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One of the better egg tart in SG with good custard egg to pie base ratio. Soft and eggy fillings that give a really nice texture when bite into it!


The tart size is quite big with generous apple fillings. Love that their filling is not that sweet that complements the hot crusty pie base


One of my go to comfort meals if I want to lunch out of school. The rice here is so fragrant that you can eat it on its own! The chicken is also very tender and smooth. The set also comes with half an egg, bean sprouts, oyster vegetables and tau kwa but special mention must go to the achar here! I find their achar really unique as they use Sichuan vegetable instead and the sweet marinate of achar mixed with the salty and sour Sichuan vegetable goes together really, really well 🤤 I also want to give a special shoutout to the black sauce here, it’s not too salty but also has a distinctive charred taste that is really fragrant when drizzled on the rice. A hidden gem indeed!

Tried their lunch set menu (with a choice of drink or soup of the day) and it was so good! Salmon was pan seared and topped with Thai Basil. Loved the lil spice and tangy flavour of the sauce as well.

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having a more meat taste than the local version. Gravy was not starchy which is good.

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Apart from ramen which they are known for, these Mentaiko and Wasabi mayo don bowls have recently been launched in addition to the existing menu! ✨ Each don bowl is also served with a bowl of soup (swipe twice to view) - the exact same base that’s used for their white tonkotsu ramen here! 👍🏻 Love it’s flavourful, creamy and rich flavour that is very much enjoyable in silo as well 💖. Tried the Mentaiko ebi and Wasabi chicken on both visits, which I personally prefer the former for its sauce but the latter for the protein component. The Mentaiko mayo comes with a pleasant savoury umami note that’s a great pairing to the crisp panko-crusted ebi, as well as the Japanese steamed white rice. Would be great if the portion was greater for the price, perhaps at least one or 2 more ebi for a more fulfilling meal. On the other hand, I certainly adore the chicken katsu as well, which comes in much more generous portion, along with a crisp golden brown battered exterior encasing an interior of tender, succulent chicken thigh meat. The wasabi sauce here is definitely not for the faint hearted! ⚠️ The characteristic spiciness was unexpectedly much more tangy and acute hence if possible, do not try to consume your meal in a rush! 🔥 Chilled ramen style eggs are also served with each bowl of don. Though the yolk is half cooked, I would have preferred for them to be slightly more runny and softer, as well as for a braised albumin coating instead of a naked plain one😅. Great news is that this stall is situated in Canteen 13 at NTU, making it a fuss-free and convenient option for students here! ✌🏻.
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Ordered also a Milo Shibuya Toast ($8.90)
If you ever wanted a sugar high on Milo and/or share it with someone, I defo recommend this. Served alongside with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce, powdered with Milo powder and topped off with Milo cereal and vanilla ice cream, this will satisfy your chocolate craving in one go!

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One of the West's hidden cafes surrounded by HBDs.
Ordered a Thai Tea Cube Set ($6.90). As per the name, the cubes are made from Thai Milk Tea and served also with a bottle of it and a scoop of icecream. These combined in one glass keeps the consistency of a smooth,creamy and chilled milk tea

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It’s time to slurp them up to beat the heat. 😎

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My family’s favourite place to go for a bowl of delicious minced meat noodle a.k.a. bak chor mee topped with lots of ingredients such as minced meat, pork slices, braised and button mushrooms in the western part of Singapore.
The 2 star ingredients here ~ pork liver which was cooked to tender perfection and generous amount of deep fried, crispy-fragrant pork lard!
P.S. Oh, this stall also provides bottled vinegar at their counter for customers to help themselves based on their preference. 👍🏻

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