Roast Pumpkin

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Many would assume that the Roast Pumpkin (part of the set lunch menu) is ordinary/less worth the price as compared to the Barramundi......but no. Not at all.

The star of the show, the roasted pumpkin, was creamy and not too sweet, with everything else on the plate playing an integral role in contributing to the nuanced flavours of this dish. The smokey toasted pumpkin seeds provided a toothsome crunch, the pumpkin chutney was sweet and aromatic, and the spiced cashew nut sauce was silky and mild (in a good way, tasted like a curried satay sauce). I could rave on and on about the kale....that didn't taste like kale (the typical 'taste' of green veggies) at all. What sorcery is this????? I can barely comprehend or describe how addictive the kale was but I would've eaten plates and plates of it.

This was simply divine and I was blown away by how the combination of such simple ingredients could result in such a beautifully balanced, complex work of art. I genuinely enjoyed every mouthful - it's just that good. You MUST get this if you head down for lunch.


I thought my barramundi was good, but my lunch partner insisted her pumpkin was even better..
Turns out to be true, this pumpkin sounded like a simple main course but it was done well. Mushy pumpkin retaining a bite, with faint smokiness, balanced by amazingly refreshing and crunchy kale. Spiced cashew nut and pumpkin seed served on the side. #pumpkin #sgfinedining #sgsetlunch #kale #cheekbyjowl #handsinframe


The set lunch ($30 for two-course, $38 for three-course, $58 for five-course) at this highly acclaimed restaurant (it's no.1 on our 2016 Hot 100 list!) is a value-for-money way to experience chef Rishi Naleendra's take on modern Australian cuisine. Get the three-course for a holistic experience that won't leave you feeling over-stuffed. The crispy-skinned Barramundi with charred lettuce, prawn floss and onion is an iconic main, but we also really enjoyed the complex profile of the Roast Pumpkin with spiced cashew nuts, kale and pumpkin seeds. Get the laksa-inspired dessert (if it's available) for something different — it's a really unique manly dish for those who don't fancy anything too sweet. We, on the other hand, loved the delicate flavours of the honeydew melon dessert.
Avg price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Muriel A
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Part of set lunch! 2 course-$30, 3 course-$38. Pumpkin was roasted and covered in spiced cashew nut purée, stir fried kale, roasted chopped pumpkin seeds. Love the playfulness of the dish that explored different forms of textures to bring the elements together. Really well done


Wish I could properly express how good this was. With spiced cashew nuts, preserved pumpkin, scorched kale. The balance is impeccable, and the heartiness of the dish unparalleled in most vegetarian renditions. Don't you dare miss this. Also, this is Chef's favourite dish - that always says something.