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I’ve tried almost all the Changi Village Hokkien Mees in Singapore and as for now, the Lor 8 Toa Payoh outlet has my heart. I visited the original outlet at Changi Village itself last week and I was expecting a lot from it (original store mah) but sadly, it fell short of expextations. The noodles were al dente but on the verge of being undercooked (I lowkey didn’t mind this tho, I like hard noodles). Prawn stock used was decent but not as rich as its other counterparts and the wok hei was non existent. Uncle gave me a good amount of lard though, which made me happy. Probably just came on a bad day, I have faith in them.

Changi Famous Nasi Lemak!

Have been to changi village hawkwer many times but have yet to try out all the nasi lemak stalls there.

On the last changi village expedition to get nasi lemak, we wanted to try from the international muslim stall but it was closed. So we settled for mizzy corner. This round of attempt for international muslim failed again (btw is the stall still even in operation now?) and we settled for the next contestant - Changi Famous Nasi Lemak!

Ended up being very satisfied with it. Rice portion was so muchhh and it was very fragrant! Sambal chilli sauce also complemented the nasi lemak rice well. Chicken wings were also juicy. Ticked off all the boxes on my checklist. Plus it was so affordable. Ordered ala carte to get chicken wing, otah and begedil and it was $4.50! Much cheaper than punggol nasi lemak for sure!!

A sloppy mess that looks like a slapdash effort but we were impressed at how tasty this mountainous serving of “Fish Head & Bittergourd Bee Hoon” ($18) proved to be.
Manned by what looks like a father-and-son team, “Guang Xing Original Taste Fish Head Bee Hoon” (stall #01-31) at Changi Village Food Centre had already attracted a queue by the time we arrived around 5.30pm for an early dinner. All in all, it took about 15 to 20 mins from ordering to the food arriving but we didn’t mind the wait.
There’s “wok hei” but I was more interested in how full of fish-rich flavour the rice noodles were from the stock and the wet, braising style of frying. This is not a dish for those who can only handle fish fillets because the Red Snapper fish head is chopped into large pieces and has bones you’ll need a pretty nimble tongue to maneuver around. But those who can, are amply rewarded. The strips of bittergourd retain some bitterness and crunch which provide a welcome contrast to the bee hoon.
I really like the sambal chilli mixed with fresh-cut chilli padi and splash of soya sauce that’s served alongside. It really works for this stronger-in-fish-taste noodles.

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Must gets at Changi Village: Weng Kee Ipoh horfun, sweet potato fritters, 3-in-1 fried fritters (yam, sweet potato, niangao), satay and chicken wings, sweet potato leaves, white beehoon (lala and fish).

Tried both the original Ipoh hor fun and the chicken chop hor fun ($3.50) - the noodles are silky and coated by a viscous savoury sauce. I much preferred the version with crispy fried chicken as it had more dimension in flavour and texture!

Hands down one of the best chicken satays I’ve had at a great affordable price ($0.70/stick) - the meat is tender with the most flavourful char and nutty sauce!