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if you love some ultra crispy bread (think crisp and light croutons and not some raw and limp white bread), please please PLEASE try the Pork Sando. Jan packed with exciting ingredients and a good kick of spice, it’s a real flavour party. Thought that the sandwich would be a little dry with the absence of a heavy sauce, but it proved us wrong.

B.E.C is super rich and satisfying. But the star of this meal definitely has to be the pork sando.

Go for the pork sando if you want to hit flavour town and cronch on some quality toast. Go for the B.E.C for some sinful treats

Looking for some dinner inspiration with your friends or loved ones on Tuesday nights? You should check out Beast & Butterflies at M Social Singapore for their 1-for-1 Super Tuesday dinner promo on selected mains! Here are some of the dishes that are included in this promo:

~Kurobuta Claypot Rice ($18): This is like a zhnged up version of the usual braised pork rice with but with Kurobuta pork belly used in their rendition. The meat itself is really tender and flavourful, and when you mix everything together (with the egg, rice & spring onion), it just tastes so good! Love the crispy thing that came on the side too!

~Pumpkin & Mushroom Risotto ($16): This is surprisingly very moreish! The dish may look simple but the flavours all came together harmoniously with each bite! From the sautéed mushrooms, to the garlic & pumpkin purée, everything was very savoury which left us wanting more.

~Singapore Laksa ($14): Really shiok! Gravy is so fragrant and lemak! Ingredients in the laksa include cherrystone clams, prawns & crispy tau pok. There’s a very pronounced seafood flavour in the broth thanks to the use of spicy dried shrimp!

The promotional mains are on weekly rotation, so customers will be able to enjoy different mains every week! Other promotional dishes (depending on which Tuesday you visit) include Crispy Pork Knuckle, Nasi Goreng, Claypot Hokkien Noodles, Croque Monsieur and more!

You can choose the egg style, the type of bread. I chose the sunny side up and sour dough bread. Other than this, the dish also have chickpeas, kidney beans, veg, bacon, cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes - juicy
Bacon - is not the very salty type with sweetness.

Very Satisfied big breakfast.

Extremely impressed with their A5 Wagyu Melting Part ($98) - just look at that marbling! 😍 In case you're wondering, yes they are really as tender as they look! 🤤 Pair your meats with their 6 homemade dipping sauces (sesame is my fav) or dashi salt! 👍🏻
For a heartier meal, add on other ingredients like Japanese Tofu ($6/4pcs), Arrowroot Starch Noodle ($5) 🍜, Deep-Fried Bean Curd with Rice Cake ($9), Japanese Fish Cake “Chikuwa” ($5) etc. 😋 End off the gastronomical experience with udon or porridge (the latter is 💯 as it absorbs the 100% natural dashi with no MSG or artificial seasoning 👏🏻)!

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Freshly prepared and staff was attentive. Cool decor indoors with outdoor seating as well. However food could have more flavours, a little bland for the rice and croquettes maybe could come with more sauce.

a pretty good choice w tender very smokey wel marinated chunky pork. very good well toasty crispy bread. not too jelak. go forth and eat the whole thing

look at that spread!!! loved the food tbh. i think my favs are the grilled dishes and teppanyaki dishes. cabbage was rly good don’t @ me for getting that at a jap buffet tho.

no bc the unagi maki was rly good and i think there was a tempura one too? again, my standards are questionable so eat w caution but definitely decent makis

oh shin minori how i miss you so much as i post this. where do i start. crazy spread w good variety, quality not say like superb but i’m a variety > high quality kinda person most days so this suited me fine. quality of the food was p decent across the board anw! and service was fast and efficient

very good flavourful sando w creamy eggs , very savoury cheese and lean meat for bacon! pleasantly surprised bc bacon is usually synonymous w fats. but this is a very heavy sando and gets very jelak. recommend u get 2 flavours and split half w a friend

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The B.E.C ($12) is their iconic breakfast sandwich featuring a thick slab of juicy bacon, eggs in the form of scrambled eggs and habanero gribiche, and smokey American cheddar. A breakfast that is definitely overflowing with goodness (but I’d recommend to split halfies with a friend).

INSANE sandos from @46mittsu! A bite out of the Beef Sando and we were smitten by the crazy tender smoked beef brisket that had this gentle, fatty pull as you bite into it. The whole pickles might seem much, but it’s absolutely necessary to cut through all that meat.