Salted Caramel Cheesecake

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worth $5 for a medium cup of two flavours! came when the shop wasn’t busy and i really liked the chill atmosphere :)


flavurs we goT : coffee cheesecake, choc sorbet, choc stout, salted caramel cheesecake
liked how u can have 2 flavurs in d same cup for d sem price wew and also must say thT taStin both flavurs tgt wah srsly mmphOof like new flavur created leh LOL but say realZ tho try d 2 flavurs tgt u won’t regreT!!! kopi cheesecake not too swiT and hAD d right balance of flaVurs yeEz can’t rly taste d alcohOl in choc stout but still p nice !!! suPr worth and lov d place hehe xd <3

Had the matcha flavor with hazelnut and another combination of grandma’s favorite and salted caramel cheesecake and it was good!

This is hands-down-without-a-doubt my favourite ice cream place! 💕💕 Their flavours never fails to impress and there is such an extensive variety despite changing the flavours every day! Truly the hardest decision to make when you only get 4 flavours to choose, but the staff are an absolute delight and were so friendly and helpful in letting us try many flavours while even explaining to us the ingredients! Truly A+ service and A+ ice cream, and so extremely worth with burpple Beyond (I would totally still buy it even without discounts)! Really liked the Chocolate Sorbet (rich creamy and oh-so-chocolatey!), Nasty Mix (snickers bar in ice cream form omg) and Genmaicha (matcha and brown tea ice cream from Matchaya that’s a little fuller and more milky than the usual Matcha flavour). The salted caramel cheesecake was nice but personal preference for the first 3 flavours still 🙃🙃 Definitely worth a trip (or many more) for really good ice cream!

A marriage of savoury and sweet. Perfect dessert to end the night!

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Tom’s palette is great! Really affordable and great ice cream 👍🏻 We love the rum & raisin here! Ordered the salted caramel cheesecake ice cream as well which was lovely! A 4oz cup costs $5 for 2 flavours, will definitely be back!

Amount saved: $5

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Used Burpple Beyond to redeem 1-for-1 for the Waffle with Double Scoop Ice Cream ($13.00). We chose the flavours Honey Cinnamon, Chocolate Sorbet, Salted Caramel Cheesecake and Rum-n-Raisin. The chocolate sorbet is always good and the cheesecake flavour was a favourite amongst us. Being pretty cheap, Tom’s Palette is one of my go-to for good quality ice cream.

A wide variety of toppings and sauce to choose from, which includes fruits, crunch e.g. chocolate coated almonds, granola, oreo, digestive biscuits, 小馒头 childhood biscuit etc and sauces eg salted caramel, white chocolate, passionfruit etc. I chose the fudge brownies and strawberries for the toppings, along with salted caramel sauce. As for the ice cream, my pick was houjicha and honey lavender. Pretty sad to admit that though the texture of the ice cream were fine- soft, smooth and creamy, the flavours were a run off the mill. Perhaps also due to the fact that my palate has been accustomed to stronger houjicha flavours from parlours eg. Matchaya, hvala, the one here was pretty mild for my liking. Distinctive... but not ideal if you are a hardcore houjicha fan (which I am one). The honey lavender fared better, with a lingering floral fragrance, coupled with a pleasant natural sweetness of honey that was smooth, refreshing and aromatic! 💜 The fudge brownie chunks were fudgy, rich and chocolatey whereas the slices of strawberries were tangy and provided a tinge of acidity to cut through the other sinful and decadent elements. Salted caramel sauce was thick, creamy and sweet with a pleasant lingering salty aftertaste. On the downside, the waffle cone biscuit lacked the essential crispness and was soft and soggy ☹️ .
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Salted Caramel Cheesecake Ice Cream @ Tom's Palette...🍦

Medium sized, $4.60 was pretty okay. Salted caramel a little too salty, Granny's Favourite was q good. Both had little chunks of surprises in them to sweeten that experience