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Spanish Pork Ribs 1/2 Slab. With 3 side dishes.
Delicious and Cheap!
I'm a regular customer. One of my favorite steak and rib restaurant in singapore. ❤️


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[New Launch]

What's better than Celebrating TGIF with your friends over a table Delectable Korean Food along with Sojus right? Seoul Yummy Just launched their JJAMPPONG Combo [$49.80++] at the right time!! Combo Set Consists of Seoul Yummy's Spicy Seafood Stew, along with their Homemade Jjamppong Broth! Featuring a blend of Korean Spicy Paste and Fermented Shrimps that permeates an earthy and smokey aroma! Stew is coupled with Korean Chewy Noodles, along with a spread of Seafood!

Not just that! Together with the set, You get to choose one appetiser and a choice of dessert to go along with! Definitely good for 4!

To complement your meal! Do give their [NEW] Anju Style Platter a try! Priced only at [$27.80++] which consists of Grilled Prawns and Oyster Mushrooms, Extremely Tender Pork Belly, Chicken and Beef! Serve together with Ssam!

Not to forget to pair your meal with 1 For 1 Soju @ $19.90 with every purchase of Anju Style Platter! Also, Enjoy Anju Style at $19.80 if they purchase the Jjamppong Combo or any of the Combo stews (Double Double, Super Duper or Ultimate Two!)

Thanks @theprsalon and @seoulyummy for having us and @oo_foodielicious for the kind invitation!

the ingredients were average with the bowl filled with minced meat. Not worth the travelling at all. ☹️ #Burrple

There is nothing like this, not even at restaurants, except possibly at other seafood soup stalls. Only an unrestrained effort at extracting the essence of seafood achieves this. Problem is, you get only a small serving of soup. Another problem: the bill escalates in a hurry if you want "premium" ingredients. Another problem: we waited 45 minutes.


There are actually a lot of meat they grill and they include, fish,chicken,pork and sausages as well. Grilling is done with a lot of effort and meat would still be plump and juicy after being over the flames.

1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2,
Singapore 757447

Grilled Sea Bass - $10
The Grilled Sea Bass was thick, juicy, plump and was stuffed with kaffir lime leaves and was nicely moist even after being placed on the grill. The dip that was served went really well. It also came with a generous amount of vegetables tables on the side. Delicious!

1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2,
Singapore 757447

Tom Yum Soup - $6
Tom Tum Soup was slightly sweet rather than spicy. However, adding the cut bird's eye chilli improved the taste and made the soup spicier.

Plates of Basil Pork with Rice - $4.50 each
Delicious and was made without the carrots which I like.

Seafood Vermicelli Salad - $6
The Seafood Vermicelli Salad was tasty, would have loved it more if the salad sauce was made spicier.

Raw Prawns - $6
A dish not many people would try but the prawns were thick and juicy.

Stir-fried Kang Kong -$4
The Kang Kong was crunchy and not too salty.

1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2,
Singapore 757447

Located at Blk 19, Marsiling Singapore 730019. We had a Bak Kut Teh feast this afternoon at Hong Ji! Ordered a table of Bak Kut Teh(original) $5.50, plain Mee Sua $1.50, you tiao $1.20, Claypot Braised Meat $4.50. These soup are refillable and they are so flavorful! *Tummy rubs* Fulfilling meal to start the 2nd work day of the week right!🤤 #hungryunicornsg #hongjiclaypotbakkutteh宏记砂锅肉骨茶 #hongjibakkutteh #hongji #bakkutteh


Oh yes LOTS OF FOOD!!😂💯
This restaurant is a little pricier compared to the other competitors around it eg Shabu Sai and Seoul Yummy, however, its worth to try☺️

Different price range sets for no. Of people, but we ordered the 3 pax menu starting from $76. Some of the items required an additional $1-2. Thus would say it is about $35 per person if is shared by 3 pax.

This set consists of 1 appetiser, 2 starters, 2 mains, 1 soup with the meat and broth of your choice with the choice of rice/udon noodles to go along with it😋 Very filling for 3 people and its definitely a pleasant experience overall👍🏻


Taro Latte which is milky with subtle taste of the real yam

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