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On the hunt for delicious nasi lemak? Explore the flavours of Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak at Amoy Food Centre! They feature a generously sized, expertly marinated chicken leg, deep-fried to perfection for an irresistibly crispy texture, yet incredibly juicy. Accompanied by ikan bilis, peanuts, and egg atop fragrant rice, complemented with sambal, all for just $6.50!

Location: Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak @ Amoy Street Food Centre,Β  7 Maxwell Rd, Amoy Street, Food Centre, 02-119, Singapore 069111

Gila Basil seafood & Chicken Rice - Charges 25$ against the offer mentioned in Burple as 1-for-1 17$.
When checked, they said the price has been updated but we cannot see the price updated in burple. 25$ seems to be a lot for 1 plate and they don’t have this item in their menu at all when I wanted to cross check the actual rate.

Quite crispy, and flaky at some parts as well. Very thin, and the dough itself is flavoured.

Pretty good stuff, it's close to sin Ming's version in style

The curry is slightly sour and quite decent. Sambal is very sweet

Overall a good choice if you stay nearby

Pretty decent kuehs

Kueh ambon was very dark, it's pleasant cos it's not alcoholic at all and just mildly sweet with a nice soft chew.

The rosewater Kueh kosui is very creative and lovely as well. So soft

The rectangular kuehs were all quite standard

Kueh lapis was good, the layers all stuck tgt and was quite soft

The cake looking brown rectangle in the centre was very dry, so was the non fried green ball

The fried ball has a savoury shallot oil mung bean filling which was interesting

Overall this place is another of those restaurant style places without much flavour, very family style but srsly overpriced. No point visiting

Honestly it's basically char kway teow lol, there's some wok hei and whole prawns, decent

Pork belly and pork ribs in a sour veg stew

Honestly quite normal, it was tender but it seems homemade which is unbelievable for this price and portion

Very crispy shell, probably the best I've had?

The flavours inside were complex but not too strong, chili wasn't strong either. Alright but abit ex

Not too bad quite creamy and complex enough

PSA very annoying their lunch doesn't have sambal buah keluak nor buah keluak fried rice, only at night

This is basically broken otah. It's tender and reasonably good but severely overpriced, it's a tiny bowl really

Somewhat spicy and quite creamy really. This was interesting and not bad

A somewhat thick sauce, not v sour and slightly spicy. The beef cheeks were tender but the portion isn't too big

V restaurant style, not v strong

Really just lemon tea that isn't as sweet

I don't understand the price