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Featuring Cupplets, The Wicked Garlic (Clifford Centre), Khansama Tandoori Restaurant (Little India), Ben's Cookies (Wisma Atria), Ballistic Meatballs (The Bedok Marketplace), Kyū Coffee Bar, Bear Bites 熊の食 (*SCAPE), Guenpin Fugu & Snow Crab Japanese Restaurant, The Travelling C.O.W (Chef on Wheels), Burger & Lobster (Soho)
Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Add the dark sauce as you like it, which I found it not too salty. Rice at the bottom turned out nicely crisp and not too charred! Wished there were mushrooms though.

We also had other dishes like the San Lou Beehoon (paler than expected but the springy beehoon was nubbad), super crisp Hakka Crispy Pork (not pictured), fragrant Garlic Fried Chicken (daunted by the cloves of garlic but the chicken was quite crisp and succulent), crunchy fresh Qing long cai, salted egg sotong and lala.


Grilled 3-Cheese - the perfect cheesy combination of Brie/cheddar/mozzarella, with a thoughtful addition of sauerkraut and tomato jam on the side to cut through the richness. Almost stole the show from the chewy golden brown toast. Loved that this wasn’t greasy at all.

Ended the meal with the Special Toast - a delightful combination of sweet fragrant milk toast with incredibly smooth ricotta and a well-balanced sweet/ tangy strawberry-rhubarb jam.

The orange cold brew (cold brew with orange juice and soda) was refreshing, light and easy to drink even for non-coffee lovers.


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Switching it up from their classic lobster roll, the split-top bun is packed with snow and blue swimmer crab shreds in both chili crab/ black pepper crab flavours so the indecisives can get to try both - but of course if you already know what you like, you could always request for a full one-flavour crab bun! Should you go for the halfsies, start with the savoury-sweet chilli crab half before black pepper as the latter is more overwhelming with a bit of spicy kick. I’m not as big a fan of crab as I am of lobster so the lobster roll is still my favourite out of the two. Special mentions to the the crisp chunky fries, and the pairing of refreshing coleslaw served alongside!

The Kopi Chendol, which I absolutely loved works as both a dessert/ thirst quencher. The concoction of 2 espresso shots (but felt like it could do with a stronger taste of coffee) with fresh + coconut milk and gula melaka sourced from Melaka, was not cloying, with a generous amount of pandan jelly and homemade coconut sable so there’s some contrast of textures.
Thank you #burpple for the kind invite and @dgoodcafe for the kind hospitality!

This was surprisingly satisfying to me! Buttered buns wasn’t the best, not exactly crisp, nor fluffy and soft like their original cream bun but overall wasn’t too dry thanks to the appetizing sweet/sour sauce & homemade tartar. Fried chicken was very crispy and juicy without much greasiness and the vegetables also helped to cut through any signs of it. I liked how the sliced tomato and generous amount of refreshingly crunchy cabbage didn’t make the bun soggy + was very thinly shredded so I don’t feel like a bunny.

Truffle fries were essentially fries (remained crispy for quite awhile) with truffle-infused mayo dip. Could do with more truffle.


Pretty good western food here!

Got the mixed grill of chicken chop + pork chop which set us back by $8.50. Having had too many dry, tough pork chops, the one here was pretty well executed and took me by surprise - tender and juicy. So was the chicken! Both were well-seasoned without any excessive saltiness, a problem I have with many western food from kopitiams🤷🏻‍♀️, and nicely grilled. Served with toast, fries and baked beans guaranteed to fill you up.



Not one to go for mala and subject myself to the numbing spiciness, but this is one that I probably wouldn't mind coming back to. The numbing creeps up slowly, and so does the heat (got the medium spiciness) which was surprisingly acceptable; so it might not be enough for people who love spicy food. Left it all to our mala queen @cweizhi who picked the ingredients well too! I loved the freshness of ingredients here with the crunchy lotus roots, tender pork slices, and how it wasn't overly salty.
#burpple #burpplebestoftampines


The perpetual queue may be daunting but worth it.

Not only is it affordable with most desserts going for $2, they're tasty, pretty generous with the ingredients and simply heaven-sent with the sweltering weather - thank goodness for this dessert shop during our journey to the west yesterday!

If you like to rainbow-anything, get their mango/ durian ice kachang. At least it's guaranteed to satisfy. I usually shy away from this and go for chendol instead, but surprisingly I preferred the ice kachang here. Every part was generously covered with the fruity mango/ durian (didnt taste too artificial to me!) and syrup without that cloying sweetness, and I loved digging for all the ingredients within the heap of ice.



Fret not as it is helmed by Chef Tomita has over 30 years of experience, and the torafugu used goes through careful preparation and stringent checks.
Set meals offered here starts from 5 to 9-courses at $88 / $100 / $138 / $168, which allows one to try the torafugu and snow crab in different ways - sashimi, grilled, deep-fried, boiled; or you can just go for the ala-carte menu just to get started.

I enjoyed every dish here - especially the snowcrab sashimi and very comforting hotpot with porridge. Nothing too complex, using minimal seasoning or only simple dips so you still get to taste the natural sweetness and freshness that shines through.
Thank you @cweizhi for extending the invite!😊


Always on the lookout for blackforest cakes and I'm glad that the Foret Noire ($9.80) didn't disappoint.

The cakes here seem to be a pretty safe bet and one of the better ones I've had around recently, haven't had anything that I didn't like yet. And everything is pretty here - look at that sheen!
Base of chocolate marquise sponge that was light and moist with decadent, rich chocolate mousse; beautifully layered with sweet-tangy morello cherry compote, kirsch namelaka, manjari 64% supreme, and most importantly the griottines (could really taste the liqueur!). Crunchy chocolatey balls lining it that we didn't really fancy cos' it tastes like milk chocolate but I do appreciate the variation in textures.


For someone who doesn't like greens, I really surprised myself by picking the Garden Veggie Ramen ($15), part of their new Singapore-exclusive menu, as my favourite out of the 3 ramens we got to try. The sweet broth, made from 7 different types of vegetables and fried garlic was clear and light but flavourful. Served with only vegetables and ajitama that was nicely seasoned and perfectly molten. Could be because we left the bowl for awhile, noodles were not as springy as I remembered but still a comforting bowl for the health-conscious! #burpple


Chuncuihe's rose milk tea is damn shiok like a good bandung without the artificial sweetness


Noodles were q with no alkaline taste but on the bland side even after tossing with lard. The pork trotter (300b) was good - tender, and I like how there weren't any porky taste and not overly salty. #burpple

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