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heartwarming meal and definitely wallet friendly ♥️🙌🏻 flavour wise is more on the lighter side and soup is pretty thick ! ✌🏻

Near to the Woodlands Checkpoint hidden in the small neighbourhood beside it, there’s this good kwap chap stall in a food court.

Ordered the big portion for $4.30, which comes with generous portion of ingredients.

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Love their refreshing and good avocado gula melaka coconut fresh milk in this hot weather , ($5.30)

Huge portion, kinda worth the price but level 4 curry wasn’t as spicy as I thought it’d be.

Salmon Sashimi ($4.80) / Salmon with Onion ($2.20) / Salmon with Basil Cheese (my sister and i felt that it's so-so only but it's quite strong taste for cheese. / Salmon with Cheese ($2.20) (my sister and i felt that it's quite gd as the taste for cheese is nt that strong.

Matcha Catalana (March - Seasonal Menu) ($3.50) was quite hard surface and need to be got some strength 💪 to cut thru the cake. Similar concept to creme brulee. I like their bitter taste for matcha 👍

Didn't expected that their premium eel ($3.20) was quite gd but boiled conger eel ($2.20) was quite plain in terms of taste and also grilled eel (3.2o) got soft bones inside eel.

was rather excited to try this on a cold rainy day, but while the broth hit strongly of prawn mee broth at the start, it soon became very flat and i found myself having to add just a little chili padi to spice things up a little! for $6.50 i would say it is not the most cheap given that there were 3 small and halved prawns, 3 clams, 2 fish sticks and some fried egg on top, but worth a try. however my pal and i both agreed that we won’t give this another time! perhaps the prawn mee next should i come to woodlands mart again :-)

Beside the drink, make sure you grab some of their ice cream here as well. You could get the single scoop or accompany with a waffle.

Interesting to find this cafe hidden within this HDB Mall at 888 Plaza serving ice cream, waffles, açai bowl and drinks.

Their iced tea series are all refreshing including this. Worth to chill after having meal around this area.

The Seafood Pao fan broth was quite flavorful and rich, customer can choose rice or instant noodle. It's coming with 2 small  prawn that cut into half, 2 clams and crispy rice pop that served separately (the crispy rice still crunchy even soaked for a while).
A bit pricey for $6.5 ( coz the prawn small size 😅).
📍King of Prawn Noodle.
Koufu Food court.
768 Woodlands Ave 6.

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