Oysters (Happy Hour)

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Pictured is the Tanuki Aburi Maki that was salmon and scallop wrapped over snow crab and unagi maki - very generous rolls for $16.90! Got the Sake Honey ($12) that entitled me for the happy hour bites: $2 oysters and $5 lobster salad and salmon bao. Yums

Oysters at $2++ a pop during 5-8PM happy hour, which is half off the usual price of $4++ a piece, if you order a drink (max 6 oysters per drink).

These were well-shucked & delightfully creamy to my preference 😍

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats available
☀ Al fresco seats available
📱 Accepts GrabPay
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Only seats the group when all are present
💦 Water is not chargeable

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Getting high on oysters

Very reasonably priced if you visit during the happy hour (5-8pm). Great place for fresh oyster lovers!

So thanks Tanuki Raw for giving me that experience!
Other toppings include ikura, truffle sauce, and chinmi chilli for $6 a piece. And between 5pm and 8pm, you can get raw live shucked oysters at $2 each. That’s my sort of happy hour promotion!

If you like or want to try freshly-shucked oysters dressed in bold flavours, the new offerings at Tanuki Raw Orchard Central could be right up your alley. Take your pick of toppings from their fragrant truffle soya sauce with chives and shio kombu, rich mentaiko mayo, pops of ikura and the housemade chinmi-chilli (a zingy green chilli) for $6 a piece.
Purists, you haven’t been forgotten - there is the always option to savour your oysters naked.


Got the honey sake ($10), which was sweet and delicious so that we could order the sashimi ($1 per piece, minimum 5 pieces) and oysters ($2 per oyster)! Definitely worth it. The sweet potato truffle fries were pretty good, and we enjoyed the maki as well.

Superb love for tanuki raw every time... Any mentaiko or truffle or foie gras will always do the trick for me.. Price point for regular size dons are always good.. Whisky cocktail was on point... Free oysters for us as well as they opened too much... Hahaha

Nothing like kicking back after work with some fresh oyster pops ($2 each), aburi salmon makis and fresh cuts of sashimi ($1 each). Could only wish we ordered more oysters and sashimis, but alas, happy hour is over. The white tuna sashimi is my favourite.

Didn’t particularly like the char siew - was too fatty for my liking and portion could be bigger as well for the price ($18). But I do love coming here for the happy hour oysters (so fresh!) and honey sake! ❤️