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Huuuuyayy! I was exceptionally excited to try their signature baby HUEY- the most ‘basic’ beef burger on the menu with Tasmanian beef patty (cooked to medium) + spiced mayo + ketchup + cheese. Particularly loved how their mayo is very much orangey - made in house and of course, is not the white mayo you find typically. Their ketchup was made in-house too! Deep dark red, slightly smoky- I almost mistook it for BBQ sauce. It pairs up really nicely with the fries- skin-on whole potatoes in strips. 🍟 really hearty and crispy!!
Incredibly value for $$$ deal with Burpple beyond! All the above at just $32NETT.

I love Publico’s vibe for brunch - the comfy chairs, the spacious and breezy environment and good, hearty food. Pity the pizza oven was not working but because it wasn’t working, we ordered this black truffle eggs dish instead of the truffle pizza. No truffle oil, just shavings of the real thing. Very fragrant, perfectly cooked scrambled eggs. We also had the burrata bruschetta and the eggs diavola and they were excellent as well. A little pricier than the usual brunch locations but you’re paying for the beautiful space (which you won’t be cussed out of!)

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Between 8.30am and 11.30am on weekends (for now but they will change it to a daily affair in the next month or so), The English House offers a Breakfast Menu that lists seven items plus assorted sides. You can’t compare this place with typical cafes in terms of ambience and food as it is a restaurant, so there is a lovely air of formality about the service.
Whatever dish you order, you will be served complimentary sourdough bread and croissant with a few jams and “Le Beurre Bordier” (a famous French butter). Coffee or tea is also included in the price stated.
If you have a big appetite, the Traditional Full English Breakfast is a solid choice. It comes with a Free Range egg, sausages, bacon, portobello mushroom and grilled tomato.

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Braved the haze yesterday we did, to have breakfast with one of our nieces for her belated birthday celebration.
While Amanda ordered the signature Omelet Arnold Bennett swimming with smoked haddock, I chose to make up my own plate comprising purely of “sides”. My decision stemmed from the complimentary croissants and sourdough bread that were set down on our table along with three kinds of jam and “Le Beurre Bordier” (a famous French butter) as we were perusing the Breakfast Menu (all prices stated includes coffee or tea as well). I didn’t have a desire for additional carbs, hence, it was logical to choose fats and proteins instead. That’s how a plate of scrambled Free Range eggs, avocado and crispy bacon ($6++ per item, total: $18++) came to be for me. I thought the eggs were cooked very well - they’re creamy, soft and runny. And despite it not being very big, I got a whole avocado which was at its nanosecond window of ready-to-be-eaten perfection.

Went back and deliveroo many times. Approved by authentic Chinese. This is a must order 石锅豆花肥肠 Stone Pot Beancurd Intestine. Very very full flavoured and goes very well with rice. Another must order is their 龙抄手 Spicy Vinegrette dumpling. We always asked for extra vinegar extra spicy. YUM just thinking bout it.

Tried the 3 course set and really loved the appetiser we chose plus the desserts are realllly good! Spanish octopus is an absolute must try-it was so tender! Also highly recommend trying out their Iberico pork for mains and deconstructed black forest cake

White lotus paste gelato with baked Mooncake skin and salted egg yolk crumble
The white lotus paste gelato was nice and sweet
The baked Mooncake skin and salted egg yolk crumble added a nice depth of both saltiness and flakiness
And they compliment the sweetness of the white lotus paste gelato
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Da Cheese Master. $17. Tasmanian beef patty, double ketchup, miso mustard, charred onion and double cheese on toasted brioche bun. This was lousy for a gourmet burger. This was awful for a gourmet burger. Even though it was medium rare, the burger was not juicy. The cheese they used did not compliment the burger.

Loved the grilled pork meat in the Bun Thit Nuong and the vermicelli which went well with the zingy sauce that was provided on the side. However, I felt that the Pho Ga was too salty! Overall, still a decent deal having paid $14 for both dishes!

Think of this as a seafood version of the classic Shepherd’s Pie. Under all that prettily-piped potato and gruyere mash are big pieces of smoked haddock, salmon, cod, boiled eggs and prawns. It’s got a bit of broth at the bottom so it is not a dry.
One thing you should note, the serving size for this is really big. Honestly, I feel it can easily be shared by two or three people.