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Hot Skillet Prawns (Dinner)

$38.00 · 18 Reviews

After all, this was 1 place on our list for a long time to try some (not-so-traditional) Middle Eastern cuisines.
Tucked away in a green corner, this was a great al fresco dining place away from the high-rise buildings.
We knew their green Harissa prawns were a must-order and for good reason. Not so much about the tiger prawns but the sauce was the hero of the dish. Tasting like a green curry with mild spiciness, the split cream added an addictive creaminess to the sauce. Best to soak up the sauce with their tasty bread.
Loved their bread that came in paper bag, fresh with a thin crunchy crust. We had 1 bag served with our hummus and Iraqi-spiced mushrooms which was a great starter. And we ordered another bag to go with the green Harissa prawn sauce.

Helmed by chef-owner @bjornshen, @artichoke_sg is a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant that will surprise your taste-buds with the right mix of flavours from the East and West. Did you know that he was actually one of the judges for last year’s @masterchefsg?

The huge prawns had a firm and succulent bite, indicating their freshness. All thanks to their green harissa sauce, this dish managed to pack a powerful punch in flavours. I love it so much that I dip my steak in it too 🙃.

P.S. Glad that I'm here finally 😌
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Surprisingly, despite the red meat galore in front of me, my favourite dish was the Hot Skillet Prawns ($38++) - in my opinion, this is pricey. BUT the plump prawns & delicious green harissa flavours more than make up for the splurge. We used the extra bread we had left to greedily soak up the delicious zhup. Very drool worthy - I would order this again on a fancy night out.

Thanks Bjorn & Sheena for hosting us, & Burpple for the invite! 💕


Stellar, well-executed dish right here. Plump juicy prawns, very fragrant fried onions, addictively good combination of green harissa and split cream that wasn’t too overwhelming with the flavour of spices. A unanimous favourite that got us reaching for more bread to get the sauce. I know, I keep using the word favourite but what can I do when it’s true about almost every dish?🤷🏻‍♀️


This is (unintended?) Thai by way of Moroccan cuisine owing to the fact that the green harissa and split cream sauce shouts Thai green curry to me, but that’s ok because the unctuous, rich spiced sauce is begging to be mopped up with the excellent house bread long after the prawns have been devoured.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @artichoke_sg for hosting!

Taste: 4/5


This mouthwatering baby is easily one of the hot favorites. Savour those plump and succulent fresh prawns plunged in a sea of green harissa and split cream. I like how the entire pan is filled with spices and garnish; creamy, aromatic, flavourful but not overwhelming. Felt that it was more like a Southeast Asia-inspired dish though, as it reminded us of Thai Green Curry while the coriander and raw onion reminded me of those in a bowl of Vietnamese pho. Highly addictive with the fried onion that had a tinge of sweetness as I couldn't stop eating it as a dip with bread.

Thank you @burpple for the invite and @artichoke_sg for the hosting!

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Fab meal we had at @artichoke_sg with a mix of classics and new additions! It’s easy to understand why the Hot Skillet Prawns has been one of their bestsellers - crunchy chunky prawns in a terribly addictive green chilli based sauce topped with fried onions. This reminded us of Thai green curry but a lot more savory and not as thick, with a nice touch of spice and sweetness. Please remember to get a side of bread to mop up all that goodness!

Thank you to @artichoke_sg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! 🙆🏻‍♀️


Attended a Burpple Eatup at Artichoke recently; it’s definitely great to see Chef Bjorn Shen back in the kitchen, shaking things up with some new items on the menu here. We had a taste of a number of dishes from their updated dinner menu, all of which were simply big on flavours and absolutely delicious. Highlights include the Iraqi Spiced Mushroom dip (Fried Egg Purée, Parmesan) that goes superbly well with their chewy Turkish Bread that comes with a bite, the Hot Skillet Prawns (Green Harissa, Split Cream and Fried Onions) that had been a staple on the menu that is a hot favourite amongst patrons here, the Iberico Pork (Grilled Spanish Pork, Coca Cola and Shallots) that comes all chunky with a sticky, aptly sweet glazing and the BJ’s Favourite Steak; juicy and tender flank steak served with savoury Za’tar Butter and Garlic. The Lamb Adana is also truly amazing — chunky lamb sausage that is juicy and tender; not too gamey especially with the pistachio yogurt beneath that helps cut through the flavours. Ended the meal with three pretty stellar desserts; their rendition of the Choco Pie (yes, it may be gone from the big M but you can always get your cravings fixed here) with Sea Salt Burnt Honey Soft Serve , the Baklava Croissant that is aptly sweet, nutty and flaky and the Date Pudding (Date Cake, Dulce de Luche Custard, Espresso Agar, Cashew Brittle); a brilliant play of textures and subtly sweet flavours with quite a bit of contrast that goes well with one another. Paired everything up with the Kopi B from the Sunday Punch category of the beverages menu — bottled cocktails that literally gives a punch; something that would appeal to those whom prefer strong drinks.

Totally enjoyed the Burpple Eatup at Artichoke; a delicious spread that is served up with good company — must say that we were really well-fed and stuffed! Thanks to Artichoke for hosting and all that food, and Burpple for the invite!


Never ever go to Artichoke for dinner and not order their Hot Skillet Prawns. It's sacrilegious.
This long-time bestseller of theirs has been tweaked of late, and now comes with a few large prawns (it used to be two massive ones). Which makes it a lot easier to share. But to be honest, I love having an entire serving all to myself. And I never fail to get a side of warm pita bread to mop up every drop of the hot and insanely tasty green harissa cream sauce.

The hot skillet prawns is a must order. The sauce made of green harissa and split cream was intense and flavourful. Served with lots of fried onions which made it taste even better.
The other dish which I will happily come back for is the caramelised cauliflower. Well charred and yummy with tahini yoghurt, dill oil and shallots.
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