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From the Burpple community

Had been noticing Chowhound Western & Grill in the revamped coffeeshop that's just opposite my primary school which had all of its stalls replaced (this used to be a Tenderbest back in the days) but not sure when did the revamp take place. Also knew that they had another outlet in Serangoon prior to this stall, which I had been wanting to try.

Given this is in Woodlands, it's actually pretty much more than decent — grilled chicken was tender and flavorful with its juices locked in with some attempt to achieve a crispy skin though not quite here yet. For this dish, one can opt for two sides and one sauce of their choice; went with the onion rings and farmed mushrooms for sides — the former seemed to have a rather thick crust but otherwise decent while the latter was actually sautéed mushrooms; very earthy and the flavours could be a tad heavy for some. Opted for the Honey Dijon Barbecue sauce; more of a honey Dijon Mustard that carries sweet notes alongside the aroma of mustard before it's numbing point though felt missing of the smokiness of BBQ sauce. Would say this definitely beats the one across the road from my house though, but at $6.90 probably Cecelia's Bistro (which is also quite a distance away) is definitely more value-for-money with bigger portions and an addition of complimentary soup with every order, while I am more inclined to thinking that Noelle's Signatures (which is even further away) carries a respectable quality for its price if I am willing to travel slightly further within Woodlands.


From a little western stall in a hidden corner of woodlands near where I live, a value proposition is to be found. $2 for at least double a Medium McDonald's fries. A little tough and a little too salty, but hey, $2 for such a large portion?

Granted I'm finding less and less to be proud about nowadays, but there's still this.

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Good Beef Rice. And looks good Tze Char. Not very cheap. But ok.

Roast pork and ducks just out of the oven.