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Chicken wrap was interesting
#sgfoodblogger #sgfooddiary #burpple #nomnomnom

Very rarely you can get handmade mee hoon kuey outside, and this stall makes a good and honest bowl! $3.50 and comes with plenty of ingredients. Well worth my money! Please try it everybodeh!

Buffet spread at $52.90++ (Weekend price). There was 1 for 1. Get the ribs in many flavour, the rest still alright. Topped up for the Peking Duck for an additional $40++, they prepared it with egg wraps, and the duck meat can be prepared in another style. Preferred the original version. Great place for large gathering and staff was attentive.

A small air-conditioned vegetarian food store, tuck in a corner of blk 479, serving a variety of local delights but in a meatless form. Food served were consistent and delicious. Best part is there is no need to travel to Fortune Centre to find a vegetarian meal.

P.s. the claypot rice doesnt look like this when served.

Located at 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-80 Provisional Unit Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre, Singapore 648331. .
Custard Crust Bun ้…ฅ็šฎ่ ่ๅŒ…, $1.60 & HK Style Milk Tea ๅฅถ่Œถ, $3.40. Canโ€™t ask for a better breakfast than this. A simple Hong Kong style breakfast with their favourite HK style milk tea, and soft fluffy and crispy on the outside ่ ่ๅŒ…! One of the closest we can get here without flying over to Hong Kong. Even their feel and looks of the restaurant looks like HK traditional Cha Chaan Teng. .
@legendaryhongkong #hungryunicornsg #custardbun #hongkongmilktea #boluobao #jurongpoint #hongkongrestaurant

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Out of 6 choices of ice-cream,
Rum chocolate tastes most unique ;
Belgium chocolate most delicious ;
Mango most aromatic ;
Latte and mocha most uplifting ;
Vanilla all time classic.

Price of $16.90 for this single fondue is really steep. We would never try it if there isn't 1-for-1.

We enjoyed this meal with Eatigo 50%-Off.

Food quality has improved a lot since my last visit.
Tom yum curry salmon $12.90++ was the best dish for this visit. It was very well seasoned and we enjoyed every bit of it. Surely will revisit for this dish again.

I like the grilled tilapia and chicken $14.90++ too. They both had a nice smoky aroma.
Lemongrass tiger prawns $11.90++ were fresh but its sauce was too spicy for me.
Kiasu katsu $5.90++ and sweet potato fries $4.90++ were both palatable.

Guro bingsoo $12.90++ was full of mangoes and japchae $11.90++ really delighted our taste buds. Very good deal with Eatigo 50%-Off.

Staple from all dim sum menu and usual order for most people. Soft and well executed, always my to-go order

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Juicy, chewy and savoury. Best eaten with sambal ๐ŸŒถ

It cost me about $8 but so worth it
Taste was on point, just right and chicken was well cooked
Vegetables were fresh and crunchy ๐Ÿ˜‹