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Top 10 Places for Nasi Lemak

Top 10 places for Nasi Lemak

Latest Reviews for Nasi Lemak

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Nasi Lemak

Very crispy ikan bilis, fiery chillies, coconut cream infused fluffy rice.
Fried fish fillet was carefully thawed then deep fried.
Join the queue, not bad.

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Sometimes the best thing is the simplest one, like this Assam Fish from Lee Wee & Brothers.
Now this pack of Assam Fish costs you less than SGD 5, it is not fancy in appearance, but don鈥檛 let the look fool you, it is by far the best Assam Fish for us. It is creamy without being thick, the dory fish is fresh and super soft, and served with lady finger and eggplant.
Each portion serves 1 and comes with no rice. You can get a portion of rice for SGD 1.40

People actually wake up early in the morning to come here for their nasi lemak, because you can see a super long queue in front of this store.

The queue really justify how good it was and I totally agree with them. For only $2.50 (add additional ingredients for extra price), I could say this is definitely go into my top place for Nasi Lemak in Singapore.

The rice was so fragrance, even their Ikan Bilis also unique in its way. Their fish fillet was so crispy and delicious. Now I know the reason why people would take time to queue for their Nasi Lemak.


We intended to eat the international Muslim stall actually, but it was closed, so on to the 2nd best one at mizzy corner nasi lemak. The special thing about this is that they use basmati rice (although I personally prefer the normal rice for nasi lemak). The chicken wings wasn't marinated enough for me though. And because I didn't want to order the set (because I didn't want the ikan billis or egg), I think they ended up miscalculating and charging us about $2 more 馃槓
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Ordered this on grabfood. Loved it! The rice is perfectly cooked and the chilli was great.

Can get a cheaper alternative at the original adam road stall, but of course, you would lose the comfort of air conditioning in the malls where crave outlets are located.

The crust of any epok epok or curry puff is always important as it needs to be thin and yet be able to hold the fillings in well, and is crisp.聽#MAKANBOLEH's Epok Epok crust hit all the right notes in this aspect. Moreover, it has a butter fragrance which is a plus point.

This聽Sardin Epok Epok聽came with huge chunks of sardine meat and small pieces of onion. On the first bite, the spiciness of the chilli pasteoverwhelmed me, before the sweetness set in. The more I bite into it, the more I love it!聽Sedap!

If you are a fan of Epok Epok, wait no more! Give this a try.

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But hey, for a $22 whole lobser that is this fresh, one can鈥檛 ask for too much. You may consider adding some fried chicken wings sprinkled with their spices too ($3).
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Previously known as 鈥淛ia Xiang Nasi Lemak鈥, the small eatery run by two young individuals has rebranded itself as 鈥淪imple.绨♀. They remain at the same location of 114 Lavendar Street (CT Hub 2) and still serve a compact menu of tasty and filling rice-centred options at reasonable prices.
A few of us from the @burpple office lunched there today, most of us for the first time, and the consensus is we鈥檇 gladly return for more.
Their menu lets you select a type of rice from three options (I went with 鈥淣asi Lemak鈥 for mine - it came with the trimmings of sambal, ikan bilis, peanuts and cucumber) plus a thin slice of omelette and a main protein. Choices for the latter include but aren鈥檛 limited to the big piece of boneless 鈥淗ar Jeong Gai鈥 chicken thigh cutlet you see in my photo, grilled chicken thigh marinated in a 鈥渟auce of the month鈥, and a really shiok Chicken Rendang. On my next time, that Rendang is what I鈥檒l be gunning for. I had a taste of it and found the 鈥渞empah鈥 very appetising.


Chanced upon this gem when I saw a long queue one weekend. Though there's always a long queue, it moves fast.

Chicken wings are so well flavored and juicy! On lazy days I'll opt for the boneless chicken wings. Also order the ikan bilis, which are crunchy and not oily.

Probably one of the best nasi lemak in Singapore :)

Visited Mizzy鈥檚 as international nasi lemak (my go to nasi lemak place in Changi village) was closed. While the rice was cooked nicely, it was not as fragrant as I would like it to have been. The chilli sauce is also on the sweeter side, and chicken could have been crispier. Hopefully international nasi lemak will be open the next time I鈥檓 there!

This has a belly score of 2.5/5