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Finally got to try this place after a Long wait of 3 months. Tried a number of highly recommended dishes by many reviewers, including leek, beef marmalade, pulled pork sanger, hanger steak etc. Good and unique flavours, but frankly speaking most dishes were quite heavy, including this onglet steak, especially when it comes all the other goodies. How much I wish the salad is just dressed with simple light vinaigrette. Nothing particularly great compared to steaks elsewhere, so I guess if you have a regular stomach capacity, go sample more appetisers rattler than commuting yourself to this!

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Finally got to try this place after a Long wait of 3 months. Tried a number of highly recommended dishes by many reviewers, including leek, beef marmalade, pulled pork sanger, hanger steak etc. Flavours are quite unique, but they were rather heavy, with much cream, butter and seasoning. Almost came to a total disappointment until this last dish of aged Pigeon came up - WHAT A LEGEND!! MUST TRY!!! The meat was cooked to rare-medium rare, and it was Super succulent and flavourful with the bird’s original aroma. If there’s one thing I’m going to recommend that will give you a sure-surprise, this is it, seriously, TRY THE BIRD!

Excitedly booked this place for a meal 3 months in advance and have been waiting painstakingly for it ever since. Been here both before and after they got their Michelin star and I must say, they have kept their standards, because everything still taste as amazing as I remember it to be 🤤⁣


Most of the early bird walk-ins were only offered outdoor seating (I think one managed to snag the bar). their signature Sanger ($20+) was unsurprisingly good. Also impressed with the beef marmalade ($14+ for two pieces) which sweetness was nicely offset by the mild tartness of the pickles. The medium rare Tenderloin ($28+/100g) was well executed although can't say that it was special. The flavours of the fondant with smoked ice cream ($12+) was kinda too "out there" for me, the chocolate was too mild and the ice cream reminded me of smoked bacon. Overall I'm glad I finally got to try it although if I were honest the place seems a tad overhyped for what it offers. Prices are reasonable even after the Michelin star.

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Tried this before Burnt Ends was awarded the Michelin Star 🌟 and I’m can fully understand why! This was their signature burger - perfectly toasted sesame buns in richly marinated pulled pork and melted cheddar. It was pretty addictive! Pulled Pork was executed nicely, easily pulled apart by the fork (just for testing. I ate my burg w my hands) and not overly sweet nor salty. Even my dad who isn’t a fan of burgs gave his nod of approval!

Had Beef Marmalade ($14), burnt ends Sanger ($20), skirt steak to be shared between two ($58.8) and marshmallows ($2). The skirt steak is the most impressive one - melt in your mouth texture and flavorful. You can smell the charcoal burnt from the steak and the steak is so delicious!

Not really impressed by the Sanger which is a bit too salty for me. Probably because we had it after having the beef marmalade which is pretty sweet due to the caramelized onion (?). The marshmallow is citron / orange in flavour and it is interesting - but a bit too burnt for me!


Delicious 😋
Brioche buns, pulled to order roast pork shoulder, melted cheese, coleslaw and a great chipotle aioli. Juicy, flavorful, complex and just plain yummy. Highly recommended
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Possibly the only pulled pork burger that pulled it off for me. The ones I had before were too dry but this one is so flavourful and tender. Filling out the fluffy brioche buns, layered with melted cheese, coleslaw, mustard, chipotle aioli sauce, the pork shoulder meat filling is moist, tasty and has a satisfying tender bulk. The price to pay is that it can get quite salty towards the end. Best for sharing. $20.


Was super excited to try this - it didn’t disappoint me for sure.

Pulled pork with cheese and purple slaw stacked in between brioche buns, my new favorite burger.