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Naughty Fries

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Remember to try the Naughty Fries when coming over to Potato Head! It’s the ultimate level of fried wedges can be. Potato got crunchy skin with some soft and tender inside, topped with spiced bérnaise, hot beef chilli, oro del masi parmesan,sesame seeds, and of course the bawang goreng. Comfort fusion Indonesian food with Bali-vibe!

For those who prefer a less messy or soggy fries, opt-for separate sauces, just like what I did.

Naughty Fries ($14 before gst)

Really enjoyed this one! I was surprised at the taste because I was expecting something spicy with a kick but to me, it was cheesier than expected! It was a mixture of cheese, spice, minced beef, shallots, spring onions and chopped chilli! The potatoes were irregularly cut which added some form of texture than the ordinary straight cut fries. They also kept the potato skin which made it even crispier! Every bite contained the cheesy sauce with just enough shallots and beef to give you a mouthful of texture and flavour! 9/10 from me! :)

Ordered the Baby huey, naughty fries and truffle hound dog. They were all good! the sausage for the truffle hound dog was nothing amazing but the truffle aioli and garlic miso butter etc saved the day.

Will come again.

Baby Huey: Beef patty, ketchup, cheese, spiced mayo, onions in demi brioche bun.

Beef patty was slightly pinkish in the centre and it’s good. Bun was soft. As a onion lover, I love that there’s plenty of it in the burger. The burger may not be the best I’ve had in Singapore but it’s still good.

Naughty fries is a must order here. The fries are like fried cut potatoes and goes so well with the sauce and beef chilli. Portion is good for sharing.

We dined on level three and it’s loud - both from the very loud music and loud chatter from other tables. It’s very busy on a Friday night so do make reservations if you can.

Will come back if I have a craving for burger and fries

Pricey but oh so good

Fun Boy 3: Black Angus beef patty, smoked applewood cheddar, roasted portobello mushroom, garlic & miso butter, double ketchup, truffle aioli, in a brioche bun. Yes please. Burger was sooo juicy and cooked so well and their sauce was excellent.

Truffle cheese fries
Fries with truffle cheese sauce, shaved truffles and truffle aioli. The truffle was strong on this one. Really good but needs to be shared as it gets a bit rich towards the end.

Naughty fries (comes in small, $9, and large, $13)
We got the small one and I deeply regret my decision. Best fries hands down. Tip: get this and dip it in the truffle aioli that comes with the truffle cheese fries. With spiced bearnaise, beef Chili, fried onions and cheese, I almost like the fries more than the burger itself.

Would come here again for the good food though, waiters were attentive and kept refilling our water and asking how was our food (maybe because it was off peak?) but would come back again

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MUST GET THE NAUGHTY FRIES! Consisting of Spiced béarnaise, hot beef chilli, bawang goreng, formaggio oro del maso & sesame seeds, at $13 it is just SOOO GOOD! and more worth it than the $19 truffle fries. The chicken wings were good.

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Bite sized signature version of cheeseburgers and buttermilk fried chicken burgers. ($9)
This Little Piggie ($9) skewered pork belly with watermelon relish and Smokey mayo dip. Highly recommended for the melt in your mouth fats and tender meat
Wing-Its ($13). Their signature crispy wings in mofo chili sauce blend- but a lil too ex for just a couple of mid joint wings.
Naughty Fries Jr ($8)- yummy minced beef + fried + bearnaise

To me potato head folk remains one of the best places for a romantic night out or just a htht with a good friend. Exuding chill vibes and serving good quality food, the only thing stopping me from visiting often is the price point. But I guess you pay for the view too? Miss this place and the naughty fries!!