Cheese Steak

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Had their Fried Chicken. Pretty juicy but a more expensive version of McSpicy? Haha... had their Cubano too and it was pretty good. Pity they no longer have cheese steak on their menu as I really wanted to try it :/

They removed the philly cheesesteak from their menu :( but here's an interesting vegetarian alternative. Tastes almost like real meat!

Packed with flavours, this cheese steak sandwich, with the steak patty made from plants (also known as Impossible beef patty), rye bread, onions and pickles, will definitely leave you wanting for more. Satisfying my meat cravings and saving the earth at the same time :)


Second time back here and personally feel the standard has fallen just slightly? Previously I tried the cheese steak (which was amazing but seems to be off the menu for now) and patty melt. Today we ordered the Cubano and Fried Chicken sandwiches. The Cubano was quite tasty for the first half but quickly became quite jelat. The Fried Chicken though, was juicy and tender! Would recommend it.

On my second visit, used the $50 Chope voucher to try the Cubano (pulled pork went really well with the mustard and pickles), Cheese Steak (this is like a fatty shabu beef version of the Patty Melt, but somehow way more cheesy) and Turkey Classic (very interesting citrusy and yummy honey mustard vinaigrette that went well with the sous-vide turkey breast). Really liked their bread (mostly soft-on-the-inside-hard-on-the-outside goodness, with the Cubano being special in a grilled toasty). Though the place is a little small, but it’s a good place for a nice catch-up with your friend over a nice heart sandwich 💕💕

Usually I’d find paying $17 for a sandwich rather preposterous. But when it’s so freaking delicious (and also very filling), it’s hard to complain. The meat was juicy while the sautéed onions were sweet and flavorful which cut the meatiness nicely. To top it all off, everything was drenched in cheese giving it that extra rich kick.

Tried their Cheesesteak, Fried Chicken and Patty Melt sandwiches. All were great but my favorite would be the Cheesesteak sandwich! Super worth it with burpple beyond 1-1 👍🏼

We had the cheesesteak, cubano and patty melt. And three of us collectively agreed that we liked the patty melt the best. The patty was well marinated and went well with the sourness of the pickles, and that cheese! 👍🏼👍🏼


The #cubano was good, coming in a nicely toasted crisp bread (that sadly got a bit hard & tough as it cooled). There was generous amounts of flavourful pulled pork that went well with the juicy butter pickles, mustard & cheese. The #cheesesteak includes sliced beef brisket with molten cheese sauce. While tender and tasty, the beef didn’t really taste like beef (maybe cause we aren’t fans of brisket style) and it can get a bit jelat. The menu also states there are onions but sadly, we didn’t see / taste any onions in our sandwich. Do note it’s quite a big portion! Good for sharing 👍🏼
📍@parkbenchdeli, 179 Telok Ayer Street

Nicely toasted sandwich with generous portion of fillings + cheese 🧀

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