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I remember the first time I was here, it was just meh. This time, meh again. This place has a good assortment of dishes, leaning towards caifan style. But it's stingy and pricey lah.

🤔 I’ve no clue but what I know is that if you LOVE otah, you’d certainly find this burger delightful! 😻 The gigantic otah patty lying comfortably below the egg has a nice crispy layer to it and plenty of the otah flavour you desire! 😙 Do note the portion is pretty massive for a normal eater (I didn’t manage to finish the fries 🍟) perhaps it’d be a good idea for you to share this with a friend! 😌

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Despite the legions of reviews saying that this is overrated, I still find it a very decent plate of nasi lemak. You can often find queues in front of the stalls when you pass by.

I guess it's hard to match up the standard it once was years ago

Full Vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/pdNwHXXrfFA

Used to be one of my favourites, but quality has been dropping/inconsistent in the last few years - the basmati rice is no longer as fragrant or well cooked as before, kinda overcooked as the rice grains broke apart fairly easily. Prices have been steadily increasing as well. Sigh.

Rating: 3 / 5


Finally got to try Lawa Bintang’s lobster Nasi lemak! $22. Though a little pricey, it comes with half a lobster that is topped in this cheesey sauce and chilli powder. Their sambal chilli was also spicy. Pretty hard to find Nasi Lemak chilli with a kick but the ones here r legit!! Will definitely go back and try their fish!

Nasi lemak, fried chicken, fried egg, dried fish, peanuts, housemade sambal & coconut rice - this is dope, totally worth the $11

Yes it’s an almost 14 dollars plate of nasi lemak but is it worth it? I would say it is! Really tender and crispy flavourful chicken fried with their rempah. Great Great sambal with a kick. And the rice is fragrant and lemak. For the portion and quality, I would say 12.80(excluding gst and service charge) is very worth it. I don’t believe that food that is cheaper usually(eg nasi lemak) should be flamed when charged at a higher price. It’s so justifiable due to quality of ingredients as well as location rent. Cheap or expensive, there are a lot of factors and as Long it’s justified, we should support it wholeheartedly.

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It is a straight road where one would find small eateries flanking both sides. Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Western.. you name it and you will probably find what you like.
This is my nasi lemak @walaku.sg . A not so common component is the nasi (rice) wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. One would think it is the star. Perhaps my expectation was high. The rice is moist but the fragrant coconutty "oomph" was missing and I did not get that "lemaky" satisfaction. I do love the chicken. Skin was so crispy, to the point of being crackling. With crispy crunchy bits of lemongrass and galangal sprinkled over, it creates a frenzy burst on the palate. However, I prefer the sambal to be packed with more heat.
Joo Chiat is a quaint neighborhood with a laid back charm. Hopefully it remains unspoilt and a blast from the past. If you visit, best to put on your comfy shoes and be prepared to walk. Only way to suss out the hidden gems, something old and something new.

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This is Da'Bomb!🔥💣 Otah Burger by @otahsg @leeweebrothers
[Ben's Burger]
| Sunny Side Up | Homemade Premium Otah Patty | Tomato | Caramelised Onion | Purple Cabbage |
Enjoy your Monday with this lovely Otah burger ❤️🍔❤️

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Giant fried otah patty in between a charcoal bun with an egg. Get that yolk oozing down, the crispy fiery otah and take a bite. A new experience indeed, but will tend to get abit gelat.
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You can’t go wrong with whichever stall that has a long queue, like this one at night.

With 3 sets on the menu that offer different variations that include chicken wing, fish and otak. Each set also comes with egg, vege, peanut, ikan bilis and chilli sauce.

You also can choose from other dishes available to add on to your set.


Option to order this with puff rice or bee hoon - the puff rice one comes with a small cup of crispy puff rice on the side.

The soup broth here is thick, cloudy, sweet and really tasty. They’re very generous with the fresh pomfret meat, and it’s a good-sized dish to share. In addition to the puff rice, there’s also soft white rice inside the soup like a fish soup porridge. The addition of puff rice adds a nice crunch to each bite, but I recommend only adding it in when you intend to eat it as it becomes soggy and loses its crunch quickly.

Overall a comforting and delicious bowl of soup for a cold day, or something light to share among family and friends!