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Prawn paste chicken nasi lemak @ $8.90

Not bad a portion for this price, includes rice, prawn paste chicken, crackers, peanuts and ikan bilis, salted egg fish skin, sambal chilli, egg and achar.

The chicken is nice and crispy but has got more skin and batter than meat. The prawn paste taste is quite subtle.

The chilli is good with the rice and chicken.

Everything else is quite average, not bad but nothing to rave about too.

Also got tahu goreng @ $5.90 which is quite generous in portion and has a good tinge of spiciness, not too bad.

Might go back to try other flavours or dishes but probably only when out of other food options.

You can customize your spiciness from level 1 all the way to 12, and the weakness in me was already sweating from the heat with level 3. Let’s start off with the Indomie, which was undoubtedly the king of instant noodles, and I suspect its probably two to three packets of noodles on this plate, which has been nicely tossed and coated with the flavourful sauce, paired with the spicy smash chicken and a perfectly cooked egg. As sinful it might be, this is a very comforting plate of chicken noodles. The other dish that we ordered was the Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah ($10), which comes with a fried chicken leg with blue pea coconut rice, ikan bilis, fried egg, sambal and keropok. What stands out from this dish has got to be the aromatic coconut infused rice. Will I be back? Most definitely. What’s there not to like about Indomie and fried chicken?
✨ Fangko+
📍 20 Hongkong Street, Unit 01-03, Singapore 059663
🌐 https://fangko.oddle.me/en_sg
🍴 [Self Funded]


This is not your traditional Nasi Lemak that comes with ikan Kuning, ikan bilis, peanuts and fried egg. This stall along Clement Road opens until late into the night, feeds the hordes of hungry NUS students with comfort food. You can choose from a huge variety of add on from the ubiquitous chicken wing to the exotic teriyaki chicken and grilled Saba fish, fried brinjal, Sotong balls, braised pork etc. Looks more like a Cai Png stall than a Nasi lemak stall. But this is nice for those who wants Nasi lemak with lots of other stuff. Their chilli which is sweet with not too much heat, goes well with the fragrant coconut milk infused rice.

Worth returning to even if just to try out what other add ons taste like with coconut milk rice.

Salted egg shimeiji mushrooms @ $12
Salted caramel drink @ $9.80
Peanut Butter drink @ $9.80

Came by for some snacks during tea time on a weekday and it's quite empty! The salted egg shimeiji mushrooms are great and not too gelak for 2 to share. And the beverages are very creamy and yummy too!

Quite a small and cosy place which can fill up quite easily, so gonna make plans to come back during off peak hours for their nasi lemak and murtabak next time!

Excited to see another new restaurant opening in Woodlands at Woods Square.

They first opened at Changi Business Park and now go all the way to north. For the price of $8.90, I was surprised with the portion of this.

The prawn paste chicken was really huge and feel very full after having it. You could find the taste of prawn paste with it and quite consistent across every bites.

It is also coming with other items on the plate such as the nasi lemak, egg, ikan bilis, sambal sauce, achar and salted egg fish skin.

The Cabe Ijo is made from green chillies which is suitable for people for a lower spice tolerance as compared to the Taliwang sambal. Between the two, I very much prefer this as it doesn’t burn as much, but yet still bring a manageable spicy kick. Paired with coconut rice, fried peanuts & anchovies, fried egg and their homemade sambal sauce, this is a very enjoyable lunch for me today.
✨ Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang
📍 820 Tampines Street 81, The Kopi House 1990 Coffeeshop, Singapore 520820
🌐 http://www.taliwang.sg/
🍴 [Self Funded]

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...so I dabao too. Forgive the brinjal and French beans, it's not so little, but we shared. Their rice has always been shaky and here after sitting for two hours it's worse.

Cosy space offering relatively affordable mains (~$8-10) of Indonesian house specials, burgers, and traditional brunch.

𝐒𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐡 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐧 (4 ⭐️; $7) - this was their most popular speciality dish - delicious fried chicken tossed with an addictive mix of crunchy skin and tender meat. One can choose from spicy level 0 to 12, and we tried both level 2 and level 6. At level 2, it already packed a considerable fiery punch while 6 warmed the tummy🌶 (please let me know if you ever try level 12!). It was served with fluffy and highly fragrant coconut rice, fried egg, and cucumber. The tumeric and blue pea rice were pretty similar with the former having a slight tinge of tumeric flavour.

𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐚 𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞 (4 ⭐️; $4.80/$5.80) - Enjoyed the cold and creamy drink that was great for balancing out the spice. It reminded us of a matcha version of milo dinosaur as some matcha powder had clumped together and wasn’t fully dissolved but we enjoyed the rich matcha flavour and that it wasn’t too sweet.

𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨 𝐂𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐞 (3.5 ⭐️; $4.50/$8) - Freshly brewed espresso sweetened with natural palm sugar. Wasn’t overly sweet but we personally found it on the milkier side.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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Just a few minutes away from Clarke Quay MRT Station, @fangkocoffee is a cosy café to chillax and enjoy a fusion of both Indonesian & Western flavours that you may be craving for! And of course, you’ve to pair your food up with some of their specialty coffee such as Gula Melaka Kopi, Avocado Coffee, Whiskey Coffee & Jamaica Rhum.🤩

Featured are some of their recommendations!

👉Smash Chicken w Blue Pea Flower Rice (spicy smash level 0-12)
📝If you’re in Team 小辣 like myself, get ready to be “destroyed”🥵, even at Level 3. Comes with a generous portion of tasty smash chicken that packs a fiery punch, there is a perfect harmony of crunchy skin and succulent meat, which makes every mouthful so satisfying. Their fluffy blue and white rice wasn’t greasy at all and super fragrant too. If I gone for Level 1 instead, I’d have wiped my plate clean.🙈

👉Beer Chicken w Fries
📝Perfect for those who can’t handle the heat but love fried chicken! Well-coated in a savoury and sweet sauce that also had a slight hint of spice, their crispy beer chicken kinda reminded me Korean Fried Chicken, in a good way.

👉Mr Haku
📝A marriage of Latte & Hakushu. It’s actually my first time trying Whiskey Coffee and fortunately, it didn’t disappoint. Great for alcoholics in need of a coffee fix.😉

👉Gula Melaka Kopi
📝Coffee with homemade brown sugar! I like that it wasn’t too sweet with the welcoming bitter notes from the espresso.

💌Thank you @fangkocoffee for having me!☺️

📍Fangko+ Coffee
20 Hongkong Street 01-03, S059663
🚚Islandwide Delivery

French beans, chicken cutlet, egg. Their French beans are popular but they don't have the best beehoon.

Went for some fried food today with their chicken cutlet and fries. Sadly the salted egg sauce was served cold and come in the small package. But both fries and chicken cutlet are fried upon order.

Everything hit the spot, especially the generous and delicious chicken. You can't underestimate freshly fried chicken. There's so much cucumber because I skipped ikan bilis haha.