French Toast

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📍Clarke Quay

u know it’s good when u nearly cried after finding out it closed down 😭😭😭 just wanna do a review anyway for the memories

they have sweet & savory options for the French toast; I’ve tried both. The sweet one comes with lots of berries, the savory one has BACON STRIPS and yes I prefer the savory French toast! The bacon went really well with the sweetness of the maple syrup

AND the toast itself was super fluffy and warm with a slight crisp on the outside. an absolute masterpiece. I’m honestly so sad it closed down 😭

Although its called Savoury French Toast, its more of a sweet and salty meal. The toast with butter and syrup is so yummy I wouldn’t mind if they just gave me more of that. At first I found the braised apple kinda weird, but it cuts through the oily and saltiness of the bacon so it becomes a cycle of sweet and salty which is nice.

The texture of the French toast was amazing - so soft and thick yet not too cloying. There was a huge dollop of mascarpone cream, as well as a really fresh-tasting berry compote and pistachio crumble. Probably one of the best French toasts I’ve ever had.

Savoury French Toast (~$16) consisting of braised apple and bacon, was heavenly 🤤 Ridiculously pillowy and fluffy in the centre, the egginess added greatly to the soft and wobbly texture of the French toast 🍞 Hazelnut butter and bacon gave that slight salty contrast to the sweetened French toast drenched in maple syrup 😋😋 Only comment was that the toast did get slightly inconsistent (not fluffy all the way) and some parts were harder

Ig @goodfomood

😍 Havent had this in awhile but major craving for bacon after workout today! It’s Savoury French Toast ($16) on the menu but it’s just sweet french toast w bacon added! Must have at Ronin! 👍🏻😋 Dirty Matcha at the back! 🍵 -
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This one is more refreshing? Fluffy custardy french toast with crumbles and berry compote. Not as sweet as its savory counterpart but is as indulging 4.5/5

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Quite possibly my favorite french toast? Its called savory but well it is as sweet as it gets with the maple 😚. Oh that puddingish texture is lovely 4.5/5

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It may not be the prettiest french toast I have ever seen but it is definitely one of the best french toast i had! Was here for lunch so decided to have the savory one rather than the sweet one. Comes with Braised Apple, Bacon, Hazelnut Butter & Syrup.

The bacon and french toast surprisingly goes well with each other. I am never a big fan of bacon but I really like how it combines with the french toast so it is not too sweet when you’re having the french toast (which is usually the case when it comes together with syrup). The french toast is very soft and moist, and the braised apple adds more flavour to the dish.

This should definitely be shared if you don’t have a sweet tooth. Oh and the coffee’s great too (yes I drank half of it while waiting).
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