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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

They’re currently running a promotion with Uni U appetiser + Bed of Roses Cocktail for $28+. Bed of roses is their specially concocted cocktail (also available at $14+ ala carte), made from Hendrick’s gin, rose water, sugar, and a dash of cranberry juice.

Thank you #burpple for the invite and @lecoqsg for having us!

Pricey but it’s actually quite sizable, and so generously filled with fragrant luscious cream made also with Hokkaido BIEI Jersey milk, as with many other items here. The contrasting texture of the crisp crust was fantastic!

Thought their parfaits wasn’t spectacular but it works if you’re looking to beat the heat. I loved the iced latte here!


Every Impossible patty here was well-executed - juicy, flavorful. Costs an additional $6, but an extra patty makes it a party in your mouth😂 Would have preferred an even fluffier bun but overall I really liked the burgers here and how they weren’t too greasy! Each burger comes with perfectly crisp fries.

If it’s your first time, try their classic ($16) with the usual suspect of cheese, pickles, onions and TGB secret sauce. Simple as it is, each an every component works well together for a lesser-guilt comfort food.

My personal favourite would be The Black Tie ($18) which comes with truffle aioli and refreshing rocket leaves. Flavours were very well-balanced.

For those with a heavier palate, go for One Night in Bangkok ($20), but I felt it could do with an even spicier kick.

With great tasting food and a view to boot, @thegoodburgersg can be found in their signature black food truck at Bayfront Link (right next to Black Tap at MBS) on Tues-Sun, 5-9pm / Promontory on Tues-Fri, 12-3pm. Do check out their ig before planning to head down!

Thank you #burpple for the invite and @thegoodburgersg for having us!

Enjoyed both mains that we got - Chef J’s “Te Kar” Beehoon ($12.80) and Chef Joel’s Mee Kia ($11.80). The beehoon was springy, flavourful and the trotters was melt-in-the-mouth tender! I liked how creamy the meekia was after mixing in the truffle sous vide egg with their secret recipe sauce. There were decent amount of crab meat but the pork cheek, while succulent was a tad too fatty for me (I used to really like them but I guess I’ve changed so it’s not them it’s me). We had expected a stronger hint of brandy in the Brandy White Fish Soup ($11.80, good for 2) but there wasn’t - nonetheless it was still a comforting bowl of soup, no milk added, with sweetness from wolfberries at a reasonable price with a good portion of sliced fish.

What really surprised me was the Sautéed Otah - wasn’t sure what to expect for Otah at $17.80. It was a huge portion, with chunks of fish/ sotong/ crabmeat in the otah paste, with distinct lemongrass fragrance and a surprising addition of coconut. Flavours were addictively good but i wished it was a little less crumbly.

We loved the Ravioles de Royans ($18) - Creamy, decadent flavourful bite-sized pasta was al dente, filled with Tete de Moine cheese, and topped with more cheese! Not sure if it might be jelak (tho I think I could’ve easily finished by myself) so it’s probably good to share, amongst so many other yummy food on the menu.

The Tarte flambée ($25), a crispy thin crust pizza with asparagus/ apple/ blue cheese, ham and rocket leaves, were an interesting combination of sweet and savoury! The blue cheese was surprisingly mild.

We really liked the Apple Pie too! The caramelised apples were not too sweet, though it wouldve been nice if the pastry was a little more crisp. We preferred it to the Nun’s puffs which were kinda like doughnuts - a little too doughy for my liking but was not bad when it was piping hot and sweet all thanks to the hazelnut drizzle.

If you happen to be heading there over the next two days, get their Chai Latte! All net proceeds from the chai lattes will be donated to Mercy Relief.


My favourite was the Grilled Avocado with Herbs & Cheese ($15)! Crispy thin layer of cheese for you to roll the soft avocado with sakura ebi for contrasting textures, a tad greasy but I loved it.

Tamagoyaki is something I’ll always go for and the dashimaki tamago ($10) certainly didn’t disappoint. We also had Crab Cream Croquette ($12) and the very plump Mie Prefecture Oysters ($22 for 3 pieces) were so creamy, well-balanced with the accompanying slightly tangy vinaigrette dressing.
Salad options include the Seafood Aburi Salad with Caesar dressing ($13) and Teppan Yakiniku Salad ($15), not a greens-person😛 but they were refreshingly good starters, be it the no-frills torched slices of fish or beef.

Thank you @teppankappoukenji for having us and #burpple for the kind invite!

PS. Enjoy 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond on Seafood/ Agemono/ Beef (only for Premium).

Most importantly, its distinct characteristic - using seasonal and fresh ingredients. There’s also a counter where you can watch the chef at work!

Our dinner was rather beef-centric (I’m not complaining!). Smoky, while retaining its juiciness, the Wagyu Cubed Steak ($30) was so easy to eat and the accompanying sauce and garlic chips paired really well!

Personally really liked the Gyusuji Tofu ($22), a comforting sweet beef stew with soft tofu but some may find it too sweet. Would’ve loved to eat this with a bowl of rice.

We also had Salad, Gyu katsu ($22) and Stewed Wagyu Hamburg ($15) - flavours were full-on and I loved the vegetables in it! Plenty of choices for the meat lovers here - enjoy 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond for Seafood/Agemono/ Meat Steak (only for Premium). Thank you @teppankappoukenji for having us and #Burpple for the invite!

These thick cuts of tuna/ flounder/ yellowtail were so incredibly sweet and fresh, it was a pretty obvious indicator that the rest of our night was gonna be good 😛

Thank you @teppankappoukenji for having us and #burpple for the invite!


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