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Cool under-one-roof concept that feels like an upmarket food court. Small tart but very fine cream.

Ordered this to go together with the nasi lemak I had, and this was really good. Sufficiently sweet, spicy, sour, and totally met my expectations.

This was such a good meal! Succulent deep fried chicken leg with ample flavour. The sambal was towards the sweeter side something which I personally prefer but I know others don’t. Coconut rice was fragrant and egg was sunny side up. Crunchy peanuts and anchovies to top off. Other than the hefty price tag, I was happy with everything on the plate. It truly satisfied my cravings for nasi lemak.

Also shoutout to the amazing service there. The staff was so friendly!

Another day, another plate of Nasi Lemak — Downstairs had recently shifted from their former premises at Changi Business Park to Suntec City; still occupying a space in the basement of the mall and holding true to its name, the move is also something I am pretty glad considering I have had always wanted to try them out, but their limited operating hours and location were a little out of the way for me.

Still carrying their void deck theme, the place is decked with a familiar stone chess table and letter boxes that one usually will be able to find in HDB void decks of the past. Offering local eats such as Nasi Lemak, Wanton Mee, Chicken Chop Hor Fun and more, we went for the Har Jeong Gai Nasi Lemak — a slight twist to the local Nasi Lemak which sees three Har Jeong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken) drumlets served with omelette, fishcake and sambal. Despite looking quite sparse and lacking Ikan Bilis and peanuts, their rendition of the Nasi Lemak was actually pretty respectable — the use of Jasmine Rice for this rendition steers away from the other Nasi Lemak that we have had recently, which comes served with basmati rice instead. That being said, the rice comes immensely fragrant — seemingly powered more by Pandan leaves with a slight whiff of ginger in its finishing notes. The Har Jeong Gai was decent as well; sufficiently crisp on the outside, yet carrying a hint of umami-ness with the juicy flesh within. The other elements such as the egg omelette felt rather pedestrian, though the fish cake does come with a crisp exterior; the sambal chili carrying a hint of sweetness whilst being mildly spicy — suitable for those who have lower tolerance of spiciness, whilst coming with Ikan Bilis for a soft crunch.

Glad that Downstairs had finally relocated to somewhere more convenient — makes for a good option for local fare with an ambience; the food was of a pretty good quality for its price with all items coming below $10 (most being in the range of $6 to $7). Given how I find myself in this area more often than not, this is likely a spot I would find myself dining at for those random days which I am not sure what to have around this part of town.


What I like about their Nasi Lemak is the Chilli 🌶 😋
Location: Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak, #01-106, 221B Boon Lay Pl, Singapore 642221
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Nasi Lemak Specialist[email protected] Round Market:
They used Basmati rice. Otah is nice. Nuts&ikan bilis are crunchy and not too salty. Egg is alright. Chili is Abit sweet and spicy, it takes some time to take effect. Cucumbers are crunchy and fresh. Chicken is crispy and flavorful. Like a small little Nasi Lemak from Changi village is at Tampines.

Used Burpple to try this, value for money with 1 for 1. Highlight: Pandan Nasi Lemak Rice. It’s a pity that there wasn’t enough pandan rice for 2 plates so we had one plate of white rice.

One of my top few Nasi lemak spots in Singapore. Sadly, they’re only open on weekdays during lunch and I don’t work nearby😭 their Har cheong gai option is fantastic. The chicken comes out perfectly fried every single time and still remains juicy despite the outside being so crisp. Love the blue pea rice which isn’t very greasy and is very light and fluffy. Also tried the unagi rice which is good too! Unagi was damn tender and fresh. $10 for unagi is also damn cheap, esp for this quality.

Was looking forward to the chicken wing and it was crispy but marinate lacks a bit of flavor

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The first time I got introduced to Ayam Penyet was when I was studying in NTU. I was totally blown away by it! However, travelling all the way back to Pulau NTU for a plate of Ayam Penyet is just not feasible. Located just within a short walking distance from Boon Keng MRT, @makanchapter may now be my go to place whenever I’m having malay food craves!

The dishes that I’ve tried are:
Bakar Bakar Set
Nasi Ambeng Set

I really like the 𝐍𝐚𝐬𝐢 𝐀𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐞𝐭 (serves 2 pax) which comes with 2 drinks, a platter and a pot of lobster curry. All these for only $55! It’s really value for money. I really love the curry as it’s sweet and creamy, totally slurp-worthy! I was wishing for a loaf of bread to go with it😋. Needless to add as you can see for yourself, the lobster was huge, juicy and meaty! Dip the lobster meat into the curry and you’re in for a heavenly meal.

For 𝐏𝐞𝐧𝐲𝐞𝐭, you can find a variety of choices from fried chicken to sotong, fish and prawn. Each Penyet set comes with white rice, sambal, fried tofu, fried tempeh, cucumber and tomato. You definitely do not want to miss out on their Penyet sets as they are all perfectly fried till a crispy gold🤤. They were really fried till crisp, juicy and tender! I gotta highlight that their batter was really tasty and the sambal was flavorful too - fragrant and not too spicy.

For the 𝐁𝐚𝐤𝐚𝐫 𝐁𝐚𝐤𝐚𝐫 𝐒𝐞𝐭 (serves 3-4 pax), you can expect a platter consisting of fish, chicken, prawn and squid, accompanied with white rice wrapped in banana leaf. Kindly note that advance order for this set is advised. Otherwise, waiting time will be around 30 minutes.

@makanchapter provides dine-in, takeaway and catering services. Do check out this cosy dining place when you’re in the area!

📍1076 Serangoon Road, S328180
⏰Opening hours: 12pm to 8pm (Mon to Sat), except Tue till 630pm. Closed on Sunday.

🎁Till 31st May 2021, quote “𝗳𝗮𝘁𝘀𝗽𝗼𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴𝟮𝟬” to enjoy 20% off your total bill, for both dine-in and online!

However, we were truly amazed and satisfied with what we have gotten. The Signature Chicken Wing Set ($5.90) came after a 10-15 minutes wait, served on a paper box, with a scoop of coconut infused rice that is topped with a spicy hae bee hiam, deep fried ikan bilis & peanuts, a sunny side egg and a portion of the sweet spicy sambal. To me, the important elements of a good nasi lemak is the nasi and sambal, the rice they definitely got it right with the lemak-ness but I would prefer a spicier and less sweet sambal. The supporting cast, beside the rice and sambal, were done very well as the ikan bilis and peanuts were freshly fried and the chicken wing is nicely marinated with turmeric.
✨ M by Madas Nasi Lemak
📍 348 Bedok Road, Level 2, The Bedok Marketplace, Singapore 469560
🍴 [Self Funded]

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