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In the mood for all things sweet, I found their Japanese Pudding ($8) to be right up my alley. Achieving the ideal balance between eggy and milky, the pudding was creamy and rich. The custard was melting soft too. What’s more, the caramel sauce was the icing on the cake as it was on the bittersweet side (but not overly so) hence it contrasted nicely with the lusciously sweet purin. So so so good!

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Back for more of Esora’s Takeaway Katsu Sando, I just had to try their new Ebi Katsu ($28). Think plump chunks of prawns in the compact ebi cutlet sandwiched between finely shredded cabbage, savoury sauce, shiso, and lightly toasted milk bread. Fried to perfection, the battered exterior was pleasantly light and thin. The crispy katsu was also surprisingly succulent and held the distinct note of crustacean sweetness. Though, as someone who is not terribly fond of shiso, I would have to say that the fragrance of the leaves was a tad overpowering


Love all the dimsum here everything is amazing including esp the siew mai and Meng ha kok (in pic), duck, ee mee and all the other Chinese food haha. Tbh I feel like all the food here is damn solid , I Rly can’t think of a bad dish eh :’)

Egg Katsu + shredded cabbage with tangy sauce between white bread. Tamagoyaki was really thick and one box was pretty filling. Since it was takeaway, it was not as crispy and hot but still tasty. I like tamagoyaki katsu, why is it not more common?

Tasty but pricey. Can try once to see if it is worth it for you.

Have actually heard a lot about this place, and was glad to finally tried it - just before dine-in wasn't allowed.

Fresh Tokyo Mochi Waffle (+$7.60)
2 Scoops:
• Bronte Pistachio & Pink Himalayan Salt
• Sakura Smoke, Artichoke, and Pear Compote ($6)

The mochi waffle was indeed chewy inside, and goes really well with the 2 scoops of ice-cream presented to us. Bronte Pistachio was definitely strong in the Pistachio flavour, making it one of my favourites, but it's also a tad sweet.

Sakura Smoke, Artichoke and Pear Compote is really interesting - it does have this herbaceous and smokey flavour, definitely something different and interesting to try out.

Definitely slightly pricey, but I'd say their flavours are really unique, and you'd be surprised by what they have there.

Overall Rating: 8/10

I went to Porta a month ago, but his dessert sometimes still will pop in my mind...very addictive dessert😆

Black Forest Cake (1/2 kg - $68) I felt that the cake was quite moist and not that strong cherry taste tbh. The cake melted quite fast and it's better to put inside the fridge after self collection or delivery.

So which is the best?
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With a rich history of over a century, @unagiyaichinoji is Miyagawa Honten’s first overseas outpost in 🇸🇬 and operates 20 outlets in 🇯🇵 alone. Famed for their expert grilling techniques and secret in-house sauces, you absolutely won’t want to miss this place if you’re a unagi lover. Of course you’d want to try all 3 unagi restaurants to determine which is the best right😉?

👉Unagi Hitsumabushi (L) - SGD39.80
👉Grilled Squid - SGD14.80
👉Black Sesame Ice Cream - SGD2.80

The unagi here is prepared Kanto style, which means that the eel is first grilled without seasoning, then steamed, then grilled again with their special sauce. Because of the steaming step, the unagi is actually softer and more tender, but lacks that crisp skin which I desire. Overall, I still enjoyed their Unagi Hitsumabushi a lot! Special mention goes out to their Black Sesame Ice Cream, which was better than I expected😂.

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📍Unagiya Ichinoji
30 Robertson Quay 01-05, S238251

Battered Tilapia Fish and Chips with a strawberry banana smoothie. The fish was fresh and the fries were tasty though I felt that the crust of the fish could have been softer. Service was great and ambiance is excellent as always

The Pumpkin Risotto & Mushroom ($16) is creamy, smooth and comforting. Love the texture of the risotto!

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The Pan-Seared Salmon ($24) is not overcooked, the skin is crisp and fragrant, and it goes well our choice of red wine jus and sweet grilled asparagus.

My favourite main has to be the Crispy Pork Knuckle ($22 for half). The oven-roasted pork knuckle has a good fat-to-meat ratio, the meat is moist and tender and the skin has a nice crackle. Having said that, the best part is actually the zesty and spicy Thai Nam Jim sauce and Asian sauerkraut infused with sesame oil - they complement the pork knuckle perfectly. Love the Asian twist to this classic German dish!

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