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If you travel to the North, Kampung Admiralty is a good place to grab some meals.

Ah Choon is a popular noodle stall selling hokkien mee and lor mee.

Gotten the lor mee with lots of ingredients.

Aburi buta and unagi combo jyu @ $19.50++
Top up salad @ $1.50++

Meat is tender and flavourful for both the pork and the unagi. Portion is not bad for the price, and glad that it comes with the miso soup (with 1 clam in it) and the pickles. Nice to alternate between the meat and the sides as the taste can become quite monotonous.

got the regular size! bowl looked quite small but the portion is actually filling enough. the sashimi was fairly fresh but i wasn’t a fan of the rice was a lil gooey and doused in sauce :-( decent enough for a quick meal but at similar price points, i’ve definitely had better elsewhere

Having poached kampong chicken and hainan fen (pork) for dinner 😋😋love their kampong chicken , soft and tender. Pair it with their sauce is so good 😍😋😋
📍Yeh Ting Hainan Cuisine
Woodlands Civic Centre

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Just discovered Yan Ji Seafood Soup and this is probably my favourite seafood soup in singapore. It’s on the pricier end with soups starting from $13 but it’s worth it cos the portion sizes are massive and the amount of ingredients in each bowl is insane. Look at the size of the crayfish!! Madness.

There’s a few seafood soup stall around Marsiling, and this stall is hidden within the same coffee shop as the popular bak kut teh.

The seafood soup was tasty and generous portion for the price of $7. There’s dory fish pieces, prawns and minced meats.

Fried rice was damn nice !! went for several servings. v little hint of spice.

Salted egg yolk fish was good too. wanted sweet sour fish initially but they said that it’s no longer on their menu

felt that their quality improved?? not too sure about their porridge as we ordered everything other than their porridge and every dish was good. even their claypot chicken rice was shiok

When craving cheap and good Western food, my first thought is always Astons (or ANDES by Astons, in this case). Had the Prime Ribye ($18.90 w/ 2 sides) and Seafood Marinara ($10.90 w/ Mushroom Soup). Steak was tender and delicious, pasta was so worth it with the 4 large prawns, 2 mussels and a good amount of squid rings. Worth!

1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

It was a pleasant surprise to find a Burpple Beyond merchant at an industrial area in Woodlands, with a comfortable and spacious setting to chill in. It was also encouraging to see that the people behind this relatively new (opened since June this year) were a group of young people, who emphasize on their fruit quality a lot.

The burpple beyond deals consist of a dessert and a drink, and you can choose almost everything on the menu. Be sure to check with them before ordering! While the choice of Mao Shan Wang mousse with biscoff sounded really tempting, being the conventional me still went with the pure Mao Shan Wang mousse. I could only describe the entire bowl of mousse as gao, nothing short of the creamy and rich consistency as you could see, although I kind of feel there might be durian flavour added to the mousse itself as it reminded me of the factory-made durian paste wrapped in a roll. They were very generous with the scoop of creamy durian flesh topped above the mousse! By the time I finished the entire bowl, my mouth reeked full of durian pungency the whole night. It was satisfying, except the ice chunks found in the mousse.

We had choices of fruit juices too and the husband felt that the coconut drink was overly sour. Commendable service as they replaced a cup and assured us that it was freshly juiced.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we had our durian cravings satisfied with 2 dessert sets at the price of 1!

If you are old enough to patronise the former food centre at Woodlands Central Road, the one beside Woodlands Checkpoint which has since demolished, you probably have try this satay from Mei Xiang Yuan.

Since then, they have continue to served their signature satay in Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre.

For $0.70 per stick (minimum order is 10 sticks), the satays are pretty decent, juicy and smoky. Pair well with their peanut sauce.

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Thawing after a chilled drink.😅 Frothy, milky, sweet and smooth. Awesome for non-coffee drinker. You can feel the instant WOW when you had this. It's made from using freeze-dried sweet potato and milk. Please try this.
🚩Sowl Coffee, 6 Woodlands Square, Woods Square, Tower 2, 01-05, 737737

Had this cause its not commonly found in cafe and even it is, only a minority can make it wonderfully. I would said Sowl is one of the better. The espresso coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice is iced shaken properly so the mixture is even. Taste was medium bitterness from the strong coffee and a little astringent from the orange but overall was quite refreshing. Can't feel the zest tho.
🚩Sowl Coffee, 6 Woodlands Square, Woods Square, Tower 2, 01-05, 737737