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You can choose up to two flavours to please the crowd, and I would highly recommend their Pancetta. The combination of cured bacon, oozy sunny side up and sliced tomatoes can never go wrong! The chilli crab will satiate those who are into local flavours with its sweet tomato sauce and bold herbal taste thanks to the coriander.

Peperoni Pizzeria holds a special place in my heart because I held my first NTU Deli Aprecio Club's event at the Greenwood outlet back in 2011. I dare say Peperoni serves one of the best wood-fire oven pizzas in Singapore, with thin, slightly burnt, biscuity crust.
The plus point for the XXL pizza is that you get to choose 2 flavours to make it half-half. You will be spoilt for choice by the wide variety of white-based and red-based flavours. The tomato sauce for the red-based pizzas was tangy and zesty. Comparing to the Pancetta that saw runny eggs spilling over cured bacon and sliced tomatoes, I preferred the Chilli Crab flavour on the other side. The sweetness of the chilli crab sauce and the crab meat, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and egg, enriched an overall roundedness to the entire flavour. Love the green coriander leaves too!

Thank you @burpple for the invite and @peperonipizzeria, @merissagoh and Agnes from Les Amos group for the hosting!
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Imagine the circumference of this pizza is as wide as the width of a dining table – they call it the XXL Pizza (21 inches) here at Peperoni Pizzeria, and it can’t get more literal than this. Like most Singaporeans who love our chilli crab, we jumped straight into ordering it for the first half of the pizza, and Pancetta for the other.

Unfortunately, the Chilli Crab fell short of expectations with the sauce not being spicy enough and that the ginger taste was slightly overpowering. I really enjoyed the savoury Pancetta that contains cured bacon, sliced tomatoes, and two sunny side-up eggs. And oh, don't we all love how crispy and thin Peperoni's crust is?

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Thin crust aficionados will enjoy the array of options available at casual italian joint Peperoni Pizzera. We got the half and half option where one side was chilli crab and the other was pancetta with tomatoes and egg. Both were great, with the chilli crab coming with fresh crab meat, mozzarella, eggs, onions and chilli crab sauce. While I found the sauce a bit too sweet, it does cater to more people, especially children.

I've always loved their pancetta pizza since their greenwood days and i'm really happy that its still as good. The fresh tomatoes offset the saltiness of the cured pork well and it brought me back to my teenage days when metabolisms were high and diets were something only old people talked about.

Thanks @burpple and to @merissagoh and her team at the Les Amis group for the invite and hospitality!


Basically bacon, tomatoes and egg. What can go wrong? Their pizza comes in various sizes. We ordered large 12 inch that serves bout 2 - 3 depending on appetite. I'll be back to tackle their 21 inch pizza!! *heard you're able to mix 2 flavors into 1 pizza. @sohsjay #igsg #igsgfood #sgfood #sgfoodie #sgeats #foodstagram #foodporn #instafood #burpple #pizza #fatdieus #peperonipizzeria #bukittimah #atasestate

Thin crust with the right crunch. Tasty and flavorful. Try the pancetta ! The half cooked egg really brings a different taste & texture to the pizza. It's about $20 per person. Totally worth it.