2 buns and a patty!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Had pretty high hopes for this burger, only to be disappointed. Sandwiched between the squid ink buns, the whole deep-fried soft shell crab was quite reasonable in size though ordinary tasting. But the prawn patty was appalling; not only was it frozen with an unwelcoming smell, it was also made with surimi, of mushy texture. Something that doesn’t justify its price. Probably the only saviour in the burger was the green mango, which helped to mask the unwanted smell and texture of the prawn patty partially with its crunchiness and green, floral flavours. Served along with curly fries and squid ink aioli.

Team 🐄 or Team 🐓 ?

A place to check out for cheap and good burgers, just as I did to sate my burger desire. Sandwiched between the fluffy toasted buns for the cheeseburger that the boyf had were some slow caramelised onions, American cheese, chopped pickled jalapeños, house-made sauce and of course the beef patties. Burst of beef flavour with a hint of char the moment we took a bite off the burger from their handmade beef patties, but we would have preferred it not to be well-done as it resulted in a slightly dry texture. Nevertheless, the sweet caramelised onions and melted cheese rounded the meaty taste off wonderfully with some moisture.

There’s an option of original or spicy version for the fried chicken burger. I had the spicy version, which kinda reminded me of Mcspicy, but subtler. Complementing the crispy, succulent chicken thigh were a beautifully-colored house-made slaw and Hammee’s burger sauce, having a similar taste to the Thousand Island sauce. Though a spicy burger, the 🔥 which came trailing toward the end, was quite manageable. What really captivated me were still the toasted buns with a buttery aroma which hits the sweet spot.

All burgers are served with a side of paprika-seasoned fries. Waiting time was approximately 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.


Ahh those colours of the burger, so mesmerizing! One would be able to tell the effort put in cooking the slow cooked pork shoulder, which was sandwiched between the 2 fluffy Brioche pillow buns. So soft (probably fell off the bone!) that doesn’t require much chewing, yet displaying an explosion of flavours with its sweet smokiness. An addition of the purple cabbage slaw enhanced the overall tanginess and an extra crunchy bite.

Served with fries and mesclun salad.

Thank you @burpple for inviting and Sam from @orhgaotaproom for hosting!


German burger grill HANS IM GLÜCK proves itself well of serving delicious, hearty burgers that are nutritious and healthy. With an extensive menu of beef, chicken, vegetarian or even vegan burgers and salads, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Each burger is served with fresh lettuce, red onions, sun-ripened tomatoes and the in-house HANS IM GLÜCK sauce, that’s comprised of vegan mayonnaise, wasabi and fresh tomato paste. You can also choose from sourdough, multigrain bun or even naked meaning without any bun for those who are carbs conscious.

I had the Zehnt burger with multigrain bun. The grilled chicken breast was massive, even longer than the bun could contain, and it was nowhere near a dry piece of grilled meat. In fact, the chicken meat retained its juiciness and tenderness, which was easily savoured. Complementing the chicken breast was mushrooms cooked in a slightly creamy 3-pepper sauce and herby garden salad. Pretty much enjoyed the burger especially with its firm buns, overall tasting healthy like a balanced diet of protein and a mountainous heap of vegetables, only exception was the red onion slices were too picky and pungent.

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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

A miscommunication error had the staff serving us the Waterloo Beef Burger instead initially, but kudos to them for changing it to the Miso Pork Burger for us willingly.

One thing for sure at Crossings is that you will never leave the cafe feeling a dissatisfied stomach with their portions. Look at the long pork belly strips of reasonable thickness, they can’t even be sandwiched between the burger buns completely! The pork belly strips were nicely grilled but the miso seasoning seemed overwhelming that it got really salty in taste after a while. Toasted burger buns were a little dry and could do better with some butter spread. Pickled vegetables (achar), was there thankfully to salvage the situation as its sourness countered the saltiness. Served along with fluffy fries and salad.


Not any of the highly raved items on their menu, but this Brunch burger at Flavour Flings turned out to be pretty delicious. The burger came with 2 pieces of deep fried chicken fillets coated with bread crumbs for a crispy texture, paired with a spicy BBQ mayonnaise between the hamburger buns. Not only were the chicken fillets juicy, the spicy bbq mayonnaise was a nice complement with its sweet smokiness.

Served with garden salad and Cajun-spiced scrambled eggs. Portion was generous especially for the scrambled eggs. The creamy milkiness was balanced by the smoky spicy cajun seasoning.


If you haven’t already tried @thequarters.sg’s signature salted egg chicken burger, thank @chopesg as you can enjoy 1-for-1 burgers this month with June’s Chope Exclusive!

They surely aren’t stingy when it comes to the in-house salted egg aioli that’s lavishly drenched over the oat battered fried chicken thigh. A velvety, creamy sauce, the salted egg aioli did come across as a little jelak towards the end, perhaps also because it was rather salty (duh!). But I smell curry leaves too, which plays a crucial role in any salted egg dish. The oat batter delivers a perfect crispiness to the juicy chicken patty which is marinated using their spice mix and buttermilk.

The Lemak curry burger was pretty unique and a take on yet another local flavour. Again sandwiched between 2 sesame buns, the oat battered chicken was succulent but this time drenched with a really, really Lemak curry sauce. Heavily spiced and aromatic, it is also packed with the lactonic and nutty characters of the coconut milk.

Something worth mentioning is the size of the fried chicken was actually larger than the buns (you can’t even see the bottom bun) , which made us felt as though we were eating a chicken cutlet instead of a burger. Too satisfying. Saltiness of their sauces could be reduced. Each burger came along with shoestring fries.

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Competing against the increasing number of restaurants now offering plant-based meat alternatives, @fatburgersg has the impossibly cheapest impossible burger in town. Best part of all, it’s customizable in terms of the number of patties and toppings such as pickles, lettuce, tomatoes.

On first bite, the texture of the soy-based Patty was actually quite convincing, mimicking minced beef as the charred smokiness came through. Since the impossible patty is made also using Heme, that explains the slight metallic iron taste and replicating the glistening pinkish appearance of a medium rare beef patty. Sandwiched between brioche buns with lettuce and tomato slices, the patty was juicy and even more flavorful with the added pungency from the mustard sauce. While one could probably tell it’s not real meat as the slight grainy texture of the soy protein began to reveal with chewing, I wouldn’t mind eating it again when I am feeling Impossible.

Determined to try this since it’s all the way in the East and we don’t get to eat it every other day, so we made the decision to wait till @burgernomics_sg was opened again for dinner. Located on level 2 of Pasir Ris Hawker Centre where all the hipster food are found, there are 6 burger choices to pick from.

The fillet of fish burger had 2 pieces of panko crusted Halibut fillet accompanied by potato crisps and pico de gallo. I always prefer panko crust as it’s made from crustless breads and gives a light, flaky texture on batter. Added texture by potato crisps but also probably why the burger was quite salty as a whole. Thankfully the tangy pico de gallo toned down the sodium load.

When asked for recommendations, I was told that many returned for the Deluxe burger but the owner’s personal favourite was the classic. Sandwiched between 2 pillowy buns were a Aussie beef patty that was explodingly juicy, double cheddar cheese, sautéed mixed mushrooms and onions, truffle aioli. The beefiness didn’t disappoint, but the earthiness of truffle was overwhelming. All prices are for a-la-carte burgers, which came across as a little pricey.



Originating from Los Angeles, popular burger joint @25degreesinsingapore is bound to leave an impression by bringing their scrumptious burger flavours from the west! Serving on their permanent menu are beef burgers number one to three ($14 each) which include the classic favourite, and a yellowfin tuna burger number four ($14) for non-beef diners.

Catch the seasonal burger number five ($18), my favourite of all, which is only available till the end of February before they present the next seasonal burger for March and April! So satisfied with the tender beef patty and a touch of smokiness from the pastrami that has Swiss cheese melted over. Good glorious messiness from the huge stack of meat, cheese, onion rings and thousand island sauce that I certainly wouldn’t mind!

Thank you @burpple for the invite and @25degreesinsingapore for the hosting!

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Seize the last few opportunities to savour the wok hei burgers before @kengengkee Pandan Gardens close their doors on 31 July 2018!
Since the salted egg trend seems to be never dying, I went with this blurger, a joint creation by @ieatishootipost’s Dr Leslie Tay and KEK’s Chef Wayne Liew. Could get a little messy when those lightly-battered chewy sotong rings started falling out but that definitely didn’t stop me from finishing the burger.
The salted egg sauce was a perfect for me; eggy, sandy, creamy thick and you could even taste the grainy salted egg bits. You know it’s legit when there’s also aromatic curry leaves and cut chili padi in it. I am turned off by variations that are on the sweet and milky side. Try the way we ate it instead of just treating the sauce as a dip! Drench the sauce over the toasted sesame buns that were also buttered on the inside, and it was just irresistible when the pillowy buns get soaked up by the sauce. As it flowed down, there you go, salted egg sotong! There was a good mix of greens too; lettuce, purple cabbage and tomato slices.
I surely didn’t become blur after having this burger. Hate to see you guys go, but oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️. Looking forward to a new location!

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I never knew how popular their burgers were until I witnessed the long snaking queue last saturday at dinner time. And then they emerged as the winner on the Hot 100 list for hawkers in the central area! So glad that I tried.

For the new year, there was a minor revamp on the menu, while still keeping some of the classics. Instead of the previous Seoul Fried Chicken burger, it has now been changed to Tokyo Fried Chicken Burger. The burger itself was pretty airy and fluffy, but I would like it better if it was slightly more buttery. What was particularly enjoyable was the succulent Japanese Panko crusted fried chicken. I prefer the softer crispy texture yet less greasy flavour offered by Panko as compared to the usual bread crumbs. The juicy chicken was well marinated and I could literally tear them into strips! But I am not really a fan of the nutty creamy sesame dressing. The savory torikatsu sauce was average.

Each set comes along with a portion of bright yellow thick cut fries. Will be back to try the other burgers, especially the Nacho Fish & Chips burger!


Foodie for life <3

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