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Featuring Maison Ikkoku, Lady M (Marina Square), VXX Cooperative, KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar, Table Manners (Changi City Point), Oven & Fried Chicken (Telok Ayer), Grin Affair (Everton Park), Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Kyū Coffee Bar, Guenpin Fugu & Snow Crab Japanese Restaurant
Zhihui Lim
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Nothing exceptionally mindblowing about this but I liked the variety of ingredients, and it was pretty decent. Special Prawn Noodles ($6.50, +$1 for prawn/ lala/ pork) comes with prawns, their specialty handmade prawn (pretty addictive, will probably order more on the side) and a piece of tender, smoky kurobuta pork. Ordered dry noodles so soup was served on the side, I usually like it richer, didn’t mind this but some may find it too light. Not sure if the broth for the soup version might be thicker, but I guess I wouldn’t mind trying it again.

Slightly crisped white bread sandwiched with juicy pork cutlets that weren’t too greasy, crunchy cabbage with tonkatsu sauce. I quite liked the hojicha latte here too and don’t forget to get their signature apple pie! Flaky, buttery and not too sweet. #burpple

Seems to be naturally sweet with no added sugar for both. Very refreshing and you do get a hint of both, plus there are little coconut bits. Extensive menu of different variations/ toppings, and they sell ice cream too - good idea to beat the heat! #burpple

Yes, yes it is pricey BUT you get these beautiful melt-in-your-mouth-tender pork jowl atop fragrant slightly garlicky fried rice, served with furikake, wafu sauce and onsen egg! #burpple

Perpetual queue here so as a typical Singaporean of course I queued. They ran out of siewyoke and rice while I was queuing🤷🏻‍♀️ But I get why there was a queue - the char siew was really pretty darn good! Portion was small so I probably should have agreed to add on charsiew when they asked. The char siew here was nicely caramelised without being overly sweet, tender with a good proportion of fatty parts and the portion with charred bits was so shiok. I also really enjoyed the noodles. #burpple

Every mouthful had a burst of briny goodness from the tobiko, in addition to the creamy mentaiko. Anything mentaiko is half the battle won for me - and then there's that sweet, sweet scallop, soft in contrast with the popping goodness and a sauce with subtle peppery, smoky flavour. So good I wish I didn't have to share!

Thank you #burpple for the invite and @waacowsg for having us!

Super addictive crispy tater tots! Go for the Okonomiyaki ($12) - generously lathered with kewpie mayo, truffle dressing, unagi sauce (more like umami) and furikake. Didn't taste like okonomiyaki but it was definitely delish.

The other option would be the truffle cheese ($11) - I love truffles but felt that it was more jelak probably because of the decadent truffle sauce; than the Okonomiyaki which I couldn't stop popping them into my mouth!!! 🤤

Might sound confusing but as it turns out, the food here is generally good enough for a fun night out in this gorgeous space! Decent variety, there's something for everyone. Go for their chicken wings and tater tots; grain bowls for a balanced diet, and desserts for a sweet ending. I absolutely love their froyo (my favourites were the speculoos and the very fragrant lychee rose - and chocolate so luscious you wouldn't believe it was just froyo!) Thank you @karacafesg for having us and #burpple for extending the invite! 😊

Side dishes seem to fare better than the main noodle bowls here. The braised spare ribs from Sarawak Kolo Mee, braised pork (from another noodle stall that I can't rmb) curry chicken from Xing Ji Wanton Mee. Had a very interesting curry-cai tau kuey from Song Han Carrot Cake but my favourite find of the day was Rajanari Thosai!

Most people come here for the signature Ganso Kaisen Hitsumabushi or the gorgeous 5-colours of cholesterol uni bowl. But if you have to order something else, the Kaisen-don (1,580¥) is a safe bet for the freshest taste of the sea. Tuna, white fish, octopus, salmon&roe, herring, crab and shrimp. And the bed of sushi rice was perfect. Even the roe wasn't overly salty so each burst was happiness in my mouth. If I had to pick a favorite, definitely the scallop that was so plump and sweet!!

As part of their 2nd birthday bash, these are going for $7/dish! Loved the Huli Huli Chicken, roasted and tender; and of course their 15h slowcooked beef brisket - very worth it for $7, flavorful with a good bite but not annoyingly tough. Not a lamb-person but this Crispy Salt Cured Lamb rib thankfully, didn't have an overpowering gamey taste, paired well with the yoghurt. Decent but slightly disappointing texture was the coffee, cumin & chilli pork belly. I really liked the marination but a pity that it wasn't crackling enough.
Grabbed a beer and suffice to say, happy lunch happy tummy! They've also just launched 4 new brews (& are offering 20% off for top-ups of their tap-cards for today)! #burpple