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Duck was reasonably tender, otherwise not too impressive

They tend to be stingy w their portions although the prices aren't too high

Idk why theres so much noodles, it's crazy. Maybe because I look like a somewhat big guy? They weren't particularly good, it lacks bite, sambal was acceptable

Fishballs and meatballs were both the good factory ones

Overall decent, nothing too special

The charsiew has the candy sweetness but not from the marinate, it's from the sauce so that's abit underwhelming

Siobak was fatty and crispy but there's a a weird slight aftertaste

Small portion for 5 bucks

Didn't expect bak zhang can taste so good and something different from the usual flavors i usually eat ! πŸ™‚ Totally would eat this again ^.^

Good news for EASTIES... because @ahothideout has opened their 3rd and LARGEST outlet at Kinex Mall (near paya lebar MRT)!

They serve one of the best mala in Singapore! I travelled all the way to NTU to have it last year! 😍

What is so special about their malaxiangguo here is that they fry their ingredients!! The top ingredients that you HAVE to add for your malaxiangguo is the potato, lotus root, dory fish, and scrambled egg!! The potato and lotus root are sliced till super thin, almost like chips!! The scrambled egg you will need to remember to add on the order when ordering from the self-ordering kiosk! Another thing that I like about this place is that all the ingredients are charged at the same price! You need not worry about taking more/less meat vs veg, just choose what you love! For non-mala eaters, you can also pick the oriental stir fry option!

Besides malaxiangguo, they also have the soupy version here! Choose from mala collagen soup, collagen soup, or tomato collagen soup! Featured here is the tomato collagen soup!

Top favourite items for me is the potato and lotus root slices, as well as the scrambled egg!

Get the peanut and coriander from the counter to add on to your malaxiangguo to make it more fragrant!

Grand opening is on 1 December! Check them out!
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πŸ“A Hot Hideout
KINEX Mall #01-45
11 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437157

Time for an afternoon tea πŸ«– treat! [Part II]

Fluffy, soft bolo bun with a crumbly, buttery-sugary crust served with two slabs of cold butter & a drink with a salty note, [LOVE β™₯️ it!] served with a mixture of salty preserved lemon, fresh lemon πŸ‹ in carbonated soda. πŸ˜‹

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($2.70) I bought original pricing as I didn't wanted to wait until the deal start. :") so I felt that the drink less milk but more coffee taste contain.

($1) (up : $2.70) I didn't expected that they releases canned version for drink but I didn't have no time to go their cafe at jurong area. But the drink was slightly milky and less coffee taste (not that strong). I wish that I got time to head to suzuki cafe 🫑

Got it delivered to my office! Me and my colleagues all love it! U can see it in the photo that the fillings of the rice dumpling is alot! One of my colleague is not really a rice dumpling fan but she loved this alot! I will recommend you to steam it or microwave it before eating, it will taste so much btr! We got the hokkien rice dumpling with salted egg yolk and hakka pork belly rice dumpling! I will for sure recommend this two! Both taste very good!

It has been 3 years since having mookata in school hence decide to give it a try. Even though price has increase, $25 for 3 pax mookata is still worth it.

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A perfect breakfast complement! Service was quick, coffee was thick and creamy, toast was super crispy and the butter was generously given in the toast!