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Highly recommended!
We came here on public hols so didn't get to explore more of their food with burrple! Nonetheless, I want to commend them on their delicious Mains! We had Big Breakfast, Eggs Benedict (great hollandaise), Burbur (hearty breakfast option). Coffee and tea is also very nice πŸ’― Good competitive pricing for food in Robertson Quay area!

My second time at Publico and this time I was seated inside. They messed up our reservation and had to wait close to 30 min before we were seated.

Pasta weren’t great- the only one worth getting IMO was the beef lasagna which honestly is also quite expensive. But compared to the Linguine Vongole ($28) which was bland and tiny, this was way better. Pizzas are a safer choice.

We got the Deep Fried Mars Bars and Oreos ($16) for dessert and it was doughy. Very much preferred the ones from Chippy’s instead.

Music was also overwhelmingly loud. We found ourselves having to shout to each other which wasn’t pleasant at all.

Other than the ambience which was beautiful, I doubt I will return again considering it’s already my second time.

More pictures and review up on IG @canihaveabitepls

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Feature :
πŸ’•Naibai Ohitashi
Boiled Naibai served with fresh yuba, Japanese Karashi mustard and roasted sesame.
πŸ’•Kurobuta Kakuni
Very special, the sweet potato skin served with tender kurobuta Kakuni and topped with negi and umeboshi.
Smooth and silky chawanmushi consist of smoked chestnuts,topped with dashi and bubu arare
πŸ’•Premium Sashimi
Feature trout from Lake Biwa and shin Ikura and Smoked yellowtail served with special housemade soy sauce
πŸ’•Chef Signature Miwa Somen
My fav, Somen with prawn broth that made from grilled Japanese tiger prawns until fragrant before adding sake and mirin. So it’s very umami and served with kuruma ebi, bafun uni, and tonburi. Served with yuzu and chilli paste on the side.
πŸ’•Barramundi Harumaki
House-made special miso is layered with Ah Hua Kelong barramundi, grilled maitake mushrooms and pickled chilli leaf, then rolled within a spring roll skin, fried till crispy and served with ginkgo.
Donabe using Koshihikari rice and Iga Beef as known as ninja beef, that pan seared and simmered in special beef reduction sauce of dashi, soy sauce and Mirin.
Served with miso soup, pickled turnip and burdock root.
Housemade green bean ice cream with kaga Boucha jelly and persimmon.

πŸ’°$188++ per person - 7 course menu lunch
πŸ’°$350++ per person - 9 course menu dinner

πŸ“Ichigo Ichie
1 Nanson Rd, #02-07A
Intercontinental Robertson Quay
Singapore, 238909


The Saayadiya was a medley of textures and flavours - creamy, rich, juicy, crispy... Interesting that it came with fried onions but the risotto didn't quite blow as away. I learned thereafter that it was made using basmatic rice that resulted in a little less creamy and starchy texture. The sea bass, on the other hand, was perfectly pan-fried to give it a nice crisp while retaining its moisture.

The hummus was nutty with a mousse-like smooth and creamy feel. It was filled with spiced lamb bits and topped with pine nuts for a contrasting texture and stronger flavour. It was accompanied with some fluffy and soft bread.

Feature :
πŸ’• Spaghetti Chitarra Carbonara
Made in traditional Roman way, firm thick Al dente pasta cooked in creamy sauce with guanciale , Pecorino, Egg Yolk and Black Pepper
πŸ’•Ortolana Pizza
Hand pulled wood fire pizza topped with roasted seasonal Italian vegetables such as eggplant, red peppers and zucchinis,fresh Fior Di Latte D.O.P. and pesto alla Genovese that’s made fresh in-house using Italian basil.
πŸ’•Publico Tiramisu.
Can’t leave Publico without having their signature tiramisu.
πŸ’° $16

πŸ“ Publico Ristorante.
InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay.
1 Nanson Road, Singapore 238909

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generally a hit and miss with bit steep pricing πŸ€” recommend to go for tapas and desserts! really like the boneless chicken, spanish omelette and brie cheesecake for sure😍

Iced Cereal Milk Latte 2/5
Mocha 2/5
Sticky Toffee 4/5
Banana Bread 3/5

Soup is not salty and easy to drink