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Yummy and value-for-money chicken cutlet ($4.80). Asked for the lady to take out the mayo and add more cheese 😋 while they are very generous with the cheese, it can make the crispy skin soggy. Still very delicious! Chicken cutlet was juicy and thick. Really worth it!

The Xiao Long Bao was delicious as usual, but one broke before we got to dig in 😢 the Red Bean Pancake was surprisingly delicious. The bread part tasted like a butterfry, with some red bean inside. The sesame seeds made it really fragrant as well. Please give it a try if you happen to be around 😊

The Ca Fen exceeded all expectations!!! Taste so full of umami and wok hey omggg i’m blown away. Thought it will be bland but it’s the most delicious noodle dish I’ve eaten. Tasted a bit like shark fin but MORE DELICIOUS. Can get a slight bit jelak at the end but nothing the yummy chilli cannot solve ☺️ The chilli was sour, garlicky and really whet one’s appetite.

The Lor Mee was delicious as well, but pales in comparison to the Ca Fen. The soup tasted lighter with many vegetables and seafood. The noodle was really chewy and u-mian like.

The bill came up to $12.85 after using Burpple 1-for-1, which is a steal! Service was top-notch as well. Remember not to take the starters and wet tissue if you don’t want to pay for them 😊

Wow! This is one Super VaLuE & of great quality Ramen.😲🍜
Zion Ramen($5.80)(Miso Tonkotsu)
Soft thin wavy egg noodles in comforting savoury soup; topped with narutomaki, black fungus, spring onion, crunchy flavoured bamboo shoot, seaweed, wonderfully marinated perfect ajisuke tamago and 3 moderate slices of flavoursome fatty pork belly cha siu with chewy tender meat & melt in the mouth fats.😋
Aesthetic. Tastisfying.🤗
🚩Japanese Stall, Canteen 16, 35 Students Walk, Singapore 639548
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Appom (S$3.50)
Available at @malaysiaboleh_sg in @jurongpoint
Light & crispy

Kaya Butter Toast(2 slice) - Super soft bread that is toasted lightly, spread with stingy amount of kaya and butter in it. Not my ideal kind of toast. Prefer it to be more toasty and spam more Kaya and butter.
Half Boiled Egg(2 pcs) - Not perfect but still acceptable as the egg yolk is 3/4 done.
Coffee/Tea - I had normal Kopi which means coffee with condensed milk. Coffee taste was moderate, milkiness normal, just a bit too watery.
All in all, although it filled my stomach but not quite tastisfying.🙄
🚩Drinks Stall, Canteen 2, 35 Students Walk, Singapore 639548
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Have been patronising this Japanese bakery lately and I love their bread 😊

Pretty and cute yogurt drink, 🥰🥰😍 definitely will be back for more . Available for differeng flavour not so sweet at all

This stingray was cheap AND exceeded my expectations. It was only $10 but the portion size was massive and the sambal was damn good. Queues were very long but understandable. Only wish that it wasn’t so far away.

Black Sesame Snowy Ice (S$6.90)
Available at @jidechi_dessert in @jurongpoint
The toppings looked much less than the picture on menu.
Felt kind of teo cheat
Picture looked like got rice balls but actual none.

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Lots of variety of claypot curry.

The auntie is friendly.

Longest queue in this coffee shop, can see why.

Portion very generous.

Curry is nice.

Maybe their other food is nicer.

The rice was kinda hard and dry.