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We chose mid-joint wings, radish and mushrooms. Not a fan of the latter two but they seemed authentically Hong Kong to me hahaha. Although step 3 is sauces, every bowl is soup here, so your sauces and soup will be mixed. In my case, the satay and chilli sauces did nothing to the soup and the entire thing was quite disappointing.

Apparently this is how Hongkongers eat and as a fan of caifan I take well to this concept. Here we chose beef tendon, curry fishballs and chicken cutlet. The beef was tinier than I imagined but its sauce really lifted the soup (read my next review). The chicken tasted like any cutlet you buy in Singapore.

but not too shabu (shabby)...
Went and did it again. Solo buffet lunch because I had a $10 voucher to spare which was expiring soon. Paid $7.50 for this huge buffet meal which could have fed at least 4 people perhaps. The dessert selection was awesome. Especially loved the peanut mochi which I tried pairing with the matcha soft serve, and boy was it good. Swipe to the last few photos to look at my dessert "creation". Now, its food coma time. Oh, the lady at the table beside me told me that she wished she had my appetite because I sure ate my worth 😂

Nestled in the Hk food street area in Jurong point is a Hk Cha Chan Teng not to miss.

All pastries and breads are freshly made on site and in small batches so you can expect only maximum freshness and warm, soft and fluffy breads .

I particularly like the char siew Chan paus and the bolo paus - they are as good as the ones I have had in Hk .

“Jurong Point の香港ストリート” Boon Lay というちょっと郊外にあるショッピングモール。 いつもタクシーで行ってたから気付かなかったけど、バードパークから194番のバスですぐとフォロワーさんに教えて頂き、バードパーク→ナイトサファリのはしごの間に一休みしに立ち寄りました。 ここのモールはなかなか面白くて、特に香港ストリートが雰囲気あって好き。 路線図も香港風?だし、トイレの案内もシュール。 最近だとTigerSugarが入ったことで少し話題になったでしょうか。 土曜日の16時頃という時間でしたが、オーダーまではほぼ並ばず、ドリンクの受け取り待ちが20人くらいで計20分待ちくらいで買えました。 緑に囲まれたここの虎マークが一番好き(笑) #jurongpoint #boonlay @jurongpoint 香港ストリート #tigersugar #tigersugarsg #タイガーシュガー #シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #海外生活 #海外ライフ #singaporelife #シンガポールで子育て #海外で子育て #パールティー #バブルティー #タピオカミルクティー #pearlmilktea #bubbletea #burpple

[Pending Halal Certificate, Tasting] If you’re loving the beef lan zhou la mian trend that has been making waves around Singapore AND you live in the West, then you’re truly in luck. Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles has recently opened a new outlet in Jurong Point! 😍

Here were some of the things we had during the tasting:
- Signature Beef Noodles ($8.90, $10.90)
- Sauerkraut (Suan Cai) Beef Noodles ($9.90, $11.90)
- Mala Spicy Beef Noodles ($9.50, $11.50)
- Dry Beef Noodles ($8.90, $10.90)
- Chicken Fillet Noodles ($7.50, $9.50)

Out of all these dishes which are all just as delectable, I am loving the last two the most. I don’t try to hide the fact that I am #TeamDryNoodles more than anything. 😂 Its quality is very redolent to that of a simple, humble meal. It’s kind of like rice with soy sauce and a fried egg – it’s not much, but it is inexplicably delicious and holds its own. The noodles with some chili oil? That’s really all I will ever need.

Other than that, I did really like how supple yet meaty the beef slices were after they’ve been soaked in the soup. That was something that caught me by surprise. 😧

Some things to take note of:
- The spiciness of the dishes are a little toned down
- All soup dishes are not suitable to vegetarians as it is made with beef stock.
Thank you @burpple for the invitation to this Eatup! ❤️

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I’m lovin it

And no ... it’s not the Mac’s burger ....

But an extremely authentic Hk bolo bun and yuen Yang.

This is as good as the ones I have had in Hk.

Crusty and fluffy bolo pau served warm with a cup of silky smooth yuen Yang.

$4. Very fragrant laksa curry with generous amount of steamed chicken, yellow mee, taupok and bean sprouts.

Comforting on a rainy day. Heard reviews that it’s even better with charsiew! 😋

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“香港ストリートで行列のできるレストラン” Jurong Pointにある香港ストリートで、いつも行列になっているレストランがあります。 LEGENDARY HONG KONG 表通りには入り口と出口が離れていて、その間には他の店舗も2、3店舗入っているのですが、中に入ったらびっくり! 中は繋がっていて店内はとても広くて席数もたくさんあったんです。 それでもなお行列ができる盛況っぷり。 メニューは写真付きもありますが、写真は一部しかなく、漢字でズラーっとあるので選べない(笑) オーダーはマークシート方式でこれがまた漢字だらけで探すの大変(笑) 1回目の来店時は入り口の壁に雑誌などの掲載記事が貼ってあるので、そこで取り上げられてたメニューを中心に頼んでみました。 2回目の今回は漢字メニューとにらめっこして、食べたことのないのをオーダー。 個人的に超おススメは記事にも取り上げられてた エビフライの米粉ロール $5.8 他にも 大根餅と卵のXO醬炒め $5.5 サゴとポメロのマンゴーアイス $5.5 豚さんのカスタードまん も可愛いだけじゃなくてカスタードが濃厚で美味しかったです。 出口にあるテイクアウトコーナーも人気のようで、エッグタルトとカスタードバンを買って帰りましたが、お店が超推してるだけあってカスタードバンはカスタードが濃厚で美味しかったです。 値段もリーズナブルで、料理の提供時間が早くて、ローカルに人気のお店です。 #legendaryhongkong @legendaryhongkong #jurongpoint @jurongpoint #ジュロンポイント #香港ストリート #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールごはん#シンガポール生活#海外生活#シンガポールライフ#singaporelife#igsg#singaporefood#sgfood#sgeats#sgfoodie#hungrygowhere#nomnom#eeeeats#foodpics#burpple#sgfoodporn#eatoutsg#みど散歩

$15. Thick broth with three types of eggs ( salted egg, century egg and normal egg) and chinese spinach. Delicious and worth it!😋

Ideal for family meals!

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$12. Thick egg with veg, charsiew and prawn! Kids would definitely love it 😋

Good for groups, shared among 7! All our dishes came within 10min, fast and good service. Very enthusiastic service crew.