much flavours could be packed into one seemingly unimpressive little eggshell. Can't beat the laksa risotto last year but I can safely say that ATIPICO never disappoints..?


Market hopping with @cweizhi this afternoon allowed us to try our very first Aloha Poké bowl!

Healthy and colourful, the bowl of Poké comes in several sizes and each brimming with greens, superfood and raw fish cubes! The winning combination of avocado, edamame, fish roe, pineapples, bite-sized tuna and salmon has us easily converted to fans. Well-marinated and fresh, the original flavoured tuna and salmon was so good! Eating clean has never been so easy or tasty!



Head down to the market hop for good food and the lifestyle market - (&ATIPICO is here again at the same spot!!!!!!!!) #burpple


Be it conversations with winemakers, master classes, or simply unadulterated wine guzzling in manner of post-IPPT consumption of Pocari Sweat - there's something here for every degenerate drunk regardless of whether you're an intellectual drunk, home baker drunk, or a straightforward Ke$ha. .
Pictured: Cousino Macul Varietals Merlot 2013, Agusti Torelli Mata Cava Rose Trepat 2012, Normal Rotom and Frost Rotom (which was a Normal Rotom as well before possessing one of the many refrigerators in the appliance-centric APS Lifestyle Gallery).