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Ended our meal with the classic Italian dessert - Tiramisu ($10++)! It appears that rheir rendition of this mascarpone cheese cake had an infusion of sea salt which was intriguing to me 🀣 I would have preferred it with a stronger touch of coffee β˜•οΈ as it was faint, and addition of booze as there was probably none? Haha personal preference! πŸ˜‰

They do serve some awesome pastas here as well! I enjoyed their Fettuccine Salsiccia E Tartufo ($26++) 🍝, featuring homemade pasta with Italian sausage & truffles πŸ„. Super rich & creamy; I really liked the al dente texture of the fettuccine! 🀀

As a bread lover, I enjoyed their Sicilian Boat (shaped like a πŸ›Ά indeed)! Had their Barca SiciIiana Con Bufala E Prosciutto ($26++) & really liked the balance of flavours of this pizza boat! πŸ˜‹ Earthinesss of the soft chewy dough paired with the natural sweetness of tomato πŸ…, creamy buffalo mozzarella πŸ§€ & savoury parma ham πŸ–, this was a hit for me. βœ”οΈ

We just had to try their signature oven-baked white pizza - Pizza Bella Pizza ($26++)! Featuring mozzarella πŸ§€, ricotta, salami πŸ– & sautΓ©ed spinach πŸ₯¬, in nicely-charred crust, this is a classic!

Have a hankering for some donburis? Pair Saketoshi’s premium sakes with their Signature Beef Don ($28) which comes loaded with premium Australian beef, a runny Onsen Egg, and foie gras. The rice bowl is also topped with leeks, scallions, truffle caviar, and truffle mayo for additional flavour.

So good … words cannot describe how elevated this coffee is

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Besides some weird tofu dish, food was good, service good. Dk abt the value cus I didn't pay. They put da cake in freezer or smth, was solid af.


For people who aren't a fan of oysters πŸ¦ͺ because of its slimy texture, this deep-fried version ($24+) presents a more firm texture & eliminates most of the raw taste. 🀀 Nice eat!

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The scallop ikura ($24+) was quite a highlight for me! ✨️ Featuring pan-seared scallops that hail from the plankton-rich waters of Hokkaido πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ & topped with umami-rich ikura (salmon roe) 🧑, this was indulgent!

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Appetiser: Meatballs al Forno
Mains: Black Truffle Chicken, Maccheroncini Amatriciana
Dessert: Publico Tiramisu

It’s one of the restaurants where the food is made with real delicate care, and with some of the best ingredients. It’s a near perfect experience and worth a special trip.

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Black sesame ice cream @ $6++
+ red beans @ $1++
Vanilla ice cream with purple shiso liquer (they also call it summer love) @ $12++

Black sesame is always loved. And even better with red beans.
The vanilla ice cream taste is quite strong so the liqeur taste is a little bit mild in comparison. Nice that it comes with the toppings though they're a bit much for the small ice cream. Might not pay so much just for this in the future, and just stick to the basic.

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Garlic fried rice @ $8++

Super good! After 10years the taste is still the same, with the rice being super flavourful and even the spring onions makes the dish taste even better. Really love this.

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