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From the Burpple community

Pretty hard to miss with the perpetual queue. I love this for the variety and a plus point was that every dish we had were pretty good. Surprised when I found myself reaching for the mustard greens (ζ’…θœ)! Very flavourful so it goes really well with the porridge. Pork belly was super tender too! The lala was fresh and relatively plump, in what tasted like chilli-crab sauce, just the right balance of sweet and subtle spiciness(damn shiok!); and I liked how the chapchye was cooked perfectly. This set us back by $19, with about 2 portions for each dish but it was more than enough for three of us so it’s pretty worth it to me. Not sure if it opens till late like the other branches but it’d be a pretty good supper spot.


Variety, value and vivacious taste all in one. They say teenagers can't appreciate hawker food nowadays... what a shame, because it's one of my fave foodie hangouts! Please share your go-to outlet in the comments below! #goodfoodmustshare β€’ ✳️: Greens, greens, greens- stir fried in the home cooked way that your tongue fondly recalls from childhood memories! And there's a huge variety, with each serving at only $1! My favourites are the bittergourd stir fried with egg and the spinach stir fried with garlic- simple but classic πŸ‘
β€’ ✳️: Teochew porridge serves protein up in the healthiest form imaginable for Hawker food- steamed fish, with leeks and scallions! 😍 And of course, braised duck- with cucumbers and corianders, sans skin of course.
β€’ ✳️ No Teochew porridge can be without this amazing heibihiam (shrimp paste)! These tiny morsels sure pack a fiery punch while bursting in juicy shrimp flavour! And of course, the traditional Chai Po omelette that's generously served in layers for more oomph per bite!
β€’ Heng Long Teochew Porridge has another branch in Upper Serangoon, but for the Easties, this is where good Teochew porridge is at! Don't say #bojio πŸ€”

Freshly cooked Claypot rice. Tender chicken and a generous serving of vegetables. It's yummy. At $10 for 2 persons, $15 for 3 to 4 persons and there's a large portion too.

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Needed an afternoon snack. And I always trust this place, it's dim sum isn't exactly the best around but it's reasonably priced and tastes fairly good. 3 items for $2.


Sinking my teeth into those well marinated juicy tender pork ribs, covered by the rich addictive salted egg york sauce, it just left me wiping the plate perfectly clean! Good enough to satisfy my salted egg craving tonight! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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One of the best clay pot rice found in this East of the island. It is freshly cooked, so be prepared to wait. If you like the char crisp rice at the bottom and sides of the clay pot, this is it. Not oily, with the right amount of dark sauce, chicken pieces and Chinese sausages, the rice is tasty and flavourful. The clay pot of rice was served with a dash of fragrant! Try it. The stall is within the coffee shop. Enjoy.