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From Sweet Hut Bakery
Fragrant treats for anytime of the day.
Wallet friendly prices.
Grab a box to share.


Not the best fried oyster around as the eggs were over cooked. Would definitely appreciate some runny eggs with the starch as it was quite dry. The oysters weren’t as fresh but the ratio of starch to eggs was the saving grace.

Added 2 pieces of their fish cake and had no regrets. The noodles were springy, and cooked just right leaving it slightly chewy. The sauce was extremely well tossed with the noodles. Together with the chilli, this was the perfect bowl of noodle.

Was blown away by how this tasted. The gravy was well seasoned which balanced out the ingredients. While the ingredients were crunchy, when soaked with gravy, it still retained its crispy ness. This was really good.

Comparing to canteen 11,
Waffle is thicker & fragrance is more distinct. Same crisp outer but is more of cakey texture
Price is a bit more expensive but judging from its fatter content, its acceptable.
What a tough fight, I can't choose which is better. Need to re-eat both again.😅
🚩Bakery, Canteen 2, 35 Students Walk, Singapore 639548
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Who finds Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak is really POWER? If you think it’s POWER, then leave a comment below. If you want to check this out, then head to the main outlet at Boon Lay Place Market and Food Village (01-106). Continue reading to find out my thoughts.

Like any popular stall, there’s usually a queue. I had the Chicken Set ($3.50) which comes with rice, fried chicken wing, ikan bilis (anchovies), peanuts and cucumber and a good amount of sambal chilli. To complete my meal, I added a begedil a.k.a. potato cutlet ($0.50) and otah ($2).

So I found the rice to be quite fragrant but the texture was slightly inconsistent, ranging from fluffy to lumpy. It could do with a bit more coconut milk though. The highlight would be the fried chicken wing. But it was a little overrated. While it was crispy and had a nice marinade, the meat was a tad dry and didn’t have much flavour to begin with.

The ikan bilis (fried anchovies) and peanuts were crunchy. I like the sambal as it’s sweet and spicy. Personally, I would prefer a sambal that is spicier but this solely my personal preference.

As for the add ons, the otah wasn’t too spicy and I could taste the coconut milk in the paste. Begedil was pretty average - probably because I didn’t have it when it was freshly cooked.

Okay la, I think it’s decent but not say really power. I’ll have it again for sure if I’m in the West and need to satisfy my nasi lemak cravings.

Sweet tender large chicken with crispy skin dust with chilli powder, served with small pearl rice drizzled with braised sauce and pair with salad in thousand island sauce, salty pickled mustard green and a braised egg.
Chicken is well-coated as I can taste in inside out. Buy ala-carte chicken better.
🚩Taiwan Ichiban(台湾一极棒), North Spine Food Court, 76 Nanyang Drive, N2.1, #02-03, Nanyang Technological University, 637331
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Are you team yoghurt drink or team BBT? Regardless of which team you’re on, have a healthy, nutritious and refreshing yoghurt drink from homegrown Hey Yogurt that can definitely quench your thirst. They have a wide variety of flavours from purple rice to fresh fruit to local flavours such as pulut hitam.

It’s gotten more convenient for easties to try them as Hey Yogurt has recently opened two new stores at Tai Seng and Our Tampines Hub. If you’re a westie, you can go to their Jurong Point outlet.

The yoghurt is freshly made by hand daily and uses premium Australian dairy. Overall, I found the yoghurt to be thick and smooth with the right level of sweetness, making it easy to drink. So here’s what I had.

Dreamy Purple Rice ($5.90). It’s probably the standard option to try this when having a yoghurt drink. There’s a good amount of purple rice in the drink so it can act as a potential meal replacement. I found the rice to be soft and not too chewy which makes it easy to drink. And purple rice is healthy, so don’t need to feel conscious about your carb intake.

Avocado ($7.90). We are all familiar with the avocado milkshake we buy from the juice stalls. But this is a guilt-free version. While there’s a good deal of avocado in it, I wished that the avocado taste could be sharper to fully replicate the milky version.

Hey! Cranberries ($6.90). A very fruity drink packed with loads of cranberry bits in every sip. Overall, it’s not too sweet and it’s a good drink to have if you want some antioxidants.

It’s truly guilt-free. So what are you waiting for? 😂

My friends and I bought three different kind of cakes (Chicago Cheesecake, Belgium Dark Chocolate & Thousand Leaves) for total of $21.

First time getting their cake and I don't think is that nice. I think chaterisa would be nicer and cheaper too.

I'm back again and this time, ordered their Salmon pizza ($8.90). They are generous with their salmon and it is so delicious

Was introduced by my friend for the Curry Fish. When I tried their curry fish tail ($30). Although it looks expensive, it is worth it. They give the whole fish less the head and curry us thick.

Yes top seller!! One that cannot be missed!! I prefer it after microwaving it slightly to warm it up!! 😍