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These fried chicken wings are so good that we didn’t even mind waiting 20 minutes for the new batch to be out, just to get our hands on it. The larger than normal wings have the crispiest skin ever while the meat remains juicy and tender.
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Tried the new sour cream onion flavour, its not bad but i feel theres too much flavour powder on the chicken. If you like this flavour, you'll love this.

After hearing rumor that it was going to close for good during the Taman Jurong Market renovation, I thought I have missed to ever trying again.

However, when I learned that it was going to be reopened on November, I'm glad that it is still there and decided to try it on my off day.

I first ordered their Butternut Chicken Pizza ($6.90). Like what they say, it is the thinnest pizza crust ever. The sauce they use although I don't know what it is (probably their secret recipe), but it was delicious. The pizza crust is so thin that it is like eating a biscuit. I prefer my pizza crust to be those average thick one so it will be good if they offer thick pizza crust as an option. Do give their pizza a try and you will not regret it.

Still wanting to try more of their dishes, I ordered the Chicken Spaghetti Alfredo Sauce ($6.90). The grilled chicken is tender and flavourful and the skin is crispy. It is so delicious. The Alfredo sauce is not bad but can be jialek. Maybe I will order either a different sauce or buy their wedges & coleslaw set next time.

Overall, it is a unique and delicious meal in a hawker centre.

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💵: $11.80

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: Ice cream was really nice and creamy, didn't taste like the cheap kind. Toast was crispy on the outside and pillowy soft in the middle, super good. Mangoes are on the sour side, but that's totally fine with me because it all paired well together.

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$51 for 5 pax. I love this mookata because it’s good for a rainy day and there’s no fixed base price. The price is by the ingredients that you’ve chosen.

You can choose clear soup or tomyum soup base, which both are good!

🍱 Japanese grilled yakitori with rice. I got the enoki pork and asparagus pork sticks. You can ask for less sweet sauce if you dont like it too sweet.

&Joy Dining Hall, Basement 1
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
1 Jurong West Central 2
Singapore 648886

Love their waffles here and so value for money! $7 for buttermilk with 1 scoop.
$3 for additional scoop and $0.80 for premium flavour.

$10.80 for pistachio and Thai milk tea here!

💵: $9.50

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: Soup was almost perfect , only if I had asked for extra chilli! Beef was in thin tender pieces which went really well with the light broth and noodles! (P.S: had a bit of the signature version and it was pretty good too!)

Newly launched item on the menu, Fuji Five Lakes Fried Rice.

At first glance, it's an impressive pile of rice. Its piled higher than in their promo picture and packed pretty compactly. Even after the sauce was drizzled over the rice, it didn't collapse. Points for sturdy construction.

To call it a fried rice, nah. More like mixed rice. Just cooked Japanese rice mixed with those kind of frozen mixed vegetable bits. Rice lacked any seasoning at all. The accompanying condiments were quite little. If you were to mix everything together, it's alot more rice.

Speaking of the rice, I reckon there's about 2-3 bowls of rice in that tower. Unless you can really eat so much rice, if not you should not get this.

The star of the dish is the salted egg yolk sauce. Creamy, rich. Somehow, you won't get sick of this sauce. It sort of makes up for the weak and rather tasteless rice. We had a refill of the sauce. It's an additional of $2.

The sides are always well done. The takoyaki is crispy on the outside, soft and goey on the inside. I wish there was more than 6. The Gyoza, nothing special. Similar in taste to the ones from old Chang kee.

Rainy days and cooler weather over the week, makes me crave for a piping hot claypot rice.
Xiang Jiang located at a relatively ‘ulu’ a.k.a. remote part of Jurong, is probably only known to those who stay in the west of Singapore. In comparison to the ever-popular New Lucky Claypot Rice, the claypot rice at this stall is very much underrated. And despite the long waiting time, we thoroughly enjoyed their generous serving of lup cheong a.k.a. Chinese sausage, tender and well-marinated chicken, together with a block of salted fish and fragrant, charred crust at the bottom of the claypot.
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Very fresh pieces of fish. Decent amount of greens, tofu cubes, and tomatoes.

Thin slices of tender beef served with hand pulled noodles in a clear hearty broth. Not too heavy nor oily. Would revisit.