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[CLOSED] Archipelago Creamery

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *

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// @archipelagocreamery ; @archipelagocreamerynycc
60 Jurong West St 91
Singapore 649040
The Aoyamo is every matcha lover should try! It’s basically a matcha Shibuya toast with azuki red beans and cookie crumble! ❀️


At $16.80, the Smores Shibuya Lava Toast was worth it especially with the Cookies & Cream scoop of ice cream. The marshmallows were so decadently delightful too!


Great place to chill out and have a waffle, just top up with ice cream as well. Must come and try.

Before trying the pistachio ice cream here, I have never had deep impressions of ice cream places selling good pistachio ice creams except Sunday Folks (but that's soft serve). So what makes a good pistachio ice cream? To me, it must have a nutty aroma, well-balanced creaminess and of course, the nut itself.

You could imagine how delighted I was for this hidden gem. Heard good recommendations about their black sesame ice cream too, but I decided to go for the pistachio flavor. I really like how rich in flavor it was, not too milky, doesn't melt that quickly and there were chopped pistachios!

The other flavor that got us enticed was the rocher flavor. I am not really a fan of milk chocolate but this really wasn't too sweet and roasted hazelnut flavor made me feel as though I was eating the rocher chocolate itself! One scoop of premium flavors like these costs $4.50, and additional $1 with that waffle cone. But $5.50 for such a big and delectable ice cream cone, I am more than willing to pay for it.

Also, the cafe crew were really patient with us when we took quite a while to decide which flavors we wanted. It's not an easy decision to make when all the flavors looked so appealing!


Despite their simple presentation (no chocolate sauce for toppings), the Smores ice cream ($3.50/scoop) was divine, while their Butterscotch Waffles ($4.50) tasted merely decent

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As a major fan of Thai green tea, my initial anticipation of this waffle vanished instantly when the waffles was served. Not a single hue of green was observed, this could just be simply known as a buttermilk waffle instead πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. The flavour of thai green tea was really mild and barely detectable, no scent and sense after the ice cream came into place πŸ˜‚. The texture was slightly crisp with a light, airy, soft and limpy interior that was yet another major drawback. The only saving grace was the ice cream, wherr both scoops were smooth, creamy and thick. The flavours that we ordered were: Pisang (banana & honey) and what the fudge (dark chocolate with chocolate chips). The Pisang was listed as their best seller, which true enough did not disappoint with its luscious, pleasant fruity sweetness. What the fudge came with bits of chocolate chips embedded within the sphere of chocolatey, bittersweet scoop. My personal advice would be to skip the waffles here and just go for the ice cream! 😌 .