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From Freshly Made Hong Kong Style Zhu Chang Fen that had recently opened at Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre; the second branch of the same stall located at Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Really liked the smooth and silky Hong Kong-style Cheong Fun which wasn't too thick nor too thin that is doused in light soy sauce for flavour, whilst it encases fresh prawns that carried its natural sweetness for a bite. Considering how its pretty close to where I usually would be, this is one thing I am pretty sure I would return just to have, especially as a light tea time treat or for a light breakfast!


This brand new kiosk at Causeway Point serves up no-frills fare at affordable prices, whether you're looking to grab skewers to go after work, or pop by for a quick bite over lunch. We like that the skewers are flame-torched before hitting the grill, which results in a beautifully smoky char. For a little bit of everything tasty, get Set C ($7.90) that includes the tender Chicken Skewers, juicy Chicken Ball, flavourful Pork Zig-Zag and fried Kimchi Dumplings. Alternatively, Set D (S$8.50) features the Beef Zig-Zag in place of pork. Both sets come with either ramyeon or rice — go with the savoury seaweed rice that's extra flavourful!
Photo by Burppler Alicia Kho


Casual skewer kiosk at the food basement of Causeway Point! The set comes with regular chicken, chicken ball, pork zigzag, fried kimchi-stuffed dumplings and a choice of ramyeon, regular rice or seaweed rice. The chicken skewer was grilled to a nice tender char, and the chicken ball was juicy. Pork zigzag was a little tough, but flavour was there. Appreciated that the rice was mixed with seaweed, which provided a nice savoury touch.

Final verdict? Somewhat on par with ToriQ quality and price wise, but with a Korean spin. Would recommend this if you’re looking for a quick takeaway option around here.

Price range: $8.90 - $10.90
Mighty Milkshakes available in 6 flavours 😱: Classic Vanilla,
Double Chocolate, Strawberry Gem, Caramel Popcorn, Cookie Crush and Snickerhead.

Order their Fried Chicken & Waffles ($15.90). Initially I thought I would still be hungry after eating this but it is more filling than I expect. This is also my first time eating Chicken with Waffles.

The Fried Chicken & Waffles is accompanied with maple syrup. Hence, I was about to enjoy both the sweetness of the waffles and maple syrup and the savory for the fried chicken. The food is not bad.

We were also lucky that as the original Waffles is only left with 1 serving, my 2 other friends get to enjoy their Waffles in Belgium Chocolate & Red Velvet flavour.

We booked under Chope and there is 50% weekend early bird discount with no service charge which cost a total of $8.51 which is worth it.

However, one thing they have to improve on is the prepping of the food. It took a total of 40 mins before all our food is served and the restaurant wasn't packed or anything.

There is this western food stall here in the food court called the Kota Bali, serving the usual western food like many others.

Fancy some tender lamb? It is undoubtedly not an easy feat to handle lamb but @citrusbythepool does it pretty well! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Serving up their Cajun Lamb Rack ($21.90+), which features grilled lamb rack served with seasonal vegetables & mashed potato, topped with homemade brown sauce. 😍😍😍 The lamb was juicy & not overly tough nor chewy, well-complemented by the savoury brown sauce. 💕
A pretty decent rendition as it was not too gamey! 👍🏻

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Inspired by the night markets of Korea such as the popular Myeongdong Street Market, 9PM Kkochi is a Korean Street Skewer specialty stall in Singapore, found at Woodlands Causeway Point’s revamped basement.

To add a smoky charred taste, the Kkochi is further flame-torched while it is being grilled before you.

Hungry already? Check out 9PM’s offerings and find the Kkochi you love the most.


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From Xinghua Delights at Jalan Legundi; a new establishment serving Heng Hua cuisine just opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre that had replaced a Chinese eatery. The head chef at helm here was previously from The Rice Table at Sim Lim Square (aka Cereal Chicken Rice — that one I had been posting in my Instagram Stories so often); so no surprises seeing the Mini Wok dishes that they are offering here alongside a mix of Sichuan cuisine, Zi Char dishes and Heng Hua cuisine served here.

Thought the Oyster Omelette here was a little different from the usual (be it the local variant or the Heng Hua variant). Whilst this is not the starchy local variant of the Oyster Omelette, the Oyster Omelette here is fluffy and eggy, coming with a decent amount of oysters that are reasonably fresh to give a slight briny flavour. The difference here is how the variant here comes with long beans; it gives a familiar crunch reminiscent to that of pickled radish, though provides a slightly more cleaner, yet refreshing note in between all that egg and oyster — a rather unique take to a dish often found elsewhere.


Opened by the Tenderbest company, you can get their familiar favourites like roasted chicken leg. There's also some fusion food like this mee siam d'pasta which is essentially mee siam using spaghetti with the mee siam paste cooked in a creamy sauce. It's not bad actually. Just a tad too creamy. It feels more like alfredo sauce than mee siam. But no complaints there especially for alfredo fans like me. I had the ondeh2 cake to finish the meal. Nice and sweet (but not "potong kaki" type). I like the decor and chill vibe of this place. Quite unlike others around the neighborhood. Service is good too. A great place to hang out.
🏠 Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop. 39 Woodlands Close (Mega @ Woodlands)
#01-68 Singapore 737854
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Citrus By The Pool is named as such because it is located right next to Woodlands Swimming Complex. It is halal and it serves a good selection of Western dishes of amazing quality. Sedap!

This was Duck noodle with added Roasted Pork at Master Choy...!!
The egg noddle, tossed in some savoury sauce was, thin and springy. The roasted duck was nicely roasted, meat was tender and its skin was almost crispy. The Roasted Pork had the right amount of meat and fat. It was tender, not overly salty and the skin was incredibly crispy - I could hear the crunch when I bit into it - definitely the star of today’s meal...!!

📍892C Coffeeshop - along Woodlands Ave 2

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