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From the Burpple community

Take note burpple beyond can only be used on the premium flavours. Yes it's the more expensive ones so it's more worth it but it also means your options are cut in half

Unfortunately this didn't fair as well. I mean it's still not too bad, but it's weird in that it's chocolate with honey, there's no honeycomb at all. The texture is also slightly worse than the grilled scamorza, but that's holding it to too high a standard.

Get something else, this doesn't taste like anything you're familiar with. There's a taste but at the same time it's not anything in particular

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Their cones have a good texture, it's thin and crispy.

Grilled scamorza is absolutely stunning. Their gelato has a nice sticky almost marshmallowy kind of texture. The grilled scamorza(an Italian cheese) comes through very strongly and is extremely legit. I asked them how they sourced such a great cheese and what a surprise, they make it in house! Talented crew

Must try, even tho it's abit ulu. The biggest gem here after classic cakes, if you love cheese

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Ordered the waffles with 3 scoops of ice cream (strawberry basil, milk and cookie, smoked cheese). The waffle was so delicious, perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. The ice cream on the other hand was pretty average :( the strawberry basil had more a sorbet texture, and was pretty refreshing but nothing special. The milk and cookie had the cookie separated from the ice cream, but still deliciously creamy (my fav of the 3). The smoked cheese flavour was… interesting. Tasted a little meaty and tasted weirder the more I ate it. An acquired taste for sure.

The smoked cheese ice cream is definitely an acquired flavour. Paired with the slightly burned cones, it makes for something memorable. Chocolate hazelnut, on the other hand, was not very remarkable - can’t distinguish it from any other hazelnut ice cream.

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Only limited selections if you’re using the 1-for-1 gelato deal. Sesame taste was strong for the black sesame ice cream and oreo ice cream doesn’t taste like oreo.


Came with friends and tried four different flavours - all delicious! But be prepared to pay more than what the board says because of additional prices tacked onto premium flavours. Iirc, the pistachio (+$2/3) with the cone (+$1) came up to $8/9. But it was super creamy and vibrant in flavour. IMO: Worth the price and would come back - but only for a treat.