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Honestly not a fan of the much raved nasi lemak dish here. I felt that the chicken lacked flavour. It could be more flavourful. Ordered the breast meat which is my usual part of a chicken. The rice could also be more fragrant with more lemak and pandan flavour but it lack of that.

Blue Nasi Lemak ($6.50)
Salivating over nasi lemak by @simple.dailyfood2 . Tucked away at the ground floor of CThub, this is a pleasant find for lunch any day. The nasi lemak is a steal as $6.50 gets the full works of ingredients including ikan bilis, peanuts, runny egg, cucumber, sambal, and a choice between rendang, har cheong and grilled chicken. I went with the har cheong, which had a very light and crispy crust and juicy flesh. Another fantastic part about this place is the drinks menu. A butterfly pea brown sugar soy milk costs just $2. Do note that the nasi lemak is only available on mon, wed and fri.

Maybe a little too early for dessert at 10am, but how to resist especially with the chendol photos around the cafe? We opted for the durian chendol, which came with a generous dollop of durian purée on top.

The durian purée was thick and creamy, and provided a lovely bittersweet contrast with the shaved ice, gula melaka syrup and chendol bits. The ice isn’t as fine as bingsu, but it’s finer and more even than what you’d usually get at a kopitiam or coffee shop. Hidden under the mound of ice were two attap chee and some kidney beans in coconut milk. Very very enjoyable dessert overall, and I would recommend going for the durian chendol over the regular as the durian really elevated my enjoyment of this dessert!

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When ordering Cafe Pandan’s nasi Lemak, you get a choice of eggs: omelette or sunny side up, and vegetables available at their heated display.

We had both the chicken cutlet and fried chicken wing nasi Lemak sets at our table with the long beans, one sunny side up and one omelette. I preferred the chicken cutlet over the fried chicken, and the omelette over the sunny side up, but both were good options! I love how tender both chicken options were, the batter was crisp and not too thick. Choose the cutlet if you’re lazy like me 😂 the rice was fragrant enough, but not particularly outstanding. As for the sambal, it was well-balanced, slightly sweet and not very spicy - so everyone can enjoy it.

I’d rate this as above average nasi lemak. It’s not the best in Singapore, but they don’t claim to specialise in any dish in particular, and the main draw of Cafe Pandan is their variety of delicious local dishes and comfortable interior. Definitely a nice place to consider if you’re looking for local food in a cafe setting instead of a hawker center or coffee shop.

Martabak is stuffed thick pancake, it’s one of the famous street food from Indonesia.
Usually the filling will be cheese,chocolate sprinkle or nuts.
This onde onde Martabak is filled with coconut shredded that soak with Gula Melaka (Not too sweet).
And the skin was thin n crispy on the edge.
102 Joo Chiat Rd, #01-01.

Got this together with the ugly bun as a set for about $6. Pricier than a regular coffee shop or kopitiam, but still much cheaper than going out for breakfast at a cafe.

The yuan yang here isn’t too sweet, plus the ratio of coffee to tea and milk is just right such that none of the components overshadow the others. Not sure if the cafe has ties to Tiong Bahru Pau which is just a few shop units down, but I’m sure I’ll be coming back again :)

A colleague of mine ordered this. It's my first time seeing steak and seafood plated with Nasi Lemak. My first thought was that it might be too much too handle. On the contrary, it was awesome. Dip the steak, prawns and scallops in the garlic sauce, then eat it with the rice. It was quite satisfying. ($16.90)

Its one of the most simple yet satisfying Nasi Lemak I had for lunch. The rice is packed with just the right amount of coconut milk. The sambal was even better with the right amount of spicyness that's gives a good kick to the whole meal. Cutlet could be juicier but overall, it was good for $5.

File this stall away for future food expeditions to Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. The highlight of their Nasi Lemak (from $3) is definitely the incredibly fragrant basmati rice sporting a delightful coconut aroma. Accompanying that is a perfectly fried egg with a runny core, crispy ikan billis and kuning fish, as well as a well-marinated fried chicken. Cover it all in their sweet and spicy sambal chilli — sedap!
Photo by Burppler The Modernlad


If there's one thing Changi Village Hawker Centre is known for, it's nasi lemak stalls. Served here is everything you'd expect from the perfect plate of Nasi Lemak ($3.50) — fragrant jasmine rice, a fried egg, piping hot and crispy chicken, crispy ikan bilis and addictively flavourful sambal. Get additional sides like the fish fillet or hotdog for a dollar each.
Photo by Burppler Marvin Lowe

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Journey to the west for this stall in Boon Lay. The rice here is good enough to have alone with their sweet and spicy sambal — served warm, with the perfect amount of moisture. However, the Nasi Lemak Chicken Set ($3.50) elevates the basics with a chunky, juicy chicken wing fried to a delightful golden-brown, a fried egg with an oozy yolk and anchovies. If you're feeling peckish, add a begedil ($0.50) or otah ($1.50).
Photo by Burppler Alderic Teo