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One of the best chicken rice in the north! Here we ordered 2 full chicken (~ $50) for 7 of us. Yum yum!

Price: $3 for normal portion
Rating: 8/10

Happy to see Milksha opening one in the north side. There’s no seats here but a big table at the store.

For a refreshing drink of course should go for this recommended drink. $5 for large size.

This bowl of ramen came with wholegrain ramen noodles, thin slices of cha shu that came with bits of fats which made it a lot yummier, and lots of other crunch bits like tomato and radish cubes. I’d like to think that the charcoal flavour added more flavour to the tonkotsu soup. The use of wholegrain noodles is quite smart because that means that the noodles won’t turn soggy despite being in the soup for some time.

This month they have the $12.90 Be Fit & Fab Salad Meal that comes with choice is soup, small kale salad and iced tea.

I also took the opportunity to try on their monthly special, Chicken Gumbo. A recipe spiced with whole chicken, then coated with flour, deep fried and cooked in a peppery stew. Which is why you will get a strong taste of peppery in the soup.

Takagi Ramen is famous for their affordable ramen and I’m excited to see them open 24 hours store here in Woodlands.

If you want to go for the premium item on their menu, it definitely their soft shell crab ramen. Comes with crispy skin outside but juicy inside.

The soup is separated and I gotten extra noodles and onsen egg.


💸: $1.60

💬: My favourite coffee bread in the world!!!!! Actually a bit exaggerated but 🥺🥺 this is really sososo good from the bread's texture to the custard filling, really a solid 10

I’m so happy to see The Soup Spoon finally open in Woodlands. And even better when they are here during this cozy weather, where I could grab some warm soup that close to my house; without the need to travel far.

This month special they have the beef stew coaxed with aromatics, fresh herbs, tomatoes and white beans, Match perfectly with the bread and red rice.


Glad to see we finally have a new place to go in Woodlands, offering more options to get food.

Pho Street is one of the new addition to Woodlands area in Woods Square.

For only $12.90, you could grab their set meal that comes together with a summer roll and ice lemon tea.

The pork chop was surprisingly tasty but the rice given was too much.


After trying their Hakka Tofu Bowl at Yishun before, decided to go to their Woodlands Outlet a try where they served Lok Lok.

The Mee Jian Kueh was being taught from the Munchi Delight from Yishun and it was good. The Hakka Tofu Bowl was great too. However, the Lok Lok was a disappointment. It wasn't as flavour as those in JB. Is just like deep fried with no seasoning on it.

The red bean filling which consists of paste + skin is not too sweet! Rather natural tasting which I liked. Could have more filling though.

Bread is fluffy and the filling is slightly grainy, was pretty hearty. The sweetness level is fine - not bland & i didn't feel like it was overly sweet. Not bad but I think I’m still a red bean bun kinda girl! Thank you to the fellow burppler that recommended this to me :)

We came around 7pm, and no one ordered beside us, so we got freshly made meat puff.
It's really huge compared with other meat puff, comes with 6 options to choose (Oyster, Prawn,Octopus, Crab, Scallop and vegetable).
The outer very thin and crispy, filled with minced meat,celery and choice of filling.
Feature is the Scallop Pork, the scallop is in the centre of the minced meat.
📍Teochew Meat Puff Pte Ltd.
71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9. WAVE 9.