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238 Thomson Road
#02-33/34 Velocity
Singapore 307683

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09:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Almost all meat dishes at Curry Times seems to come accompanied by rice, so I specifically requested for the dry curry chicken with no rice and got chap chye for a slightly lighter meal.

The chap chye vegetables are tender and sweet, including the carrots. The black fungus could be crunchier though, but it wasn’t too bad. The dry curry chicken comes with a chef recommendation and it really is quite good. Love the thick curry sauce coating the chicken, with a good amount of spice. The chicken and potato chunks are soft and infused with curry. Very yummy, though quite a lot of oil is used in this dish.

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I think less than 10% of the menu comes without rice unless you specifically request for it, but the soups are one that aren’t automatically served with rice.

Curry Times sells two soups - the ABC soup and fish maw soup. The ABC soup is a hearty clear chicken stew with three chunks of tender chicken, potatoes and carrots. The vegetables are all stewed to impeccable softness, and give easily in your mouth. Overall very satisfying, although also oily as evident from the separation of oil floating on top.

This is one of the healthier and also one of the pricier dishes on the menu at Curry Times. It does take a while longer to serve - we were informed it would take about 15 minutes, but it didn’t feel that long.

For $19, the portion of cod is quite small, but you do get some rice as well. The cod is slathered in sweet sauce with preserved radish, which did get a bit too salty after a few mouthfuls. It does go well with the white rice though, and the crunchy chye poh was a nice contrast in texture to the silky soft cod fish flesh. The cod fish is well cooked and sweet, and I could appreciate it on its own or with the rice. Overall, I really enjoyed this dish, but it is definitely quite pricey compared to the other items on the menu.

Note that you can pay with FavePay at Curry Times, but there’s a 10% discount with DBS/POSB cards at the moment (April 2019) so choose whichever payment method benefits you more.

Tofu portion is decent for the price, but the century egg is sliced too thinly for you to taste much of it and overall there’s just not enough century egg to tofu. The version at Curry Times tries to include crumbled salted egg yolk too, but I felt it didn’t add much to the overall dish. Would’ve worked better if they just gave more and thicker slices of century egg atop the silken tofu.

Note that the sauce is sour instead of savoury, which was interesting. Although I prefer a savoury sauce with this dish, the sourness kept me intrigued and coming back for more bites.

Overall not a bad dish if you like tofu, but I think I’ll try the tofu with chye poh the next time I visit.

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Being a fan of Curry Times' curry chicken, i went with their Curry Beef Noodle Set ($9.90nett with a drink) with high hopes but it turned out to be quite a letdown 😔
The plate of noodles sure looked promising when served! 😍😍😍 Looking at that vibrant orangey curry drenched over curly noodles topped with 3 large chunks of beef just whets my appetite!
The best part of this plate has got to be the beef!! Despite being super chunky, they were surprisinhly soft & well-marinated! 💕 No unpleasant chew, no gamey taste, just slightly too fatty at some parts but tt's easy to deal with. Really qte well done! ✔
The rest was pretty much a disaster. The noodles were too soft & soggy while the curry that coated the noodles was really bland!😭 Leaning towards the tangy side with the use of tomatoes & pineapple, the curry lacked the richness & 'lemak' that i was looking forward to. They totally shld have used the same curry used for their beef/chicken!! 😢
Gotta eat the beef together with noodles lest the latter would be almost tasteless. 😔 I think i've learnt my lessons (same disappointment with their tomato chicken noodles last time) & will strictly stick to their Curry Chicken next time.

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For a fuss free chicken curry meal

If you need a quick curry chicken fix , Curry times is the place to visit .

The menu boasts no use of coconut milk and only fresh chicken used . Not sure if the omission of coconut milk is a good or bad thing Hahha but the curry chicken is still definitely tasty.

The chicken and potatoes are well cooked and simmered along with the curry gravy.

I would have liked the curry to be a little bit more spicy 🌶 but this is still good enough.

Pair on with rice and you are in for a hearty meal .