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To fill your belly with something more substantial, look no further than Burnt Ends’ Sanger ($20). Rather impressive in size, the burger was good for sharing. Packed rather tightly, the pulled pork shoulder was indeed well-seasoned and flavourful. The cabbage coleslaw, stuffed between the golden brioche bun, adding a wonderful crunch while the chipotle aioli brought some heat to the dish.

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🎄 HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE 🎄 celebrating this day with a special post once again to my #12daysofchristmas burning wallet💸 - finally got seats and visited @burntends_sg lunch with fellow foodie @vanessa_kou at the Chef counter table hehe🥰 it’s been on my mind for the longest time and the hype never stopped burning since their opening✨ held their Michelin Star 🌟 again this year! 🔥 They are famed for their quality cut meat cooked with 4 tonne wood fired oven and custom grills🍖 🔥 (saw it with my own eyes , cool stuff! - instastory👀)
Their menu is pretty simple and clean☺️ we got 1️⃣burnt ends sanger ($20) - definitely share between 2 peeps, it’s huge! The meat is deceiving - the pulled pork shoulder meat is thick and condensed into this soft savoury patty with creamy coleslaw and hot toasted brioche bun🤤 it’s so simple that the pure taste of quality meat just shines though✨ 2️⃣ 🥩 beef tenderloin ($28 per 100g) - its served at a standard rawness level. The outside layer is perfectly grilled and textured😋 never saw and tasted such a high definition cooked meat coating before, very impressive while the insides melts yet still have a few Chews for savouring 🥩 ✨ 3️⃣ Grissini and Taramasalata ($12) - best way to start with a delicate crunch💕4️⃣ beef marmalade and house pickles ($14) - opens up your tummy to the upcoming meat party 🎉 5️⃣ berry tart ($12) - I was skeptical at first to order this but WOW 🤩 the base is so soft with a breakable hardness while the berries just brings the forest to you😌 🌳 6️⃣ lastly toasted marshmallow ($2) - how did they make it taste like melted sweet citrus orange omg just get it🍊 overall, the price is not as exaggerated as I thought for a Michelin restaurant, watching the art of cooking is such a foodie dream😊💸✨
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This is the Burnt Ends Sanger, where the tender pulled pork shoulder is mixed with Chipotle Aioli and it fills up the soft brioche bun. It is a good dish to share between two people if you are going for variety.

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We started off with a Grissini ($12) that’s slated generously with taramasalata, a Greek meze before sharing the Leek with Hazelnut and Hot Roasted Quail ($24). The heavy sitters started serving thereafter such as the iconic Burnt Ends’ Sanger ($20) and the piece de résistance, the King Crab served with Garlic Brown Butter ($95). During my past visits, I usually opt for the grilled meats but this time round, the king crustacean took centre stage and the squeeze of lemon gives it a zing and breathes life into the entire dish. To ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly and diners do not have a hard time getting the meat out from the shell, the crab claws have been cut up into pieces, which also allow the flavours to seep into it. Additionally, my recommendation is to order some bread to mop up all of the garlic brown butter sauce and capers for the ultimate pleasure.
Burnt Ends
Address: 20, Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391
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Ah the one dish that every restaurant is made famous for! For burnt ends, it’d be this burger. Think airy and fluffy buns with a generous amount of tender, pulled pork within with a nice marination.


Started off with the Grissini ($12) - chives sprinkled atop fish roe 🐠 spread on thin, crispy Italian breadsticks which was a light snack and then over to the Jamaican Chicken and Crema ($10) 💜 which turned out to be my favourite of the night! Think slightly crispy skin with hot and tender chicken meat dunked into a light, cream sauce boasting of citrus notes! 🤤 The next dish was Eggplant Miso ($12) which leaned towards the saltier side, essentially crispy eggplant 🍆 encased within a thin savoury batter. Following that was the Beef Marmalade and Pickles ($14) which was slightly heavier in my opinion. 🙊

🥩 For the mains, I had the legendary Sanger Burger 🍔 ($20) and 225g of Blackmore Cube Roll ($135). Was a pity I didn’t order medium rare as the medium was a little tough for me 😬 The burger was quite decent though with a GENEROUS amount of pulled pork held together between fluffy buns ☁️

🍬 To end the meal on a sweet note, it had to be the Marshmallow ($2)! 👾 Nope it’s not your one-dimensional 100% sweetness marshmallow but... marshmallow torched with orange and cinnamon! THIS marshmallow has a depth of flavour you’d never expect it’s possible of marshmallows 😌😌

🤔 Would I come back? YES, without a doubt!!! Have you tried burnt ends yet? 👻

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Sanger burger is to die for. Really yummy. The meat is succulent and well-seasoned. Bread is soft and melts in your mouth. The steak is pretty good as well.

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Probably the best deal for the $20 you spend here. Everything done right with the immensely flavorful pulled pork shoulder, creamy coleslaw, rich chipotle aioli finished sandwiched between those toasted buttered brioche bun

Every dish was a star on it's own, simple and well executed with flavours centered around the infusion of smokiness from that flaming grill.

Had the following:
1. White Pepper Chicken Necks 😋
2. Jamaican Chicken and Lime Crema 😋
3. Eggplant and Miso
4. Beef Marmalade 😋 ⭐⭐
5. Burnt End's Sangar Burger 😋
6. King Crab and Garlic Brown Butter 😋 ⭐⭐⭐
7. Beef Tenderloin, Burnt Onion and Bone Marrow
8. Marshmallow 😋

Bookings are full till October already what the... #burpple #burntendssg #burntends #sgfood #sgfoodies #foodporn #1starmichelin

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