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Tried And Tested _ western

Tried And Tested _ western

Featuring Pasta Brava, GastroSmiths, Pince & Pints (Duxton), fȳr, Kilo At Pact, Supply & Demand (orchardgateway), A Poke Theory (Telok Ayer), La Pizzaiola (Braddell Heights Estate), Black Tap, Tapas Club (Orchard Central)
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Ordered the Old Fashioned burger but it was not as good as expected. The patty was alright but not great as what the other reviewers raved about. My biggest complain was that the mushroom were so thinly sliced, it didn’t give the burger the extra flavour I was looking for (quite evident in this unfiltered/unedited photo). Horseradish sauce was the only redeeming factor as it goes well with the burger and fries.

Portion was really big and all of us didn’t finish the food. We didn’t order the milkshake as it’s probably going to give us diabetes.

Service was pretty good but my friend found a hair in the onion rings. 😱Perhaps not a good day in the kitchen. Luckily we went early and didn’t have to queue.

#notworththequeue #overhyped

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Octopus Galician Style - Grilled octopus with crushed potatoes were pretty good. Croquettes were decent but seafood paella was kinda underwhelming. Quite pricey but i guess you pay for the service.

I think small sharing plates are the trend lately!
[+] potatoes, ham and egg is 👍🏼
[+] garlic prawn is 👍🏼👍🏼
[+] squid ink noodles paella is like vermicelli with squid ink! this is the first time I’m trying something like this and it’s good! The paella was flavourful and the clams that came with it were fresh.
[+] Churros con chocolate was a great way to end the meal
[-] suckling pig was not fantastic. it was quite dry and nothing special
[-] Tapas + item - steak was nicely done but not as impressive as the other dishes. The mashed potato was nice.
[-] Major downside is that you can only eat for 1.5 hours here (only weekends?). It was quite rush considering it’s a tapas place and you should be able to enjoy each dish with a nice drink. But I Guess that’s how they keep the price fairly affordable.

Verdict: Worth the price and calories
Average: $40 per pax (we ate a lot)
#tip #hangoutwithfriends #share

The place is really crowded during the weekends so reservation is a must!

Had the Sunkissed salmon roll, truffle steamed egg and wild about wasabi poke bowl.

Comfort food, nothing too risky (or amazing). I wish there was moreee wasabi sauce for the poke bowl. I enjoyed the truffle steamed egg though. Egg was nicely done and the truffle sauce at the top goes well together with it.

#tip #solodiners - grab a 2-person high chair seat at a corner near the glass panels so you can eat and stare into space. #fretnot

A Poke Theory rolled out its first poké bowl at its Boon Tat outlet four months ago, and already it has won over the hearts of many young CBD folks. It's a convenient and favourable dining option in the CBD (there are plenty of seats), so head down early to avoid disappointment. The two sizes, Regular (from $11.50) or Large (from $15), refer to the amount of fish you get, not the size of the bowl. Choose from one of three bases (rice, quinoa or lettuce) and one of four marinades — get the signature sushi rice infused with garlic and chili and the spicy mayo salmon for your marinade. Toppings like cherry tomatoes, cubed pineapples and furikake are free flow, while premium toppings like Kale Chips, Crispy Salmon Skin and Spiced Cashew Nuts ($2 each) come highly recommended by the Burpple community. Don't leave without having their Superfood Smoothie Bowl ($6) to share — we're partial towards the refreshing Raspberry Tropic that comes topped with pomegranate seeds, mango cubes, coconut chips and sunflower seeds.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Monica Lie

Nice ambience, love the decor! Great place to hang out and chill with friends. We enjoyed everything. Especially the pork jowl, grilled prawns and turkey breast.

#tip #solodiners Well, it's a social kitchen, so the advice for solo diner is -don't go there alone-.

Finally tried the lobster roll @ the market grill. The lobster roll is nice but I think I prefer my grilled lobster. Service was great!

#tip #solodiners - If you are visiting on Saturday, do note that there are 2 seatings, 6-8pm or 8-10pm.

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'this must be an expensive fish' I told my friend as I tasted the piece of not-so-amazing-looking fish.

Total price: $29 before GST

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Always enjoy a good squid ink dish when chilling with friends - a flavourful dish that's great fun as well!

This was no exception. The risotto had a surprising truffle taste, soft shell crab was crispy, and was also glad to see that the black ink wore off my teeth and lips by the end of the meal. Found it a little pricy, but decent overall.

The lovely smokey aroma from the grill brought out the sweetness of the lobster meat, and it barely needed any condiments to enhance its flavour further. That butter sauce was perfect for dipping the thick cut fries that were served alongside the lobster though. One of the best I've eaten, they nearly stole the show! 😋 #burpple #lobster #foodporn

We are what we eat. Ft. Mr Pirom, one of the signature bowls: Tuna and Wild Mushrooms with Apple Kimchi and Crudités Slaw on Soba Noodles.

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