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Zhihui Lim
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Foret Noire ($9.80)

Always on the lookout for blackforest cakes and I'm glad that the Foret Noire ($9.80) didn't disappoint.

The cakes here seem to be a pretty safe bet and one of the better ones I've had around recently, haven't had anything that I didn't like yet. And everything is pretty here - look at that sheen!
Base of chocolate marquise sponge that was light and moist with decadent, rich chocolate mousse; beautifully layered with sweet-tangy morello cherry compote, kirsch namelaka, manjari 64% supreme, and most importantly the griottines (could really taste the liqueur!). Crunchy chocolatey balls lining it that we didn't really fancy cos' it tastes like milk chocolate but I do appreciate the variation in textures.

Nothing beats a piping hot bowl of ramen in this wet weather!

For someone who doesn't like greens, I really surprised myself by picking the Garden Veggie Ramen ($15), part of their new Singapore-exclusive menu, as my favourite out of the 3 ramens we got to try. The sweet broth, made from 7 different types of vegetables and fried garlic was clear and light but flavourful. Served with only vegetables and ajitama that was nicely seasoned and perfectly molten. Could be because we left the bowl for awhile, noodles were not as springy as I remembered but still a comforting bowl for the health-conscious! #burpple

At 100/200ntd for a good portion of beef cubes, 火焰牛is one of my favourite street food.

Grilled, cut and blowtorched on the spot till brown, with your choice of seasoning (we always go for the usual salt and pepper); the beef cubes are kept juicy and tender! #burpple

Typical of me to be drawn by packaging, but this turned out to be good tea.

Cold brew of light fragrance without bitterness, no mango flavour despite its name but apparently the hot version would have a whiff of that. I was pleasantly surprised by how untypical their red tea tastes too! #burpple

Rose Milk Tea

Chuncuihe's rose milk tea is damn shiok like a good bandung without the artificial sweetness

Portion of the wanton mee (100baht/bowl) was surprisingly huge but apparently prices were cheaper last time and honestly, I wasn't blown away by it.

Noodles were q with no alkaline taste but on the bland side even after tossing with lard. The pork trotter (300b) was good - tender, and I like how there weren't any porky taste and not overly salty. #burpple

Too hungry so we picked somewhere near.

Affordable steamboat with pretty shiok roasted duck that was sweet and tender, rounds and rounds of adding more ingredients set us back by only about S$11/pax! Apparently they're know for the green noodles with garlic. Qq as it is, nothing stood out for me but damn was it good with the duck sauce. #burpple

By one-half of the brains behind Saveur.

Some hits and misses at The Masses, but decent enough, with the same concept of restaurant-quality food at relatively more affordable prices.

For starters, go for The Egg ($9), smooth steamed egg topped with a generous mountain of ikura, tobiko and homemade potato chips - so keep the photo-taking to a minimal or the chips turn soggy. I liked how it was a party of textures and flavours with that salty burst. Available in hot or cold version.
Having read reviews and seen that impressive pasta twirl topped generously with caviar and crabmeat we knew we had to try it. Decent, but flavours of the sauce and crabmeat with the cold angel hair pasta was light and didn't quite stand out.
For mains, we wanted a little land, sea, air whatever so Fish & Chips ($14.90) it was - and well, skip it - it was sadly bland, flakey, crabmeat gremolata did little to help + chips tasted like they were the frozen kind. Hoping it's just a bad day but anyhoo, go instead for our unanimous favourite, the Duroc Pork Loin ($15)! Incredibly tender, juicy; a good proportion of lean meat and fattiness, creamy scrambled egg with a subtle hint of truffle aroma, served with chicharron (wasn't a fan of it here) plum, and Brussel sprouts.
Cos' if it ain't broke don't fix it; for a fail-proof tried-and-tested option, get the duck leg confit ($12.90). Like Saveur's with crisp skin and tender flesh, but with croquette instead of that lovely mash. Served with candied orange and foie gras sauce.

Banana French Toast With Mascarpone ($12+$4)

Berries compote between simple banana bread, with mascarpone and freeze-dried raspberries.

Enjoyed the delish coffee custard which was fragrant and not cloying. Not the best banana bread around (wished there were more banana) but decent enough for a happy dessert with good coffee. Topped up $4 for a scoop of espresso-based ice cream that seemed to have a hint of earl grey(?!) which was an absolute delight.