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From the Burpple community

One of the most iconic Japanese flavours
Using a mild wasabi from Shizuoka

Or Maple Leaf Red Bean
Made with Red Bean paste and sweet dumpling dough from Horshima (that follows a recipe dating back to early 1900s)

Cold Storage now offers freshly baked bread (not sure exactly how fresh, but definitely more fresh than the packaged bread on the shelves) and they are really cheap. At $3 a loaf on average, for even sourdough, I’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal, and their bread is actl pretty decent. Come early as they sell out by evening.

This ciabatta was vv moist but a bit too wet, tho not gummy. It sports a soft crust, and was fragrant from the herbs. The pumpkin flavour is not distinct, just a slight hint of it. Also there’s some flaxseed and nuts that gives it some additional texture.

The Cold Storage at Great World City has revamped itself into a much more premium supermarket that has offerings such as an oyster bar, sushi and 30-hour stone baked sourdough bread.

I tried the salad for the first time. For $7.90, you can get 1 base + 1 protein + 2 toppings + 1 dressing. I liked that they have interesting dressings that differentiated this salad bar from the rest. I got the tahini yogurt dressing - it was sour with a nutty aftertaste. The only gripe I have about this salad is that all the ingredients are extremely cold, even the teriyaki chicken. I would have preferred that the chicken was warm, as it would have brought out the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce. But it was still a tasty and healthy dinner, and good for days I don’t want to eat so much at night.

Farmers Union Greek Yogurt (Honey) ($2.50) I always eat yogurt in the cup instead of pouch. I felt that honey 🍯 was not that strong taste but the yogurt covered up the taste of honey instead. Yogurt for Farmers Union was quite smooth and thick flavour and its worth to try it out on different flavours.

Dark chocolate and coffee. The 2 things I enjoy combined into one. Simply delightful.