Omakase And Tasting Menus

Omakase And Tasting Menus

Basically, the Chefs decide what you eat.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

Entering @oshinosg is like stepping into hallowed grounds. Their blink-and-you’ll-miss-it doorway tucked in a discreet corner of Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade belies the world beyond it - a sushi sanctuary for want of better words. The dining experience is beautiful and quite otherworldly, to say the least. My friend Vijay and I went for the Chef’s Omakase ($500++ per pax) that night and Chef-owner @k.oshino served us a goblet of Shijimi freshwater clams soup to warm our bellies before launching straight into what he is most revered for, his sushi.
A shockingly refined piece of Hirame (flounder) led the way. It had me gasping but before I could catch my breath, a Yellowjack came along and left me equally shook.
Chef Oshino then placed an elegant stand bearing Shiro Ebi (white shrimp) with Caviar, Aka Uni from Kyushu and Bafun Uni from Hokkaido in front of the each of us. I savoured that trio in quiet bliss.
Ika (squid) generally leaves me cold, but the white beauty I was presented with, dressed understatedly in salt and Japanese lime, had me longing for more.
A most astonishing Kinmedai came after, before the first streak of silver of the evening, a Kohada, arrived. I made both vanish in a flash.
Then, temperatures shifted with the arrival of a Hokkaido Hairy Crab baked with miso - I adored how the savouriness heightened the crustacean’s sweetness.
A school of “Glass Fish” from Hokkaido swam up next. Soft and slippery, they tasted of seaweed to me but like Vijay noticed, with a bitter finish.
The sushi continued with a stellar Sawara (Spanish mackerel) before another silver-scaled piece struck again - it was a delectably strong Iwashi (sardine) that bounced me up to cloud nine.
The following course consisted of Pen Shell, Ark Shell, Japanese Barracuda, very deliciously dressed Saury and Chutoro, and was as indulgent as it was divine.
One of my top three sushi from the meal was served at this point - the Aji (horse mackerel). I was so eager to eat it, I actually forgot to take a photo! Shocking, right? 😂
Anyway, sailing in after that momentary booboo was a fantastic Uni Gunkan, in all its cold, creamy magnificence.
Autumn’s gorgeous colours were captured in the triple threat of Oyster, Abalone and Ankimo (monkfish liver). Premium ingredients exactingly prepared to ensure immense satisfaction.
Moments later came the Shimofuri, a choice cut of the fatty tuna belly which melted in the mouth like I knew it would.
Topped with yuzu zest, Chef @k.oshino’s marinated tuna retained the texture of fish flesh and was not as smooth as other versions I’ve tried. Not saying which is better - just appreciating their differences 😋.
The Kawahagi (Leatherjacket) boasted the best accessory - its own liver. Suffice to say, we swooned over this.
Straight from the fryer flew the Matsutake Mushroom and ginkgo nuts. They were piping hot and tasty.
For our palate cleanser, we each received a fresh Japanese Gooseberry to munch. How clever and perfect, is it not?
Then, a mini ricebowl with Ikura so fresh, my teeth felt like they were popping bubble wrap! The confetti of yuzu zest was a brilliant touch.
I was blindsided by the Scallop sushi. Wow, wow, wow - truly bowled over by the mouthfeel and taste it delivered.
The sweet and springy-fleshed Kuruma Ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn) in the second mini ricebowl was absolutely delicious as well.
Proving yet again its ability to stop conversations was the beguilingly smoky and oily-rich Nodoguro, the last piece of sushi in Chef’s Omakase.
Our final savoury course though was a superb Tuna Cheek Shabu Shabu served with ponzu and yuzu kosho. Although it looked clean and clear, the soup had remarkable depth and flavour thanks to the fattiness of the fish. I couldn’t get enough of this!
Tamago - the edible punctuation that’s dropped in before dessert at such meals, showed up right on time. Chef’s version was bold in savouriness with a hint of sweet.
We finished with seasonal fruit from Japan. My favourite was the melon which came in a heftier wedge than the usual.


The classic Kaya Toast Set is redefined as a single bite at @spagosingapore. And as @sulyntan mentioned, it is a beautifully nuanced creation of savoury and sweet.
While the housemade kaya and brioche toast appear as more straightforward components, the chilled butter is replaced by a rich slab of foie gras terrine. And the sidekick of half-boiled eggs is distilled into blobs of golden egg yolk jam. Soya sauce and pepper, both must-have seasonings for the eggs, are re-imagined as a soya salt. It joins the streaks of coffee powder (which stand in for the standard accompanying cup of coffee) as a topping. But that’s only half of the coffee story because Executive Chef @gregabess also serves an exquisitely earthy and almost-chocolate-y Keluak Coffee to enjoy with the elevated kaya toast. A decaffeinated blend is used, so no one is going to be left sleepless in Singapore.

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As it is inspired by Head Chef @cheffernandoarevalo’s journey as he seeks perfection in culinary art, referencing in particular the critical decisions he has to make from start to finish, the menu is designed as a fork in the road with diners having to choose between the themes of “Capture” and “Release”. While the former is inward-seeking with the essence of ingredients presented in precise minimalist fashion, the latter embodies the possibilities to maximise their fullest potential. When dining as a group, the entire table can’t differ in their menu choice. We couldn’t decide but fortunately, has a solution on standby. My friend @renztan did the honour and fate dealt us “Capture”. Immediately, a centrepiece reflecting this theme was placed on our table. Fresh, charcoal-baked corn bread was close on its tail, a stellar kogarashi and spring onion butter in tow.
Then came the essences of “Smoke, Scallop and Butter” on an elegant tray. I was most taken with the novel brown butter ice-cream on oyster leaf covered in hazelnut crumble and French black truffle. The morel mushroom looked simple but with brocollini, spiced rub and preserved Amalfi lemon, it tasted anything but. The third bite was interesting as smoked caviar, Japanese cucumber, potato blini and yoghurt were encased in a crisp sugar shell.
To complement, @markyyw brought out a Greek wine. He took care of the wine pairing that evening and my group of ladies who know a thing or two about vino (I’m looking at you specifically @linosaur), were really pleased with his pours.
The next course was a divine double act of caviar dressed with drops of twenty-five-year-old balsamic vinegar and am amazing venison tartare with rice crisps, eggplant and clarified tomato water.
Following that, a dish that recalls the awe and wonder Chef Fernando had as a child, of the ocean. As he’s originally from Bogota in central Colombia, it was a magical moment for him. Sea urchin, chervil root and a consommé were what he used to capture this memory.
Conceptually and taste-wise, the pasta course was sensational. As perfectly cooked as the Brittany Blue Lobster was, it was the SINGLE STRAND of pasta THREE AND A HALF METRES LONG coiled next to it that had me floored. What’s more, Lin and I managed to eat our respective strands in one continuous, unbroken slurp, aided by the glorious sauce. So proud to have done justice to Chef Fernando’s efforts (he’d shared that since Preludio opened, there’s never been a harder dish to make).
The Turbot was my other favourite and plated with it, sweet slices of French Oudard pears, onion purée, cauliflower and a smooth creamy mash that’s actually rice with saffron.
Chef de Cuisine @stefanliau popped out of the kitchen to explain the “Crimson” which had delectable Wagyu beef finished with a mustard and red wine glaze, and topped with crunchy quinoa and almond flakes.
After we polished off the delightful palate cleanser, “breakfast” followed. This whimsical creation by Pastry Chef @elena_pdc was an “egg” with mango and passionfruit for a yolk, and coconut jelly as the egg white. Beneath was a lime sponge. The bits of broken “egg shell” on the side were actually white chocolate. We were completely captivated.
Her impeccable flair and finesse were on full display again in the second dessert - a sculptural scrumptiousness of white chocolate, earl grey, dulce de leche and cornflakes milk ice-cream.
Naturally, Chef Elena’s petit fours were nothing short of exquisite. While I liked the matcha yuzu tart and salted caramel cinnamon cake a lot, it was the orange marmalade cookie and coconut chocolate bonbon that I adored. It’s so cool she managed to pop out of the kitchen to do a quick FaceTime chat with @heyrozz and their mutual friend in Mexico.

Thank you again Team for hosting us and @gastrosense PR for the invitation.


It was the jaw-dropping main course - a D.I.Y. “Banh Mi Party” with steaming hot, straight-from-the-oven fluffy pizza dough bread as the base. To build our own sandwich, we had four outstanding meats: lemongrass pork belly, spam pate, house-made beef tongue pastrami and pistachio-studded mortadella, as well as a truckload of fresh herbs, an assortment of pickles made in-house (think daikon, chillies and beetroot), and finally, the all-important condiments: spring onion relish, Maggi seasoning mayo and fermented chilli with shrimp salt. You bet we went crazy piling everything on, to customise behemoth #BanhMi #sandwiches we had to unhinge our jaws for. Flavour-wise, it was off-the-charts!

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Received this unexpected treat from Head Chef Patrick Leano when I popped by recently to takeaway a couple of Burnt Ends’ Pulled Pork Sangers for a friend to try.
I had already eaten lunch but still enjoyed the hell out of this baby. In the crisp, buttery pastry shell sat the restaurant’s iconic smoked quail’s egg, perched on a bed of light custard and shored up by a truckload of caviar. You know I had to take a moment to give it my full attention. Reliving it now only makes me more eager for dinner tomorrow night with my Teochew Gang. Can’t wait!


Yes, I’ve had Donabe Rice several times (with different ingredients) and yes, I have had binchotan-grilled Wagyu Beef just as many times if not more. But having both simultaneously was a first for me, and we were even told to enjoy them together.
Verdict: I loved the outcome! 😋😋😋
Those huge, creamy oysters that had been braised in sake, shoyu, mirin and loads of butter, were broken up before being mixed into the piping hot rice to be served to us in individual bowls. After slicing up the smoky, melt-in-mouth Miyazaki A5 Wagyu (it had a crazy marbling factor of 11), we popped the oyster rice on top and enjoyed a “surf & turf” of the most delectable and flavourful kind.
I can’t wait to return to @fleuretterestaurant to discover what Chef-owner @tariqhelou has up his sleeves.


For his birthday dinner this year, T.H. was clear about where he wanted to dine. And this decision was made a few months ago when our dinner at @basquekitchenbyaitor left him hugely impressed.
I know many people specifically visit this restaurant to savour their Txuleta and/or Turbot that are grilled on the Josper, but we had the Tasting Menu by Chef-owner @aitortxuchef. Leaving it to chefs to decide what to feed me has always been my preferred because I believe they would want to share creations that best represent them, not to mention those they are most proud of. And that’s how we spent the evening enjoying the following:

1. A yet-to-be-launched premium pintxo of mushroom glazed uni on toast topped with freshly shaved white truffle. Outrageously yum!

2. Another incredible premium pintxo of decadently delish “egg on egg on egg” action featuring caviar on a cured Japanese egg yolk and bottarga.

3. Piping hot and crunchy truffle croquetta with a creamy core of black truffle aioli and more white truffle to finish. I’ve always liked this a lot.

4. Very tender and flavourful abalone that’d been sous vide for 48 hours served on sourdough and blanketed in a “Donastiarra” sauce.

5. Housebaked sourdough with the restaurant’s as-fab-as-ever smoky butter.

6. An exquisite creation of poached Kegani hairy crab meat with Kaluga caviar, mixed greens and chive oil.

7. Hearty course of meaty cep mushrooms with cured japanese egg yolk and marigold - I simply couldn’t believe how satisfying this was.

8. An interesting dish starring sea anemone rice with plankton aioli and sea succulents - ice plant and sandfire.

9. Very flavourful pan-fried red mullet smothered in beef tendon crackling puffs and a sauce of its own bones, liver and such.

10. Tasting of the sea, a mussel consommé with creamy bouchot mussels and goose barnacles hidden under the foaminess.

11. For the meat course, T.H. had his favourite A5 Miyazaki Wagyu tenderloin with foie gras, autumn truffle, pumpkin purée and jus, while I got the incredible lamb that had bowled me over the last time. It was every bit as mind-blowing as I remembered.

12. To enjoy with our meats, we had what T.H. christened the “King Of Chips”. I must concur as the heap of huge and chunky, triple-cooked chips were perfection - mealy inside, crispy out. The white truffle shaved on was lovely but not necessary because frankly, the chips were outstanding on their own.

13. “Heaven on Wheels” rolled up next and Sham prepared for us a selection. By selection, I mean nearly every cheese on that trolley, including those from the Basque Country. You could probably have spotted my beaming smile from outer space. So great was my happiness.

14. Palate cleanser was a yellow-on-yellow vibrance of mango ice-cream, tangerine sorbet and marigold petals.

15. For dessert, Chef Aitor served a flan with the most luxurious mouthfeel, and it had the excellent company of housemade chamomile ice-cream and yuzu dust.

16. Petit fours were thoughtfully packed by Chef @ippinn_ for us to take home because after that cheesapalooza and desserts, we could not imagine taking another bite.

To pair with the parade of seafood and red meats throughout the night, @jaureguiberryvincent recommended an atypical red which we found really lovely.

Thank you Team @basquekitchenbyaitor for a most memorable dinner.

(Hosted) Head @Chef.pinaki had joined @yantrasg just before Covid hit, so timing wasn’t great but based on our recent dinner at the surprisingly spacious and elegant restaurant, I think he has used the unexpected gift of time to great advantage - by creating new dishes and tweaking the flavours of existing ones to improve them. My family and I felt the Tasting Menu he served us, was most delicious.
Inspired by tradition as well as modern influences, the cuisine at #YantraSg is a fine balance of classic and contemporary. There is an a la carte menu of course but Chef Pinaki’s Tasting Menu allowed us to try a wide variety which is what I prefer when visiting a dining establishment for the first time. We did however, also enjoy a couple of other items outside of it, such as the Rajasthani Mirchi Yade, a traditional stuffed and batter-fried green chilli that was irresistible with its filling of spiced potatoes, and a fabulous Chicken Biryani that smelled and tasted as appetising as my video suggests.
Arriving first though were the amuse bouche of Papdi Chaat and Dahi Puri - a pair of exciting bites of contrasting flavours and textures. I was especially infatuated with the latter, a delicately crunchy ball filled with cool yogurt.
Head @chefpinaki then presented a starter featuring the meat of a young goat from Australia done in two ways (unlike most places, the mutton used at Yantra does not come from sheep). I found both preparation methods to result in deeply aromatic tenderness, with nary a trace of gaminess. But if you aren’t into mutton, fret not because you can opt for the alternative starter - a duo of Chicken Tikka and Chutneywale Fish Tikka (it features local seabass marinated in coriander, mint marinade). My mum who had this, liked it a lot and successfully pried the recipe from Chef 😆.
Next came the Macher Paturi, a speciality of Bengal which is where Chef Pinaki hails from. It showcased fresh local seabass marinated in mustard and coconut and cooked in banana leaves. I was reminded of Otah while tucking into this delectableness but the spice profile was completely different.
An intermezzo of Milagu Rasam followed. I loved the steaming hot, sour and peppery broth so much, I had to have two cups.
The main course comprised of two dishes to be savoured with saffron rice. One was the signature Chicken Tikka Makhani which had very tender boneless pieces of chicken in rich, thick and mildly spicy tomato-fenugreek gravy. The other, which had me scraping the bowl clean, was the humble looking but too-yummy-for-words Dal Makhani. After simmering for more than 24 hours on the tandoor, the black urad (lentils) were unbelievably soft and creamy.
We were also served a big plate of spinach to share. Cooked till mushy, the iron-rich vegetable was abundantly fragrant and flavoursome due to the large amount of peppers, spices and garlic used.
None of us could stop munching on the freshly-made garlic naan either, as it boasted a crisp bite rather than being limp and doughy.
Dessert was wonderful as we got a mix of Indian specialties. Served warm were the classic Gulab Jamun and the Gajar ka Halwa, a carrot compote (I really liked this), and in-between them sat a scoop of housemade “cream of milk” ice-cream which turned out to be a good complement.

This lunch took place barely a month after I was at @metasingapore with my friend SZ but when every meal is such a pleasure, repeating it can only be a good thing. This time it was with TH who‘d never been and was eager to go.
Snack game, as always at this One-Michelin Starred restaurant, was really strong. I found the sablé cookies, whenever they appeared, to be exceptional, like the Parmesan-flavoured one in the bite that came topped with foie gras mousse and verju gelee, and the raspberry version as petit fours at the end. The “prawns in two ways” turned out even better than when I had it previously because the texture of the brioche was lighter. Extra tasty too was the modern haemul pajeon (Korean seafood pancake).
Familiar and much-loved courses followed - the compact but richly-flavoured, uni-crowned chawanmushi, Meta’s signature Irish oysters dressed with a Korean touch and the tuna akami tartare with egg yolk jelly, crispy feuille de brick and a dome of @caviarcolony’s kaluga caviar.
After that, since I’ve had the “abalone with grains” a few times, the chefs decided to prepare something yet-to-be-launched for me. It starred a giant Irish scallop with crab sauce and chive oil and was a revelation - its simple appearance belied the overwhelming tastiness.
Then my lunch returned to regular programming as the much-talked-about Samegarei (rough skin flounder) and razor clam arrived, trailed by one of my all-time favourites at #metasingapore - the BBQ Wagyu beef with burdock rice plus a bouquet of dressed fresh salad leaves to finish up with. All flawlessly executed.
To my surprise, we had new sweet endings. The pre-dessert had multi-spice-poached pear, pear sorbet, a white cloud of ginger espuma and a sprinkle of fruity Timor Pepper from Nepal. Then a mushroom creation which I will state for the record, is my favourite dessert to date by Pastry Chefs Gail and Rachel. In that were nashi pear lightly coated in kimchi powder, cocoa soil, shiitake mushroom ice-cream, cocoa nibs snow and mini shiitake mushroom meringue. I think I have a thing for mushroom desserts so this suited me to a T.

This popular larger-than-life Japanese Chef has teamed up with OUE Restaurants for his latest venture - @hashidaprivatedining. Temporarily located at Social Kitchen at OUE Downtown, Chef @topdoghatch and his team (@yujisato77 @atsushi_k_rocky) are rumoured to be moving to Amoy Street sometime later this year or early next.
Clearly relishing his freedom and opportunity to create, Chef Hatch is on an inspired rampage, even managing to change up his Menus fortnightly. No surprise given how he struck me as an irrepressible bundle of ideas when I visited last Friday with my friend.
Our sumptuous meal kicked off with two very tasty snacks: a ball of Sawara (Japanese mackerel) with burdock root and chrysanthemum, and a skewer of crunchy-fried Maitake mushroom and Japanese yam.
The Australian truffle-finished Chawanmushi which followed, had chestnuts which gave it a delightful sweetness, and water chestnuts for crunch.
Next, the Mackerel “Head To Tail” which enthralled to no end. While its flesh was pressed with rice into a roll, Chef told us that he used the mackerel head and bones for the broth.
The Sashimi course may have looked stunning with colourful fall foliage but I had eyes only for the sexy Chutoro and Shima Aji.
Then came an Abalone dish which included squid and steamed uni. The luscious sauce of cashew nut miso, seaweed and butter, combined tastily with the grated raw cashew nuts. We were instructed by Chef to give everything a vigorous mix before tucking in.
A bowl of melt-in-the-mouth beef arrived at this point. The two ponzus, a soy sauce version and a white soy jelly, provided a welcome cut-through for the meat.
Prior to the parade of Sushi, we sipped on an excellent Essence of Abalone.
The raw seafood followed, and all of it impressed the hell out of us. Chef formed them individually, very sensuously I might add, and presented in this order - Snapper, Kanpachi, Botan Ebi with Blue Roe (this was truly wow), Kinmedai Aburi, Hokigai or Surf Clam Aburi (it’s intensely umami-sweet), Nodoguro (am always thrilled to enjoy this oily fish), a mesmerising Zuke with hot Shari and finally, Japanese Barracuda Aburi.
On a separate note: I was thoroughly charmed by Chef Hatch’s sharing that each fish is linked to a memory of his childhood. For eg. as a young child living in Tsukiji, Tokyo, he and his father would hold speed-eating contests whenever he returned from school. The dried form of the Japanese Barracuda was the fish they would race to finish.
Circling back to the meal itself, we were then served a mini Uni and Ikura Don before @atsushi_k_rocky brought us Prawn Miso Soup with a prawn and chilli powder to warm our bellies.
I thought we’d reached the end of dinner but Chef had other ideas, presenting us with a Grilled Kani (crab) Hand-roll, and his signature multi-draped style of Fatty Tuna Sushi. Both were outrageously delicious.
By looking to the past, centuries in fact, the dessert platter came across, quite ironically, as original, not to mention, utterly scrumptious. There was a Japanese Sweet Potato Mochi that pleasantly shocked with the aromatic heat from tomato pepper, a purple blob of Uiro (traditional sweet from the Kanagawa Prefecture) and delicate wedges of steamed sponge cake with cheese sauce that had a touch of salt.

Do take note that this place requires reservation to be made well in advance to avoid disappointment.


One of the constants I look forward to when having the Omakase at Takayama is their Monaka wafer. Its airy crispness a luggage of foie gras ice-cream, ginger flower, pickled watermelon and yuzu marmalade to take your senses on a trip to the land of delectability.

Seasonal Lunch Menu: $150++ per head.


(T R E A T)
There are some chefs whose food once you’ve tasted, is clear they have a fantastic palate and you just know are capable of even more exciting things. In my opinion, such is the case with Head Chef @kurt.sombrero at Meatsmith Little India.
I have always found his menu for the Campbell Lane outlet of Meatsmith, peppered with Indian-inspired twists (a homage to its location), creative and well-tuned in flavour balance. With the launch of the new dining concept - Meatsmith Little India Level 2, he now has another avenue to flex his culinary muscles (while still running the kitchen for the restaurant downstairs and the takeaway menu - phew!).
The multi-course Tasting Menu he’s devised for Level 2 is explorative, refined, and undoubtedly worthy of attention ($85++ per pax). To complement, Senior Bartender Kelvin Chow (@ch0wwww) has engineered a special cocktail pairing menu at $65++ per pax.
Our dinner commenced with vibrant small bites of a coriander cream-dressed Potato “Pani Puri”, an artfully balanced Biryani rice and cured Hamachi Sushi, “Fish & Chips” made with purple potato chips, smoked creme fraiche and cured hamachi, as well as a collection of colourful bites on skewers. These included a pan-seared Amaebi wreathed in pickled fennel, its head deepfried to a crunch, Tandoor oven-baked Leek with Foie Gras, and a cabbage-wrapped Chicken Medallion “lollipop”. Kelvin’s first cocktail to go with these was a light concoction of distilled lemongrass and tea with a hint of honey.
Chef Kurt presented the next course himself, a stunner of Carabinero prawn with cauliflower purée, seaweed salad tossed in oils from curry and prawn shells, and for a finishing touch, curried smoked granita - easily one of the strongest dishes in the menu. Lightly fermented Mango with apricot, barley and fresh coconut went into its accompanying cocktail.
Then came an irresistible grilled squid in thick, aromatic curry shielded by wavy Pappadum “shells”. To enjoy this dish, the “shells” were broken and swiped through the curry. The matching drink was my favourite of the night, an alchemised liquid of fermented green apple and fat-washed burnt cream.
Crispy grilled pork cheeks, pickled beetroots, chives and chilli aioli on grilled potato buns (made in-house at Burnt Ends Bakery by @tart_tatin and her team) made up the next course. This delectable mix was matched by a cocktail of fat-washed red and green apples, and distilled macadamia. General Manager @thomaskoh83 told me it’s his personal favourite.
From the three main course options, I picked the Butter Chicken Deluxe, and was suitably delighted by Chef Kurt’s contemporary take on the classic Indian dish showcasing smoked butter and cream, on to which he shaved black truffle. @huatkaliao opted for the Tandoori Cube Roll (this requires a $15 top-up) and loved every bite of the smoky, tender and richly-flavoured meat. I stole some of it and was equally enamoured. A fab choice for red meat lovers. We were presented with the Pork Belly Chop with Sauerkraut Kombucha to try too and it was good, but my heart really belonged to the other two. It’s good to see all the mains come with housemade Roti as they‘re perfect for mopping up curries and sauces.
My hubby had done a wine-pairing instead of cocktails, and he was very pleased with the pours. So pleased that at the end of the night, he decided to purchase a couple of the wines from
Of course Chef Kurt wasn’t about to do a simple dessert for his inaugural Level 2 Tasting Menu. Hence, what appeared was a scrumptiously complex offering of smoked yoghurt ice-cream, ginger ale-compressed apple, sugarcane meringue mousse with kaffir lime and orange zest, and a shockingly fragrant butter and cumin bread smoked till dry and crumbly. A Coffee Negroni was its sparring partner.
Lastly, on a bed of edible “Gunpowder” spices and Milo were these nibbles to send us rolling off into the night: a fluffy coconut caramel sponge with coconut caramel purée, chocolate ganache and sour plum jelly.

Thank you again for springing a surprise on us and taking care of the bill, Thomas 🙏🙏😄. I’m sure you know we would have happily paid for it.

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