Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Carbonara

$26.00 · 23 Reviews

Located amongst the heritage-chic shophouses along Nankin Row (at @chinasquarecentral) is @sons.singapore, a buzzy rustic trattoria-style bar and restaurant that serves classic Italian fare with a touch of modernity. They also have a curated list of Italian wines🥂, craft beers🍻 & cocktails🍹 to enhance your dining experience.

It was my first time having this Sicilian twisted tube-shaped pasta which actually holds the truffle pesto sauce pretty well. However, I didn’t exactly like the texture of this pasta as it was kinda doughy for me. Overall, it was still a pretty decent meal.

Wanted to try their Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Carbonara but most reviews stated that the flavour was quite one-dimensional, with not much hint of sea urchin.

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Unlike many of the reviews here, this dish was pretty decent to me. And it certainly did not leave behind a pool of oil.

However, the sea urchin taste wasn't really strong so it tasted a little similar to a standard carbonara. Overall it's a decent dish, but there's really nothing special about it.

Welp i didn't taste much, if at all, of the sea urchin flavour in the cream sauce. Gonna be back here someday to try their other pastas though; like their Tagliatelle with duck ragu and foie gras recommended to me by the waitress
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It's not that the Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Carbonara ($26++) wasn't enjoyable, but it took a back seat because the flavours were comparatively one-dimensional, with not much hint of the sea urchin, & the bacon bits were very tough to chew on.

Portions here are small, but if you use Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 here, your meal becomes more reasonably priced. Will be back to try the pastas & possibly the other mains that sound pretty damn amazing.

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats available
☀ Al fresco seats available
🍽 Burpple Beyond partner
🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Quandoo & clicked through ShopBack to get cashback
💦 Water is not chargeable


Only visually pleasing - not recommended, the other pastas are wayyyy better

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This tagliatelle with duck ragù and foie gras was flavourful and tasty. The fresh pasta definitely scored an extra point for us.
Had tried their sea urchin carbonara previously and was similarly satisfied. However, some of their other appetisers and mains could be better in terms of bolder flavours though. A place to check out for some good discounts through Entertainer or Eatigo.

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Read rave reviews of the sea urchin carbonara here and decided to give it a try. It was disappointing. The cream mix (the yellow stuff) was extremely heavy (jelat as we Singaporeans call it) and I actually felt like vomiting after I left the restaurant and for the rest of the night (despite not finishing the carbonara). It left behind and thick pool of oil once you get to the bottom. Extremely unhealthy. It was also difficult to get the staff attention, though there were less than 4 customers at the shop then. Will never head back again, not recommended.


This Sea Urchin Carbonara: the very first carbonara I was willing to try, and the only one I fell head over heels in love with. Back then it was served as a much smaller portion, with a thicker uni cream sauce and way more bacon. Today though, portion's larger, bacon's lesser, and uni cream is sweeter and more buttery than I recall. The pasta's still as fantastic as before, perfectly al dente with a nice bite to it; but the sauce I fell in love with ain't the same no more. Biggest annoyance: the butter separates halfway into my meal.

Delicious and cheap meals should always be shared. Also, according to Google, guanciale is a type of cured meat from the jowl or cheek of a pork. 🙂🙃🙂(7.4/10)