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The Berry filling didnt go well together, we didn't finish the cake

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Tasted good at first but left a dry sour taste in the mouth, we had to take a drink to wash off the taste

truffle taste was strong and ikura provided a wholesome flavour. for the price, the cafe was quite generous w the uni (abt 4 - 5 pieces of small uni). however, uni was not as fresh as restaurant’s grade. nonetheless, dish was decent!
also, do take note that cafe does not sells dazzling toasts anymore!

Description: Roasted twig tea, cocoa nibs, cocoa shells, sea salt
Taste: Exactly what is described in their ingredients, you’ll really taste all that goodness, its amazing

Check out The REAL Peranakan for your Lunar New Year feast 🧧, with festive menu that screams nostalgia & heritage specially curated by Celebrity Chef Philip Chia! 👨🏻‍🍳
You are in for a treat with their Auspicious Pen Cai ($198++/4pax, $288++/6pax, $488++/8pax) a pot full of goodness! 🤩 Available from 29 Jan onwards, every Pen Cai comes with 2 Toto LNY Draw Tickets! 🍀
It is prepared with Chef’s unique seafood broth brimming with natural sweetness! 🤤 The claypot is then loaded with New Zealand Abalones, Sea cucumbers, Canadian Scallops, fresh Tiger Prawns 🦐, Fish maw, flower mushrooms 🍄, Chef Philip’s special Crab Meat Balls 🦀 & flavourful Roasted Pork 🐖! LOVE THIS! ❤
This Pen Cai is part of their Prosperity Set A ($98.80++/pax, min.2 to dine), which comprises other quintessential Perankan dishes:
🔹️Ayam Buah Keluak 🐔🤎
🔹️Ikan Chuan Chuan (barramundi) 🐟
🔹️Babi Pongtay 🐖
🔹️Nyonya Chap Chye 🥬
It also comes with a bowl of fluffy Thai Jasmine Rice 🍚 & Chendol topped with Japanese Azuki beans! 😋
Prosperity Set B ($128.80++/pax, min.5 to dine) adds on their signature Ngoh Hiang 🌟 to the above Set A. ✌🏻 You may also get the sets delivered to your doorstep 🚙 via @grabfoodsg or @foodpandasg!

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This bowl of chicken cold reimen accompanies the BBQ well, refreshingly light on taste and with smooth glass noodles that you can easily slurp up. Especially glad that they split it into portions naturally for the two of us (great service!), and each of them is easily a one man portion on its own. The sprouts are on the raw side but gives it a very green taste 🌱 ($18)

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Lovely cafe to sit and have a snack or light brunch at while doing work. Loads of power points for charging laptops and free wifi! The coffee is definitely the highlight. The GF cake was supplied by the Oh My Goodness bakery that specialises in solely GF bakes so you know it's legit.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, many hotels have been used as the quarantine facilities for those who came to Singapore from oversea.

Marcello under InterContinental has been closed since last year. So in order to stay open for the business, they has introduced the takeaway service with their grain bowls selection.

The miso chicken bowl comes with soba noodles, miso grilled chicken, kelp, corn and carrot with lemon soba dressing. $18

Worst dining experience ever that I had to log in to Google to write my first review publicly. Do not recommend for special occasions or any occasion at all.

1) Booked online but the restaurant was unprepared and even completely unaware of our reservation for a birthday.

Part of our dining group were lost trying to locate our table and had to rely on the neighbouring store’s staff to bring us to our room.

2) It was extremely difficult to order or request for bill - simply because there’s no one around. Poor service. It cumulated to me calling in to the restaurant’s hotline just to get someone to come over with the bill.

3) Wrong orders. Two dishes were missing and we had a repeat dish. We were also charged an additional dish.

We ordered 2 ngoh hiang, bill accounted for 3. After waiting for the bill, Staff 1 finally appears with the bill and we pointed out the inaccuracies. After some time later, Staff 2 comes to clarify. We repeat our story. Yet some time later, both staff reappear with plates from the kitchen claiming we had 3 servings.

That was more than 3 rounds of waiting for staff to basically appear, on top of frustration to get basic service the whole night.

We were more than happy to pay for the repeat dish which we did not order, but it’s something else to argue over 2 or 3 plates of ngoh hiang when we can clearly count the dishes on the table.

Worst F&B experience ever on top of ruining a birthday surprise.

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Amazing one for one deal!
Celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday and was given a complimentary slice of cake!
We ordered octopus and salmon tartare for appetiser, iberian pork and chorizo pasta for mains, as well as kopi-o and pecan pie for dessert.

Personally, the standouts were the pork and the pecan pie. Would definitely come back again, and super worth the money using the burpple deal!

Taste: 7/10
At a decent price this restaurant offers a pretty wide selection of Japanese food. All comes in small portions so you can try more of others.

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