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Old school people love a good “wok hei” fried rice and this was it ! Although it was abit too oily for my liking and the chicken cubes were too small for my appetite, but we need the carbs no ? 😋 it was served on a larger plate but they divided it equally for us.

Perfect size for fillers and some can consider it dessert. It was not too sweet or too eggy but right in the middle. Best part ? This egg tart dish can be ordered to serve the number of people at the table accordingly 😉

It’s hard to find a dish that is fried yet crunchy yet light AND fluffy but Four Seasons’ Yun House nailed it ! The typical pork pastry is replaced with chicken instead and the typical yam with pork is a vegetarian dish. Making it halal friendly 🤗

Calling all mushroom and vegetarian fans !! This glutinous mushroom dim sum would be perfect but not quite if you dislike the strong mushroom scent. However, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try for something different you can’t get from your neighborhood dim sum 🥢

THE stir fried carrot cake dish that was so full in aroma and not drenched in oil. A good portion to share if you plan to save space in your stomach for other dishes 🥕🍰

I’ve always wished prawn fillings in dim sum would be bigger and Four Season’s Har Gao certainly did not disappoint. Each Har Gao has 2 HUGE prawns lying in there waiting to be devoured. Shrimp lovers unite ! 🍤

These salted egg yolk custard are to die for !!! Fresh and you simply can’t resist its soft bun that follows by a burst of the rich filling going down your throat after a bite 😉

🤤 We all know it’s usually served in 3s but this finer dim sum spot in Four Seasons allows a +1 top up (for an additional charge) if there are 4 people at the table 🙆🏻‍♀️😄 •

Now there’s no need to fight for the last piece anymore 🥢 #highlyRAEted •

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Come 10am on a Sunday morning, this neighbourhood dim sum shop is already crowded – the red round tables filled with hungry folks take up the entire street! Trays of steamed dumplings, fried snacks and more are carried around, so all you have to do is point and choose. We recommend these staples: Fish Ball (from RM4), Siew Mai (from RM4), Prawn Chee Cheong Fun (from RM5) and Fried Prawn Dumplings (from RM6). A community favourite and must-order is the signature Chicken Nest Bun (RM6) that sees loh mai kai (glutinous rice) stuffed into a pau and steamed – yum!
Photo by Burppler Ali K

Enjoyed the prawn chee cheong fun and fried stuff the most compared to the steamed baskets. Especially love that curry sauce and sambal for the silky chee cheong fun.

Lo mai kai stuffed in a bao is unique and pretty tasty. You’ll see a plate on every table.