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Heard this place sold one of the best nasi lemaks in Singapore. This was set 2 which came with coconut rice, sambal, fried chicken, fried egg and anchovies/peanuts. Added the brinjal for $1.10. Quite mediocre to me - sambal was normal, fried chicken is crispy but nothing special. And the portion of the brinjal is so sad for $1.10? Even the chai fan stall gives me more brinjal 😂

Surprisingly, the ngoh hiang (not pictured) was the highlight. Crunchy carrot and jicama bits in the ngoh hiang made it taste fresh.

‪Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak serves generous potions of nasi lemak with rich coconut rice, sweet sambal and crunchy ikan bilis and peanuts.

a #nasilemak 2 decades in the making and still goreng strong. rice for breakfast today but is ok because rainy. weak excuse but yea
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a #nasilemak 2 decades in the making and still goreng strong. yumz
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For my past few visits, they were always closed / sold out by the time I visited! Although I found the price slightly pricey, it was $3.5 for just two ingredients a chicken wing and a begedil (the breakdown of the price should be $1 for rice, $1.5 for chicken wing, 80 cents for begedil and 20 cents for takeaway container), the nasi lemak rice was super fluffy and fragrant, the highlight of the whole meal!👍🏻 The chicken wing was also nicely marinated and the sambal chilli sauce was just the right spicyness level for me (not super spicy and jus right sweetness). Be back again to eat this if I'm in the vicinity! #dauthenticnasilemak #nasilemak #marineparade #marineparadehawkercentre #burpple #burpplesg

You’re not a Yishun kia if you haven’t try this yet. Ultimate hidden find. Secret is in the rice!
Their chicken wing is soso nia though.

Chicken rendang, French beans, egg. I'd heard good things about this stall and was excited. First of all, they were really generous. If you didn't know, blue pea or butterfly pea is tasteless. The rendang was really special. Unlike the wet and the spicy, theirs focused on coconutty. The chicken leg was covered in grated coconut. It's not the most tender, but for a hawker stall, it's considered good. Add a runny yolk and wet French beans and I couldn't complain.

Free Cluster Delivery Service to my hood.
Available at @wiwarungijo
Having Indonesian #Vegetarian food

Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken (S$9.90)
Fragrant coconut rice, served with yellow ginger/ kalasan fried chicken, egg, long bean, ikan bilis with peanut, veggie fritter, home-made dried shrimp and sambal.

Kolomee Mushroom Noodle (S$8.90)
Selected non spicy

Nasi Padang (S$11.90)
Steamed jasmine rice served with lion mane mushroom rendang, sambal balado egg, singkong santan, veggie fritter, and mixed veggies.

Lontong Sayur (S$8.90)
Home-made rice cake served with tofu, tau pok, chokos, carrot, cabbage, long bean, and egg in light Indonesian curry.
Selected Spicy Level 1

Bakso Soup (S$7.90)
Meatball soup with meatball (made from plant-based omnipork), tofu, chye sim, and carrot in flavourful broth.

Orh Luak (S$9.90)
Straw mushroom oyster omelette.

Yummy monkey mane mushroom rendang.

Warung Ijo
Address 🏡 : 337 Beach Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 199 565
Open ⏰ : Tue - Sun : 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm

Rendang chicken that’s aromatic with lemongrass that each bite whet your appetite even more. The tenderness of the chicken drumstick was a bonus as neat came off easily.

Finally found an opportune time to try it this week. So now, I know of two blue pea nasi lemak in lavender area that are within walking distance from each other. What attracted me to this place over the other one is that this is slightly cheaper! $4 for chicken wing set. $5.5 for curry chicken set. Additional 30 cents for each paper box takeaway. Otah at $1.50/piece. Begedil at $1.2 for two pieces. Saw alot of ppl recommending the curry chicken so got that to try.. But nope, my dad and I both prefer the good old chicken wing. "Nasi lemak need to eat with chicken wing" 😂 I thought the chicken wing could do with more marination though. this sambal chilli sauce was also on the slightly saltier side though rather than sweet side. There was no queue when I went down during weekday lunch hour. I had placed a pre-order earlier tland all I had to do was to show my order confirmation message for fuss free ordering. Payment can be made via cash upon self collection. They do islandwide delivery as well, check out their FB page! #bluepea #bluepeanasilemak #nasilemak #nasilemaksg #kampungkia #kampungkianasilemak #burpple #burpplesg

Blue pea infused coconut rice which was moist, fluffy and creamy. Compared to other blue pea infused coconut rice nasi lemak stall, kampung kia doesn’t do it half-half (half white coconut rice, half blue pea infused coconut rice). This is definitely an added bonus as not only their rice tasted good, it looks good too.
Bursting with flavours, chicken was fried really well giving it a good crisp on the outside yet juicy and tender on the inside. Together with the sambal, perfect.