2 buns and a patty!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Call me slow, but never too late for a signature Burnt Ends Sanger! You can now even build-your-own Sanger with the DIY Sanger kit available online. But I am so glad that it survived delivery without turning soggy, especially the brioche buns.

I was honestly impressed by the amount of pulled pork and the 2 buttery Sanger buns, so so fluffy. Excessively packed with 12h slow cooked full-flavored pulled pork shoulder, coleslaw, chipotle aioli, pickled jalapeño and cheddar cheese. Savoury, smoky, acidic; an explosion of flavours in a bite. The size of the Sanger might not seem big, but the portion of fillings is definitely more than enough to feel stuffed if you are having the Sanger to yourself. Probably good to share to avoid the strong meatiness.

As I am a non-beef eater (except for work purposes), this wasn’t my choice of burger. But for burger lovers the bf, he commented that the way to see if a burger place serves good burgers is to taste their classic beef burger. So I took just a small bite off the beef patty and boy, it was superbly juicy! Grilled just to the right texture such that the juiciness was retained with slight char. Also, just from that bite, I could tell it was handmade, probably using minced beef. The buns were tasty too, pillowy and buttered nicely. Sandwich between the buns were also some lettuce, cheese, pickles and not forgetting the homemade tomato sauce drizzled on the patties. The tomato sauce (which I thought was sriracha) was rather special, with a good balance of tang, sweetness and acidity.

There’s also an option to add beef patty at $2.50.


Welcome back, @hambaobao, with your permanent house now at TRIO! The 2-week old, 30-seater casual eatery features their 5 original signature burgers, in an industrial-themed space decked with navy green furniture and flooring, as well as its nostalgic white wall tiles. Customers can either choose to dine at the bar counter or right beside the floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the shophouses around.

I had only one thing in my mind as I bit into the crispy pork belly burger; the burger that I would die for. While we waited for about half an hour, I must say it was definitely worth it! Every single bite returned with constant crackling of the crispy roasted pork skin and I am really not exaggerating (because I took extra note 😂). This mini tower was fully packed with thick chunks of pork belly, Japanese cucumber, dressed in mustard and hoisin sauce. You know how generous they are with the meat when the cuts of pork belly almost dropped off every single time you try to adjust the burger to get a good photography angle. The choice of hoi sin sauce as a complementary dressing was perfect to enhance the Asian flavour, but what’s more brilliant was the touch of English mustard to cut oiliness and sweetness of the hoi sin which could get jelak. Buns were really pillowy and buttery, can’t ask for more.

We were pretty impressed by the golden brown hand-cut fries ($2.50) too, slightly thicker cut but fried till extremely crispy. The seasoning was tasty and I enjoyed them with the potato skin on.

Definitely a place to return for affordable Asian-flavoured burgers in a comfortable dining setting. The good news, you can now make reservation to avoid long queues. Hop over to their IG for more details! Available for takeaways too.



Among the fusion items, we decided to try the Har Cheong Gai Burger which came as a shock (in a good way). The towering burger had, not one, but two massive pieces of Har Cheong Gai that the toasted buns could hardly contain. We could only eat it layer by layer, but it was definitely a brilliant idea to sandwich some coleslaw in between for a tad of fresh crunchiness, while also to hide the raw taste of the coleslaw for people who don’t enjoy it on its own like me. Thought the taste of the prawn paste could have been more evident though. Not to the extent of an exciting dish, but definitely value for money. Served with shoestring fries.


We also had the Wrangler, which seemed to be a hot favourite as well. Totally sold away by the chunky, juicy slab of fried chicken thigh. You just gotta listen to how the batter crackles. Complemented by the pickled purple slaw that cut through the greasiness. Sadly, the buffalo sauce wasn’t available though they replaced with a supposedly equivalent spicy sauce. I would also have preferred the brioche buns to be more toasted.


While we were hunting for food on Circular road on a happening Saturday, we chanced upon @cultsliders that’s housed within @theofficialsleepinggiants
If anyone remembers the mini burgers they have had by 21 Sliders at Geylang Serai Bazaar before, yes, they have now rebranded to Cult Sliders!

It wasn’t an easy choice to make amidst the many sliders on the menu. Then again, many items weren’t available, even the spicy buffalo sauce, and they could only let us take away. We had the very classic American Cheese; all time favourite cheese burger with sweet, caramelised onions, pickles, ketchup and of course, the thick and juicy grilled beef patty.

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I had the fish crisp with tropical salsa burger which seemed to be an interesting and refreshing combination. Gotta say I enjoyed it quite a bit! Sandwiched between the 2 (again disappointing) buns were some iceberg lettuce, a size-able crispy breaded dory fillet and of course the tropical salsa, made with diced mango, bell peppers and raw onions. The tangy tropical salsa was a star that cut some grease from the deep fried fillet and I particularly enjoyed the sweet diced mango, although the sharp pungency of the raw onions was slightly offensive. As a whole, the burger was pretty delicious but more of the salsa would have been appreciated.

I chose soup of the day, which was a creamy pumpkin soup topped with croutons, and the Cajun fries as my 2 sides for the set meal. Fries was soggy, but the spicy Cajun made them slightly more appetizing.

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You’ve probably heard/read about this 3-month old hawker stall serving hipster burgers at Tiong Bahru Market. A pretty striking concept amidst the local delicacies.

To start off, we had the signature cheese skirt beef burger, cos’ that’s what we came for. Look at that glorious cheese skirt, I couldn’t help biting into its crispiness before anything else, although it was extremely salty and I highly recommend you to eat it together with the burger as a whole. 😂 While I am not a beef eater, I stole a small bite off the juicy patty from the boyf. Texture and juiciness on point, and the minced beef resembled a handmade patty. But we were turned off by the burger buns that were dry, unlike the pillowy kind that we were expecting. Each set comes with 2 sides of your choice; Cajun fries, soup of the day or garden salad.

Passed by this several times but have never tried it before. Decided to try it this time, as I wanted to find out how different it is from Burgs by Project Warung.

There’s an option to choose the normal or charcoal bun. While the long and sizable fish fillet had a crispy batter which really reminded me of fish & chips, but the burger, overall, was just average. The buns were a tad too dry, which was really quite a turn off. In addition, we agreed that it would have been better if the cheese slice was melted.

What turned out to be the bomb was actually the fries. Very well seasoned and fried till golden-brown crispy.

If you are looking for food delivery with burgers and Chinese/local delicacies like me, I assure you that @kengengkee X @wokinburger is your best bet. KEK needs no introduction as it is well-known for its Zi Char gastronomy experience, with popular dishes like signature coffee pork ribs, wok-toss moonlight hor fun and my favourite Mingzhu roll!

It’s my third time having fusion burgers from @wokinburger. Thanks to @chefzwayne_ , the burgers were as massive as ever that I can never once fit into my mouth in one bite. And for that matter of fact, it was so filling till the next morning. How worthwhile! 😂 Had the fish skin salted egg pork burger; Might look complex with so many ingredients within the charcoal buns, but when everything sinks into a bite, it was surprisingly harmonious. Although the fish skin was soggy (because of delivery), it adds a different dimension to the rich creamy salted egg saucy which was rather milky, and the gigantic piece of pork patty. Check out the chili padi and curry leaves! I always say, those 2 are essential elements of a legit salted egg sauce. There’s also purple cabbage and tomato slices. Each burger comes with fries and coleslaw.

I was enticed by the green apple curry burger which I stole a bite off. A rather refreshing idea put into execution, the sourness of the green apple slices contrasted sharply with the watery curry sauce, reminded me off Macs. Choose between chicken or pork patty. The salted egg sotong “blur”ger is one that I have reviewed previously, but am delighted that the standard remained consistent!

Islandwide delivery available at a flat fee of $5 with a minimum order of $50. Spend above $58 to redeem a free soup of the day. Check their delivery menu out and place order at https://kengengkee.oddle.me/en_SG.

#savefnbsg #loveyourlocalsg

Had pretty high hopes for this burger, only to be disappointed. Sandwiched between the squid ink buns, the whole deep-fried soft shell crab was quite reasonable in size though ordinary tasting. But the prawn patty was appalling; not only was it frozen with an unwelcoming smell, it was also made with surimi, of mushy texture. Something that doesn’t justify its price. Probably the only saviour in the burger was the green mango, which helped to mask the unwanted smell and texture of the prawn patty partially with its crunchiness and green, floral flavours. Served along with curly fries and squid ink aioli.

Team 🐄 or Team 🐓 ?

A place to check out for cheap and good burgers, just as I did to sate my burger desire. Sandwiched between the fluffy toasted buns for the cheeseburger that the boyf had were some slow caramelised onions, American cheese, chopped pickled jalapeños, house-made sauce and of course the beef patties. Burst of beef flavour with a hint of char the moment we took a bite off the burger from their handmade beef patties, but we would have preferred it not to be well-done as it resulted in a slightly dry texture. Nevertheless, the sweet caramelised onions and melted cheese rounded the meaty taste off wonderfully with some moisture.

There’s an option of original or spicy version for the fried chicken burger. I had the spicy version, which kinda reminded me of Mcspicy, but subtler. Complementing the crispy, succulent chicken thigh were a beautifully-colored house-made slaw and Hammee’s burger sauce, having a similar taste to the Thousand Island sauce. Though a spicy burger, the 🔥 which came trailing toward the end, was quite manageable. What really captivated me were still the toasted buns with a buttery aroma which hits the sweet spot.

All burgers are served with a side of paprika-seasoned fries. Waiting time was approximately 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.

Foodie for life <3

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