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I’m a fan of Belgian Waffles, more so than regular waffles so I was pretty excited when I saw these colourful Belgian Waffles on my IG feed 😍

This restaurant is opened by Michelin-starred Belgian Chef Emmanuel Stroobant so it’s gotta be pretty authentic, right?

Anyway, I ordered a box of 6 assorted flavours to try~

🧇 The Belgian - Classic Original
🧇 For the Love of Yuzu - Yuzu infused chocolate
🧇 Oreolicious - White milk Chocolate with Oreo crumb
🧇 Pretty in Pink - Raspberry
🧇 Hazel & Dazzle - Hazelnut jam with crushed hazelnut
🧇 Choco Moves - Passionfruit

I do find that most of the icing is kind of too sweet for me especially the yuzu white choc. My top picks will be Oreo & Hazelnut..these 2 are the least sweet and have additional crunch like cookie crumbs and nuts which made them more interesting in terms of the taste. The hazelnut jam tasted like a slightly sweet peanut butter which I enjoyed 😋

In terms of the texture of the waffles, I guess it’s your typical belgian waffles that’s slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside which I love

Smart idea to run a zichar buffet. It's really just cheap Chinese food but you make people overpay. With that said, I think it's good value. I mean, how to resist unlimited oyster omelette? I whacked!

Surprisingly good. I'm not a fan of sweet & sour pork. But this was restaurant level. Smart idea to run a zichar buffet. It's really just cheap Chinese food but you make people overpay. With that said, I think it's good value.

Smart idea to run a zichar buffet. It's really just cheap Chinese food but you make people overpay. With that said, I think it's good value. The curry fish head you get only one serving. Okay fish, not different from kopitiam zichar.

These pretty desserts from @kura.singapore definitely caught my eye especially the ‘La Vie En Rose’ 🌹 It reminds me of the ‘La Rose’ that I had in Antoinette..so pretty and instagrammable 😍

I ordered these few items from Kura to try~

🍰 La Vie En Rose
🍰 Earl Grey Tart
🍰 Uji Triple Matcha Tart
🍰 Yuzu Pineapple w Cheese

My favourites are the La Vie En Rose & Earl Grey

La Vie En Rose is basically dark choc with sea salt caramel..I’m not a big fan of caramel but this combination just works..and it’s not overly sweet and cloying as well. I also like the firm and crispy tart base and the additional crunchy toppings

Earl grey is more subtle compared to La Vie En Rose. It is less sweet but I like the Earl grey fragrance which is not too overpowering, if anything the earl grey could be a little stronger imo. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this a lot and like that it has crunchy nuts inside as well 😁

As for the other 2, the Matcha is not bad albeit on the sweet side because of the white choc inside..I ordered the small size for the Matcha and it’s just nice.. it may get cloying if it’s a bigger size. The Yuzu cheese, on the other hand, is kind of a letdown although it looks so cute 🧀 I can’t really taste the cheese and pineapple..to me, the inside tasted more of just citrusy mousse, and the cookie base is not crispy as well for some reason..other than the cute look, the taste doesn’t really stand out to me

Love the soft fluffy brioche! Maybe just missing some guac! 😛

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Highly recommended for the variety and the quality of each masterfully executed component. Just look at that, you can barely see the plate. Comes with your choice of style for them eggs, maple bacon, vine tomatoes, roast mushrooms, baked beans, sidecar sausage and brioche toast😋


The duck leg was pan-seared to golden on their skin leaving it crispy while the meat was tender and tears apart easily. Flavor of the dish was well balanced between the citrusy orange sauce and savory brown sauce. Mash was buttery and creamy smooth. Complete your dining experience with their Taiwanese Chicken Bites! It’s amazingly tender, juicy and addictive!

Highly recommend the fries - it’s crunchy and the seasoning is delicious. The short ribs very tender!!

More of a fine dining restaurant with highly personalized service.
My favorite turkish food place in SG